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Cashew nuts in pregnancy

Just a few decades ago, we did not suspect that there is such a nuts - cashews .Recently, however, it can be seen in the free market everywhere.Particularly widespread in the food industry - in Africa and India.This nut can be eaten raw, fried or as a supplement to the finished dish. Cashew definitely useful.But how is it useful to a pregnant woman?

benefits of cashews during pregnancy

  • Cashew able to stabilize blood pressure. This is very important during pregnancy.
  • Thanks cashew stabilize heart function and the nervous system.During pregnancy, the heart of a pregnant woman is experiencing a double burden, shaking his blood "for two".Cashew is able to help the heart cope with their normal work.
  • The cashew contains large amounts of iron .And during pregnancy, as it is known, it is often observed anemia, ie lack of iron.
  • This nut contains vitamin D .He is able to strengthen the skeleton, both mother and unborn child.
  • Cashew enhances immunity , which weakened during pregnancy.
  • contains magnesium, and this strengthening of immunity, and strengthen bones.
  • Cashew strengthens the body's resistance to infectious diseases , which is especially important during pregnancy.
  • Walnut contains large amounts of zinc , that it is important during pregnancy.More
  • microelements contained in the cashew : calcium, phosphorus, iodine, sodium, potassium, copper, selenium and manganese.They are essential for the human body, especially during pregnancy.
  • vitamins contained in cashew : B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, E, PP, K, N. And that's not the whole list!Cashews can be used in the treatment of beriberi pregnant.
  • The cashew contains large amounts of fiber and protein .
  • Cashew contains anti-inflammatory substances , and therefore less likely to catch the infection in such an important period - during pregnancy.
  • Cashew able to restore the normal functioning of the intestines and stomach. A in pregnant often develop dysbiosis.Cashew help and here.
  • With all of its beneficial properties, cashew is a low-calorie foods .So, it is impossible to gain excess weight, eating the nuts daily.

cashew harm during pregnancy

completely healthy woman can not get harm from the use of cashew nuts during pregnancy .But there is a possibility that the nut is not only not benefit, but also harm.In what cases is it possible?

  • harm from the use of cashew nuts during pregnancy can be obtained only when there is a pregnant idiosyncrasy nuts in general or in particular cashews.
  • But even if you have never suffered intolerance or allergy nuts on them during pregnancy need to be especially vigilant.Therefore, buying cashew, do not eat at once a large number of nuts.Try it slowly and carefully watch the reaction of the organism.At the slightest discomfort immediately discontinue its use.

How to choose a cashew?

How to choose from the variety of cashew, which offer modern supermarkets?What would be the most valuable nut in its properties?

  • Now sell cashews in a different form - salty, fried, raw, honey, chocolate, sugar and so on.In addition, the nuts can be whole and crushed.
  • Most Valuable cashew Maternity - this piece of raw nuts without any additives was.
  • When selecting cashew pay attention to the fact that the nuts were not overdried, wrinkled.In no case shall plaque mold on nuts.

How to store cashew?

  • When you bring home the nuts, they should immediately shift from package plotnozakryvayuschuyusya container continue to store it.
  • If you put the container with cashews in a cool place , nuts continue for one month.
  • If you stored in the refrigerator cashew , their period of "life" to increase up to six months!
  • And if you put a container in the freezer cashew , they quietly prolezhat there without compromising the quality of up to one year!
  • If your cashews are stored for a long time , before use, carefully inspect them for mold, be sure to smell.If they seem stale to you - it is better not take them for food, because it is now a question not only your health, but also the health of your baby !

The benefits of cashew read the article Cashews: benefits and harms.

Eating cashew during pregnancy, you can avoid so many ailments and troubles.In addition, the nut will saturate your body with essential vitamins and minerals, so necessary for you at this time!

Light your pregnancy!

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