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3D (3D) ultrasound in pregnancy

course, every expectant mother wants to see how a child develops in the womb, if he had any defects and malformations.Recently, many say 3D ultrasound during pregnancy.

Some do not dare to make such ultrasound, for fear that it will harm the baby.However, it is not necessary to reject the idea of ​​a 3D ultrasound at once.We will understand what it is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure.

3D (3D) ultrasound in pregnancy

Harmful if 3D ultrasound during pregnancy?

Most obstetricians argue that ultrasound does not cause harm and is absolutely safe.During the study, the level of exposure to ultrasound is about 1% of the duration of the procedure, and the rest goes to the processing and display of the received signals.

This procedure must be carried out necessarily as intended and under the supervision of a specialist.Any US, no matter what it is carried out, to identify possible defects, or simply to explore the crumbs should be carried out independently.Sometimes mothers is unclear why the doctor pre

scribes procedures for carrying out well-defined terms and can not spend it immediately.This is due to the fact that there are periods which are defined by Ministry of Health and that they are most important during pregnancy.

Despite assurances from doctors about the absolute safety of the procedure, take a look at it from a slightly different angle.You need to understand what ultrasound.It is the sound of elastic waves are not perceived by the human ear.However, the ultrasound is not considered as something foreign to the body.Any ultrasound irradiating has effects on the body, but ultrasound devices operate impulsively, which reduces the total time of exposure.In addition, the studied region reflects about half of the ultrasound energy directed on the examined object.

The 3D ultrasound procedure itself is difficult to find any serious threat to the health of mother and child .How it all goes?Ultrasound emitter is going to narrow the beam and is directed to a specific location, and the doctor at this point moves the device over the skin of a pregnant woman.The device also functions as a kind of a scanner which performs reception signal with subsequent transfer to the screen.

3D ultrasound procedure and its benefits

3D ultrasound has advantages:

  • makes it possible to identify various defects, which are not visible during a routine ultrasound, for example, the number of fingers, facial deformities, spinal cord nezaraschivanieand etc .;
  • tool displays a clearer picture, allowing you to quickly take action to eliminate the disease;
  • on 3D ultrasound can with absolute precision to know the sex of the child , as on a conventional ultrasound can be confused genitals.Sexing a greater extent - is not just a whim of the parents, and the prevention of possible pathologies.

Harmful if 3D ultrasound during pregnancy?

By the way, during the procedure can make photos and even video of the baby in the womb.This is a very unusual and interesting, besides the memory will remain for years to come.

Price 3D ultrasound

procedure costs from 40 to 100 dollars , the amount depends on many factors - the region is qualified master of the medical center's reputation and t.d.Do still no unanimous decision of the doctors who-That considers that the only positive, but some believe that such a survey should be carried out only in case of specific indications, but not at the standard examination.

other important issues faced by the parents, where to make 3D ultrasound ?Now the majority of medical centers perform this service.The main thing - to find a good master to whom you can trust and be confident in his professionalism.If your city or one of the clinics do not provide this service, it is possible to make 3D ultrasound in Moscow and in other regional centers.

reviews 3D ultrasound

Moms who have made themselves a 3D ultrasound, in a hurry to share their experiences with others.That's what they say:

  • Maria : «makes this 19 week ultrasound.The doctor took me just stunning.All explained in detail and explained.I was lying, and on top of the head is the monitor, which were seen tiny arms and legs of the baby.He even moved right in my tummy.The doctor did all the right measurements, and in the end make a conclusion about holding ultrasound.The only did not realize that you can also make a video, but we still have good pictures.For all the service I paid 1750 rubles is quite acceptable.Incidentally, the procedure is better to walk up to 26 weeks since then the kid just can not fit on the screen.I advise everyone to try, this is great! ".
  • Oksana : «We did ZD ultrasound at 20 weeks, but good photos did not happen.Our baby turned away from us and his face covered with tiny handles, shy.The ratio of the hospital was very good.But not like the fact that the procedure takes about half an hour, it's quite a long time for the baby, she even frowned and closed the ears with his hands.So if you do ultrasound, it is better one time, yet it is stress for the baby. "

3D (3D) ultrasound during pregnancy: reviews

  • Irina : «Recently, do yourself a three-dimensional, even four-dimensional ultrasound, but it did not work!The doctor explained it by the fact that mothers who were likely to be overweight before pregnancy, to do 3D and 4Dissledovanie not recommended because it is difficult to see.A slender can be done, starting with the 20 weeks. "

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do ultrasound procedure or not is debatable, and in any case it is not necessary to solve it yourself.Be sure to discuss this with your doctor to rule out possible risks.However, too categorical treat ultrasound study is also not necessary, as if he has appointed a specialist, so it there are objective reasons.

June 18, 2014 12:06
And we did 3D ultrasound in pregnancyand I was simply delighted.And saw the face, and feet - just lovely!Burn disc memory and made colored pictures.We did in the US 21, so the doctor commented on all the detailed measures and showing, issued a very detailed report.Just great!
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