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Can you get pregnant the first time?

human life, and especially of its origin, is very, very unpredictable.Many women: virgins reshivshiesya on my first sexual intercourse, women who are protected from unwanted pregnancy hormone pills, forget to drink another pill, women who practice coitus interruptus, wonder whether it is possible pregnancy the first time.

Is a pregnant the first time?

that pregnancy can not be the first time - a huge myth.Especially confusing is inherent in young girls.But, any doctor can easily debunk the myth-like, safe to say that pregnancy is possible at any time.

Have you ever wondered the reason why the world is so big statistics on abortion?It is unlikely that all of these women who had decided on the operation without using any means of protection for a long time.Most of them became pregnant on the first try.And that means only one thing - like, after all, possible.

Physiologically, a woman can get pregnant as soon as she starts menstruating. Menstruation - nature's way to warn a woman that she is now

able to give birth.

Pregnancy is possible even in the case , if a woman has a hymen is intact.If full sexual intercourse did not happen, but the sperm still got into the woman's vagina - it is likely that pregnancy occurs.

How to get pregnant the first time?

There are techniques and principles, following which, woman could get pregnant the first time.

  1. Track your ovulation day.This day falls in the middle of the menstrual cycle. cycle is considered the time from the first day of the last menstrual period to the first day of this menstruation.On the day of ovulation greatest chance of pregnancy .
  2. If you want to get pregnant, do not get up out of bed immediately after intercourse.Stay in a horizontal position for about an hour.
  3. Proper nutrition - one of the keys to successfully get pregnant .Eat more fruits, vegetables, and vitamins.Make sure that your diet attended and fats, and proteins, and carbohydrates.
  4. to get pregnant quickly , you need to fully relax.Weary body sometimes difficult to cope with all the features, and the long-awaited pregnancy can not walk.
  5. Remember that stand out the most active sperm in men at first intercourse (meaning night), with each subsequent time their activity is reduced.In short, if you spend sexual intercourse several times a day, with each subsequent time will decrease the likelihood of becoming pregnant.
  6. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, you will be hard on their own, at home to determine the day of ovulation.In this case, you can buy in a drugstore special ovulation detector.He will be able to determine the day when you ovulation occurs.
  7. Another way to determine the day of ovulation - daily measure temperature of the vagina.The day when the thermometer will measure the maximum - the day of ovulation.
  8. If you are experiencing hormonal disorders, ovulation day is very difficult to determine, we can say, it is almost impossible.So, for starters, you need to go through the necessary treatment.Then start planning pregnancy.

Do not worry, if the long-awaited birth does not occur.This sometimes happens even when both partners are absolutely healthy.Do not just think of the worst.To the doctor it makes sense to apply only when at least one year has passed since the beginning of unprotected intercourse.He will appoint the necessary research and treatment, if necessary.


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