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Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: Symptoms and Treatment

All pregnant women, without exception, should be required to take a blood test for protective proteins to toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis - is the intracellular infectious disease that is caused by certain parasites toxoplasmagondii, ie Toxoplasma.This infection enters the body through contamination by cats (mostly), or as a result of eating stale meat.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: Symptoms and Treatment

What tosksoplazmoz?

If before pregnancy a woman has been infected with the disease, then it produces immunity to infection for life and the illness quickly.Severity of the disease depends on the stage of pregnancy, but either way it can hurt the future baby.In the first trimester of gestation of the child, the disease often does not introduce complications in the body, in the second trimester there is the risk of congenital toxoplasmosis - about 20% of cases.

itself is an infection in the brain and often subjected to shock her baby's eyes and central nervous system.Because of this, the child may have the following diseases: epilepsy, blindness, i

ncreased internal blood pressure, mental retardation.In the third trimester, the chance of infection is increased even more - about 50% of the detection of the disease.

But despite all the negative consequences - the disease is not required to cause an abortion. If ultrasound does not detect any significant disturbances in the development of the future child, but in the course of delivery of analyzes detected infection, it means the following: the work of the body had not been violated, and all is well.

symptoms of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

  1. Often symptoms of the disease there are no, but sometimes it is accompanied by the following symptoms: fever, rash, sore muscles and head.Severe causes decreased immunity.
  2. in the uterus and appendages disease can cause inflammation.Disease often occurs for a long time and lends itself to conventional methods of treatment difficult.Finally, these same inflammatory processes can cause infertility in women.But if the infection does not hurt the ability to fertilize the pregnancy she does not negatively affect, as well as its flow.

Prevention of toxoplasmosis

To avoid contracting the infection should be reduced to a minimum contact with cats, as well as food should be eaten only properly cooked quality meat, well-washed fruit and vegetables, as well as to comply with hygiene rules at work withground.

If there is a cat, it is necessary to clean the toilet, only wearing a clean, sterile gloves.

analysis for toxoplasmosis

only passing on the blood analysis, and only in the laboratory may reveal the presence of infection in women.

Analysis for toxoplasmosis

If blood no body IgM and IgG , the patient had never been influenced by the disease.

IgG- positive, IgM- negative during pregnancy can be considered as something that the expectant mother has been infected infection and it is now a peddler, but this time, the infection itself is not active, it is in the stage of "sleep."

If the body is an acute inflammatory process, then it indicates a positive IgG- toxoplasmosis, and it should immediately notify your doctor.

Treatment of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy

  1. main part of the treatment of toxoplasmosis during pregnancy is a course of antibiotics and immune-boosting drugs.If the infection was detected during pregnancy, the treatment it is necessary to begin only in the second trimester.
  2. If a woman's body is functioning normally, the blood serum does not contain antibodies class IgM.Is the norm when IgMsovsem IgGi antibodies are not detected in the blood during the delivery of analyzes.

Chronic toxoplasmosis

  • disease can often spill over into the chronic form.I must say that the disease can be acquired and congenital.In both cases, characterized by the following complications: other internal organ damage, loss of appetite in a patient, increase in the size of lymph nodes, liver, spleen, excessive fatigue, subferilnaya temperature.
  • During pregnancy, the disease is dangerous due to the fact, that can penetrate into the body of a child.Fortunately, this happens rarely.
  • When planning pregnancy the patient should consult a doctor so that he has helped to identify the body may have an infection, as well as to learn - whether fresh or old infection.

Chronic toxoplasmosis

often qualified to know that the patient has been living a cat does not even have the right to provide analysis for the presence of this infection, because almost 90% of the owners of immunity to the disease are the owners of cats.And if suddenly the doctor will urge you to get rid of the animal that lives with you for a long time and is a member of your family, it is best in this situation to go to another specialist.

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