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Medical examination during pregnancy

Every pregnant woman must necessarily register at prenatal .This condition is the key to a successful pregnancy and childbirth.It time to go to the gynecologist , and take all the necessary tests.This will allow time to detect early signs of possible disease at an early stage.This means that the treatment will be more successful.It is best to get registered in the public consultation, because there are all the doctors are responsible for your health.

How often have attending antenatal clinics during pregnancy, which will need to be tested, which take research ?

frequency of inspection of a pregnant woman

Pregnant women should strictly observe attendance in antenatal .This is done at regular intervals.

  1. Since the beginning of the pregnancy and up to twelve weeks of it should go to counseling once a month.
  2. from twelve to twenty-eight weeks - once in three weeks.
  3. On the twenty-ninth to thirty-sixth week - every two weeks.
  4. Since the thirty-sixth week to the birth - every week.

procedures when inspecting pregnant

  • doctor measures growth pregnant.This figure needs to determine BMI.
  • measured weight.
  • measure your blood pressure.
  • Spend measured size of the pelvis .It is necessary to determine whether the expectant mother to give birth naturally.
  • palpated the abdomen.Thus, the doctor checks uterine tone and fetal presentation.
  • internal inspection.It is held during the initial visit.The doctor determines the possible infectious diseases.
  • abdominal circumference measured.The procedure is performed, from the fifteenth week and up to the birth.
  • Measuring the height of uterine fundus.The procedure is performed, since the fourteenth week, and up to the birth.

  • hear a fetal heartbeat .The procedure is performed, since the fourteenth week, and up to the birth.It is necessary to determine the viability and the condition of the fetus .
  • CTG - a cardiotocography .The procedure is performed approximately the thirtieth - the thirty-third week of pregnancy.Procedure may be repeated, if necessary.
  • ultrasound - fetal ultrasound .An important procedure through which you can see the baby is developing normally.

We have reviewed the procedures that exposed the pregnant woman for the entire period of pregnancy. Let's now take a closer look, at any stage of a certain procedure.

Frequency studies in pregnant women

trimester pregnancy is divided into trimesters.That is, at intervals equal to three months.Total three trimesters .

  1. In the first trimester the baby is in its infancy, is its formation.
  2. In the second trimester the baby is actively developing, the internal organs are formed.
  3. In the third trimester occur "finishing touches" the formation of the baby, preparing him to leave.Therefore, depending on the trimester of pregnancy, the woman is subjected to different procedures.

first trimester

  • 1. The measurement of height, weight, pressure and size of the pelvis.
  • 2. doctor prescribes vitamin-mineral complexes, designed for pregnant women.
  • 3. women appointed analyzes : urine, blood count, smear from the vagina, the test for HIV, the test for syphilis, hepatitis B and C, the analysis on TORCH-infection, blood clotting and sugar.
  • 4. A woman attends specialists : therapist, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, otolaryngologist.
  • 5. Assign an electrocardiogram (EKG) and ultrasound.

second trimester

  • 1. Gynecologist measures the height of the uterine fundus, the volume of the stomach.
  • 2. For a blood test for sugar.
  • 3. Approximately the twenty-second week of pregnancy carried ultrasound to determine whether normally developing future baby.In addition, in this period a woman can already ask floor unborn child.

Third trimester

  • 1. For a detailed analysis of the blood.
  • 2. A doctor determines the child's presentation .
  • 3. Held procedure CTG (the study of the fetal heart).
  • 4. Approximately thirty-third week ultrasound is performed.
  • 5. At the thirty-eighth week shall blood test for syphilis .This analysis is needed to determine the hospital.
  • 6. Approximately thirty-ninth, fortieth week performed another ultrasound control.It is determined by the child's presentation and condition of the placenta.

Now, armed with this information, you will know, what to expect at a particular stage of pregnancy. But, depending on the health status of women, it can be assigned additional tests and procedures .They need to explain the doctor overseeing the pregnancy.

If you, for whatever reasons, unable to attend antenatal clinic the day on which you have been assigned to visit, be sure to call and warn that there will be another day.If you feel bad, it is necessary to call an ambulance, let the doctor determine the cause of your illness.

you Happy pregnancy and childbirth light!

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