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Halva in pregnancy

Very often pregnant women limit themselves to sweet.Doctors advise: if you want sweet, eat dried fruits, raisins, nuts.

Is it possible for pregnant women to eat halva?

halva is useful if pregnant?

  • Halva largely beneficial to humans.Especially if it prepare yourself at home. Halva can be sunflower, peanut, pistachio, and in addition, halva at home, you can add other ingredients (such as raisins or other nuts).
  • Maternity halva, primarily, useful folic acid , especially in the early stages of pregnancy.That folic acid contributes to the renewal of the genetic material of cells and therefore the proper formation of a healthy child.
  • The halva much vitamin E .Therefore, it is useful to have all wishing to get pregnant.This vitamin a positive effect on the reproductive system of women .Therefore, eat halva, and you increase the chance to get pregnant.

  • addition, halva and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.
  • very important halva to improve the digestive system , which certainly must be a pregnant woman.Halva also reduces the risk of anemia the unborn child and the mother.
  • Use halva uplifting and helps with postpartum depression.

When you can not have a pregnant halva?

halva use with caution pregnant women, full-bodied.No need to type a lot of extra kilos during pregnancy.Kilograms we are gaining at the expense of the child's growth.So hold back your appetite!

Pregnant allergic to halva, or any of its components, and do not need to eat it, it, it is contraindicated.

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April 1, 2014 09:04
In my opinion, nothing usefulhalva from the shop in there.This sugar, which can turn into extra weight, ruin already subject to caries during pregnancy teeth.Therefore paste during pregnancy - is a product harmful.
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