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Celery during pregnancy

Mom, more than ever, begins to think about nutrition.Doctors advised to eat organic foods, more vegetables and fruits.Of course, it does not remain without attention greens, always available during the warmer months.And in the winter it can be grown on a windowsill.Onions from seven disease, parsley, celery ... But let's focus on celery.So whether it is useful for pregnant women?

Useful properties of celery

Celery - a great plant, as it has a lot of advantages.It huge amounts of vitamins and minerals.Not only it is eaten in the raw state, but used as raw materials for ointments and tinctures.Particularly popular plant acquired in cooking, it is used as a condiment to many dishes and marinades.

Celery beneficial effects on the intestine .He nizkokalorien.Eating celery helps to resist stress, colds .Celery toxins, slows the aging of cells.Furthermore, celery prevents heart disease.

Useful if celery during pregnancy?

Whether, given all the benefits of celery, include it in the di

et of a pregnant woman?

It would seem that yes, you can.Because celery is useful for bowel and has other beneficial properties, is rich in vitamins and minerals.

However, doctors strongly recommend eating celery pregnant , and in any form.If you use celery in early pregnancy is not yet capable of harm, it is already starting with the six months of pregnancy, b uduschaya mother categorically should not eat celery .However, in the early stages use celery better minimized.

turns out that celery contains essential oils , which can harm the baby .In addition, the useful herbs cause flatulence during pregnancy, but it is not very well affect the baby.

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It is also important to know that and nursing mothers also should abandon the use of celery , so as not to cause adverse effects for the child.

Therefore, despite the usefulness of this green, very available to us, pregnant women do not need to include it in your diet.

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