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The first stirring of pregnancy: experience.

first stirring during pregnancy is not only the most memorable, but also very important.They make it clear that the child is all right.Sensations and timing may be different from the moms.It is believed that those who gave birth for the second time felt them before.The first stirring usually begin during the second half period.

first stirring - it is always a joy.Every woman's period and feelings can be individual.So usually I say that the first stirring of pregnancy occur in the period of 18-22 weeks.Perturbation arise when different activity of the embryo.It can rotate, take a comfortable position to touch the cord or uterine wall.

when you feel the first fetal movements?

Those who do not give birth for the first time, perturbations may occur as early as 16 weeks.This happens due to the fact that the body of such women is more sensitive - react to the uterine wall motion kid anymore.Also giving birth are more sensitive muscles and they know about what should be the feeling of the experience of th

e first pregnancy.Keep in mind that the timing of the first stirring very different at all.They depend on the build.As a rule, slender women feel movements of the child much earlier total.Also perturbation less noticeable, if a pregnant woman leads rather active life.

The first stirring of pregnancy: sensation

knowledge of when and how the child moves are important for the future mother.They will help to monitor their state of health and deviations from the norm.Weak perturbations, starting at 7 weeks, becoming more pronounced in the 18-23.Very often you can feel them in the evening or at bedtime.At this time the child is still not particularly large compared with the uterus.He is enough space to try to take a different position.Therefore, tremors can be felt in different areas of the abdomen.

By the 30th week, you can feel the stirring, if you put a hand to her stomach or listen to these movements.The child reacts to everything: the position of the mother, sounds, talking, touching other people.Normally, tremors can be felt in the stomach in response to touching the belly hands while lying on his back, sitting with legs upturned.Perturbation frequent during that when a pregnant woman lying on her back.This is a small lack of oxygen in the embryo.In this situation, the blood vessels, which supplies oxygen to the baby, feeling pressure from the uterus.Oxygen is supplied less fruit begins to move more.

In the second trimester the baby starts to hiccup.From this mom the feeling like a small vibration.By the 32th week, the embryo begins to take a permanent position.The feel of the perturbations can be in different parts of the abdomen.They depend on the position of the head and legs.If the head is located in the lower region (head movement), the perturbation clearly felt in the upper abdomen.When breech, feet down, on the contrary - in the lower abdomen.Perturbations are becoming more insistent by the end of the period.Sometimes they can even feel a little pain.Most often, tremors felt in the area under the ribs on the right.They can also be felt in the places where are the legs of the child.If soreness in some cases advised to lean slightly forward.So to go more oxygen to the fetus, and it will take a comfortable position.

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first fetal movements: feelings

first stirring of the fetus during pregnancy arise quite early.Most of the women did not feel them because they are very weak.Feelings are different in different trimesters of pregnancy.The nature of the perturbations affect the pace of development of the fetus.In the first trimester of fetal movement weak and chaotic.As early as 8 weeks due to ultrasound may be considered as moving arms and legs of the fetus.At this time, they are almost formed.Of course, at this time the stirring is not as strong as at the end of the period.This is due to the fact that the embryo yet is small in size and do not touch the walls of the uterus.

way, perturbations may occur in very different ways.Feelings of pregnant women are similar to the kind of vibrating wave in the abdomen, bursting bubbles inside the abdomen.Some moms poetically compare them with splashing fish or butterflies flutter.Nulliparous sometimes confuse these feelings with bowel problems and flatulence.It is worth remembering that the perturbations do not cause pain.If there is pain, this may mean tone of the uterus.In such cases it is advisable to inform the doctor about the pain - he will appoint the necessary treatment.

The first stirring of pregnancy: sensation

There are certain periods of perturbations.In the early stages between them can take place up to 24 hours. This is not because the fetus is not moving and not moving.Rather, just a woman does not notice these movements - these stages he has a small size.After 26 weeks the frequency perturbations is quite another.Normally 2-3 hours a woman should feel about 10. Gynecologists recommended to keep a calendar perturbations.With it a lot easier to fix the course of pregnancy.By the way, if you feel that something is wrong and the baby quieted down, you can eat something - after eating the fruit of the activity increases.Also, another way to analyze perturbations - test "Count to 10".It requires a commercially available card with which records all perturbations.The test applies to 28 weeks.During his map making stirring every 10 that you feel from 9 am to 21 pm.

Do not worry because you do not feel of distinct perturbations in the early stages.Regular perturbations appear to only 30 weeks.

date when you feel the first stirring, the best record.Most likely, you will be asked about her doctor.On this date determines the approximate date of birth.By it, he will add 20 (if first pregnancy) or 22 weeks (when second pregnancy).The resulting data will be approximate date of birth.

The perturbations there and pause.Typically, this period of rest.During which the fetus can "rest."

way, the nature of perturbations can even understand an exemplary temperament baby.

Do not think that the hours of rest for the mother and fetus alike.For the embryo does not exist such times of the day, as we have.He can sleep and be active at all hours, morning or night.

on the movement of the baby can understand that he does not like.Typically, it is less active, if the mother is worried for a long time does not change the posture, if it is cold.

Many women wrongly believe perturbations.We must remember that the calculation is carried out as follows: just count the number of pulses for 1 min.Their sum will perturbation.It turns out that they are counted comprehensively in the time interval.

important to remember that in the absence of perturbations within 6 hours, you should seek medical advice.In the clinic you owe Cardiotocographic research: on his stomach in the region of the fetal heart attach sensors and mom presses a dedicated button during perturbations.As a result, due to the hardware research in the hands of the physician remains graph that becomes clear the fetus.

first stirring of pregnancy means the normal development of the fetus.Different women, depending on the body type, experience of birth, lifestyle, they may begin at 18-23 week.Keep in mind that the beginning of perturbations - an individual thing.Sensations during tremors can also be different from the waves to the feeling of gas formation in the intestine.Fix perturbations is important for the analysis of pregnancy.

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