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How to cure yeast infection during pregnancy?

Perhaps the most common intimate disease in women is a thrush.On its occurrence affects a whole list of factors.The disease can occur at any time.The gestation period is unfortunately no exception.How to cure yeast infection during pregnancy?There are a lot of ways.In some cases, they are combined in the complex treatment.

Thrush in early pregnancy

reason for thrush is the spread of the fungus Candida.He can inhabit human skin and mucous membranes.In women, the fungus is present on the genital mucosa.The small amount of the fungus does not cause discomfort.Under certain conditions, it starts to actively proliferate - here then and symptoms of thrush.

How to cure yeast infection during pregnancy?

These include:

  1. The swelling of the mucous
  2. irritation, a burning sensation in the genital area
  3. selection.They may be yellowish and whitish, like flakes.Copious in different stages of the disease may be different.

These symptoms are considered to be sufficiently widespread for most women.Also sometimes referred to them and problems with mens

truation, decreased sexual activity, pain in the abdomen and pelvis.Typically these symptoms are worse after intercourse, and washing away in the night.

likelihood of developing thrush in the early stages of pregnancy is high enough.This is due to the fact that the body is reconstructed and begins to experience a load.One of the factors affecting the development of candidiasis, consider the low immunity.

In order to accurately diagnose a yeast infection, there is a certain sequence of medical interventions.Investigations may include a sample swab.This analysis will help to give accurate information about the presence of yeast.Another method - the cultural identification of the fungus.The biomaterial is sent to a favorable environment and waiting for the reaction.If it is, then there is candidiasis.

is believed that thrush is relatively safe during pregnancy.Yet in the event of illness it is recommended to see a doctor and undergo treatment.One of the complications of yeast infection is considered to be a child.Most often it occurs defeat the umbilical cord, the mouth and the lungs of the fetus.Hence candidiasis occurs in newborns.

way, you need not only to be treated myself.The drug is prescribed for the treatment of joint with his partner.Otherwise the presence of sex disease will return periodically.

remedy for yeast infection during pregnancy

Thrush may be a chronic disease.Of course, it is better to treat it before you plan a child.But what to do when the disease has returned or arising during pregnancy?This is a fairly common occurrence.It manifested candidiasis due to the fact that a woman's body are hormonal changes that trigger the germination of spores of Candida.

to self-medicate with candidiasis is not necessary.This applies to all women.Pregnant women must be especially careful and serious approach to this problem.Only a doctor can prescribe the right treatment and medicines to choose.Normally during pregnancy thrush tablet form prescribe medications that act on vaginal microflora.The gynecologist can prescribe clotrimazole, miconazole.An effective and safe for the fetus and the mother's health is recognized Pimafucin.It is believed that it does not harm the child, even at high doses.

should be remembered that for the successful treatment of thrush is necessary to approach the issue comprehensively.Ideally, to get tested and to understand that the impetus for the development of candidiasis.In some cases it is advisable to visit not only the female doctor and gastroenterologist and endocrinologist.

avoid thrush during pregnancy may be performing all prescription gynecologist, surrendering analyzes and listening to his well-being.Another method of prevention - wearing the right underwear.It must be made of cotton and not too fitting.From synthetic panties should be abandoned.

How to cure yeast infection during pregnancy?

How to treat thrush folk remedies?

There are not only medicines against thrush.For a long time we know the positive effect of herbal concoctions and their trays on the female body.It is quite popular soda bath for thrush.This requires a soda, warm water and iodine.1 tbsp.l.soda poured into 1 liter.warm water.The mixture was stirred to dissolve the soda.The solution was added 1 h. L.Yoda is poured into a wide basin.Next, it is necessary to sit for 20 minutes.Soda pattern can be washed away.

In some cases, helps and douching.One of the most useful plants have long considered St. John's wort and chamomile pharmacy.Typically, prepare a decoction of them for irrigation, or caving.To do this, 2 tbsp.l.collection of dry grass pour 200 ml boiling water.The solution was poured into a pan, or a metal container and heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, strain through a sieve and used for irrigation or washing away.For the treatment can also come and others. Grass.They must have an astringent, healing and antiseptic effect.These plants include yarrow, nettle leaves, celandine.You should not get round and the bark of an oak - it has an excellent astringent.After application of the broth from the bark of the mucous like covered with a protective film that prevents the growth of fungus.A decoction of oak bark is prepared as at the rate of 2 tablespoons.l.200 ml of water in a water bath.

When using traditional methods, be aware that they are an additional tool in the complex therapy.Get rid of the yeast only with them is virtually impossible.Therefore trip to the doctor in this case should not be delayed.

order for you not to disturb the disease, it is necessary to observe a number of preventive measures.

  • Provokes active reproduction of fungus and disease as a consequence of too many sweets in the diet.One of the areas of treatment is a special diet, which reduced the number of simple carbohydrates and yeast.
  • Thrush can be transmitted through casual contact.So be careful and serious about personal hygiene when visiting saunas and swimming pools.
  • Also, some doctors believe that a good prevention of yeast can serve as a healthy lifestyle.Control your emotional state, increase resistance to stress, type the daily routine exercise.

During pregnancy often occurs thrush.The reason is simple -gormonalnye changes provoke reproduction of the fungus Candida.When the first symptoms of the disease should consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and timely medical care.Also in the complex therapy it is recommended to use folk remedies - baths and douches decoction of herbs and oak bark.

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