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How to enlarge breasts without surgery?

How to increase the breast - this question is raised by millions of women around the world.Women think that small breasts can be attractive, but you should know that it has always been a sign of aristocracy and elegance.

However, even in ways you can not convince the girls fall in love with their breasts for what it is.Small breasts can bring some inconvenience poetomui the question arises - how to enlarge breasts without surgery?

Breast enlargement without surgery: creams and gels

It is the most common method of breast enlargement without surgery.According to the manufacturer, the these creams contain drugs, improve metabolism and cause a rush of blood, which leads to an increase in the breast.

Breast enlargement without surgery: Gels

After using the creams and gels breast it does seem a little bit more, but it's only an illusion that occurs due to swelling of the breast, rather than its growth.Therefore, creams and gels - not the most efficient method for breast augmentation without operations, they must be used consistently, o

therwise, the breast again will return to its original state.

Breast enlargement without surgery: a hardware method

hardware method of breast enlargement - this is not an operation.This technique is called the vacuum massage .The action procedure is that the chest impose special bowl.Due to the vacuum that is created under the bowls, get the necessary pressure, which stimulates blood flow in the breast.Just do not buy a home vacuum simulators.It is better to carry out a hardware method in special lounges - it is much more efficient and reliable.Breast enlargement without surgery: a hardware method

After a hardware method of breast enlargement without surgery breast really increases, but this effect lasts for long - from 1 week to 1 month.During this period, the breast is slowly returning to its previous size, then you must repeat the procedure again.After a hard way to the breast becomes more sensitive and painful.It's the perfect way to breast augmentation for a short time , for example, to discharge, release or party.

plastic surgery breast augmentation

Plastic breast augmentation surgery - the most effective, to date, the process of breast augmentation.Plastic surgery guarantees the desired effect for a long time, and if the operation is done professionally and competently by a plastic surgeon, it is also safe.

After plastic surgery breasts "disappear" in the next day and did not return to their previous size.Before the surgery, breast augmentation is recommended to visit mammalogy and pass the necessary tests to help prevent complications.

There are different types of implants used for breast augmentation:

Breast enlargement without surgery: implants

  • Saline - a special solution of sodium chloride and sodium chloride, which is quite safe and effective method for breast augmentation.Saline implants resemble bags of water that can flow.If the implant is formed fold, then chest formed ugly furrow.Such implants are the cheapest available on the market.
  • silicone gel like a soft jelly.This gel does not flow and does not form folds sterile.However, a gel is more expensive than saline, but it is justified.Silicone implants have a shape in the form of droplets, which increases even completely flat chest.

How much does breast augmentation surgery - the issue is also of concern to many women who are ready to say goodbye to his mother breast.Cost of operation varies depending on the type of implant that you want to insert.Breast augmentation surgery will cost you, together with the cost of the implant, rehabilitation during hospitalization and necessary tests - from 4 to 6 thousand. Dollars.

Breast enlargement without surgery: folk remedies

whether to increase the breast of certain products - hard to say.

  • You can find information about that eating foods that contain phytoestrogens can increase breast size.Phytoestrogens are contained in legumes, cereals, and nuts.

Breast enlargement without surgery: folk remedies

  • According grandmother's recipes , it helps to increase breast frequent eating cabbage, yeast and raw dough .Just bear in mind that this method can only help adolescent girls, whose bodies are still only beginning to emerge.These products not only increase the chest, but the body weight at all - girl fullness, therefore, the breast increases.A woman whose body has already been formed, increasing the chest in such a way not recommended since.You will only gain weight.
  • Iodine mesh and mustard also able to enlarge breasts without surgery.Iodine and mustard increase blood flow, which increases the breast.But such methods are fraught with burns if overdo.
  • can buy at the drugstore hop cones and to prepare from them a tincture: 1 tablespoonhop pour 1 tbsp.of boiling water.Iridescent infusion in a thermos and insist 8:00.Intoxicated tincture is recommended to drink 3 times a day before meals 0.5 glass.

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Which method you choose breast augmentation, it's up to you.But note that any method has consequences, and the consequences can not always be good.Small breasts - this is not the worst thing in life.And before you venture on breast augmentation, consider whether it will make you happy, or perhaps better to try to take yourself so ?!

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