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Gymnastics for facial wrinkle

Unfortunately, over time, facial skin is covered with wrinkles.Their appearance is due to the physiological processes in the body and prevent it doing nothing is impossible.But if you want to remain always beautiful and young, have a smooth and elastic skin, will help special exercises for the face. Gymnastics for the person is the most useful and safe method of preservation of feminine beauty.

reasons for the appearance of wrinkles

Most wrinkles appear on the face of the constant tension of the facial muscles.We laugh, feel sad, I think, all of these emotions are reflected in our face.But until the skin is young and receives all the necessary elements, it quickly returns to its original shape.Over time, skin nutrition worsens, violated necessary to maintain its elasticity and processes as a result of deep wrinkles appear.

Unfortunately, it is the muscles of the face age earlier than others. If you want to permanently preserve your youthful appearance and you are over 28 years, every day, startin

g today, be sure to do exercises for the face of wrinkles.

rules perform gymnastics for the face

To achieve the desired effect, you need to follow some rules perform gymnastics. In any case, no matter what kind of gymnastics for the person you choose, it should help to relax the facial muscles, strengthening them.It must be done before a mirror, as it is it will help you understand whether you are doing the exercises.Exercises to be done at least 3 times a week, preferably in the presence of opportunities every day.Before her execution of the skin should be cleaned and allow the sebaceous glands to work.

Take a chair, sit down.At the same time the back should be straight, chin raised slightly above the shoulders.To perform any kind of exercises will be sufficient for 20 minutes per day.If you do exercises correctly, after all an easy exercise you feel tired.

Amateur Gymnastics facial wrinkle

difference between this gym for the face is the ability to select the exercises that you need. Also you can choose the time and these exercises, making them, at your convenience.

  • Press two palms on the forehead skin at the hair roots.Then lower your eyes and 6 seconds.keep closed.At the same time, rotate them.This exercise will help you remove wrinkles from his forehead, and to prevent their occurrence.
  • order to improve the tone of the eyebrows, forefinger push eyebrows, eyebrows raised high.Support as 6 seconds.
  • To give flexibility cheeks inflate the right cheek and then the right corner of his mouth blow out air.Do the same on the other cheek.Repeat 4-5 times.
  • To enhance the effect, rotate the head 10 times in one and the other side.Then, tilt your head much 10 times back and forth.

Gymnastics of wrinkles around the mouth

  • To prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, or to deal with them pronounce the vowels, trying as much as possible of their voice. should also be to the lungs to collect as many air and inflate the cheeks.Then expand the nostrils and through the tightly compressed lips to let the air in short breaths.Repeat 4-5 times.
  • To remove the vertical wrinkles around the mouth, cheeks inflate and begin to roll the air from one cheek to the other.Repeat 6-7 times since.
  • for wrinkles that appear on the upper lip, tighten your mouth and start to pronounce all the vowels of the alphabet.Repeat them 6-7 times.

Gymnastics face of wrinkles around the eyes

  • Try squinting strongly for 7 seconds, and then as far as possible, open your eyes.Also look asterisk draw, face and head should be still.Raising his eyebrows as high as possible and hold for 10 seconds so.Repeat this exercise five times.
  • If you want to get rid of the wrinkles of the upper eyelids, put the pads of 4 fingers above the eyebrows.Then lift them up to 0.5 cm, and strongly press your fingers against the skin.Eyes close tightly for 6 sec., Then relax.
  • To combat sagging lower eyelid, 4 fingers of two hands put on the area below the eyes.Then press hard enough skin to the cheeks.Now start zazhmurivat eyes stronger and stronger.After 6 seconds.rapidly remove the fingers and open your eyes.
  • To prevent the appearance of wrinkles, remove eye fatigue and improve blood supply.This will help you the following exercise: somknite tight forever, count to 10, then suddenly open his eyes wide and then count to 10. The forehead in this exercise should not pucker.Then start moving his eyes from side to side, as if you watch the movements of the pendulum.Head is not turn, count to 20, then close your eyes.After 3 seconds.start the exercise again.

Gymnastics for facial wrinkles on the forehead of

Push the glabella fold your middle finger and try to frown.Fingers should not be displaced.After a person relax and forehead strongly press the palm.Then start to raise eyebrows, trying to overcome the resistance of the hand.Closing his eyes, a little push pads index fingers on the outer corner of the eye.Try to narrow eyes, resisting fingers.

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Gymnastics for facial wrinkle is the safest procedure to save the youth and elasticity of the skin. It will allow you to give up all the expensive beauty treatments to prevent premature aging of the skin.With it, you not only strengthen the muscles of the face, but also improve skin elasticity and firmness.

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