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Makeup for green eyes and blond hair

Green eyes, combined with brown hair look just magical!If brown hair and with a touch of red, you - a real Russian fairy tale heroine.There are some rules makeup for green eyes in combination with blond hair. fulfill them, you will always be on top!

shadow for green eyes and brown hair

must start with the fact that the green color has many different shades.And both heat and cold.Therefore, a start in the first place, it should be on what you shade the eyes. color shades should be as accurate as possible match the shade of your eyes. a classic makeup.

But, choosing the shade for green eyes, you can not ignore and tinted hair.After all, there are light brown hair light shade, there are dark light brown, tan, light brown, and others.From this also depends on the color you selected shadows.

There color shades that are most suitable for such a combination - green eyes, brown hair. That is to say, a basic palette from which you can experiment.These golden, beige, pink, green, purple, violet, min

t, turquoise.It is best applied to the eyelids is not one shade of your chosen color.It is best to use two or three shades of the same color that will move seamlessly into each other.In order to make it look very beautiful, do not forget to carefully shade transitions between different shades of shadows.

foundation for the green eyes and brown hair

foundation and powder that you should use when applying everyday makeup should be as close to the color of your skin tone.However, you can use foundation or powder, darker shade of your skin, but no more than one tone.

Day makeup for green eyes and brown hair

Day make-up suggests that you go to work, on a walk with his girlfriend or his other works.This makeup is to highlight the eyes, but in any case not "overload" the face.Therefore, it may be applied peach or beige shadow (you can use not only dull but also pearly shades).Blush is best to take a peach hue.

If you need a rigorous makeup, so-called "office versionĀ», green eyes to the most suitable make-up made in the coffee-and-milk scheme .It will emphasize the beauty of the eyes, while remaining rigorous option makeup.

Evening makeup for green eyes and brown hair

Evening makeup for green eyes can be very intense and dark.You can use even very dark colors, almost black.In addition, it is possible to use various sparkles, shimmering shadows and "metallic."In addition, the girl with green eyes and brown hair really is make-up in the style of "Smoky Eyes".In short, the evening before leaving the house, at the green-eyed girls have the opportunity to conduct experiments.

Whatever the make-up - whether it's make-up day, or evening, eyebrows should always be well-groomed, neatly combed hairs that were not directed in different directions.In addition, if the eyebrows so require, they should be a little bit announced that will give them the clarity and beauty.

is unacceptable in makeup for green eyes and blond hair?

  • If you have green eyes and blond hair, make-up can not be used blue shadows .An exception to the rule, only one - if you're the owner of green-blue eyes.
  • If you have green eyes and blond hair, you should not use make-up silver eyeliner, and the same color shade.This combination looks ugly.
  • It is best not to use black eyeliner.If you want to highlight your eyes, take a dark gray, but not black.
  • not use makeup for green eyes pink shade .His eyes seem to cry, and it looks very ugly.

There are many workshops on applying makeup for green eyes and brown hair. can watch them.But the best way to visit the beauty salon or the image area in which you will pick up exactly the make-up that will suit most.

Holiday makeup for green eyes and blond hair, see the video Glitter from Tatiana.

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For more information about, a makeup suitable for green eye color (different shades of hair and different shades of green eyes), you can read the article Makeup for greeneye.

Be beautiful!

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