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As the salt dry mushrooms: recipes.

Few people know that the mushrooms were at the time the basic element of Russian traditional cuisine.These mushrooms are used to prepare appetizers, salads, soups and cakes.In the absence of refrigerators mushrooms often solilis.This method of harvesting has many features that are important to know and modern housewife.With salty milk mushrooms, you can significantly vary the daily diet.

Shiitake have quite an unusual taste.Moreover, as with any other. Fungi, they are useful due to the high content of protein.In stores you can find mushrooms not so often.If you want to pamper pet these mushrooms, you can search them by yourself in the woods.The earliest types of milk mushrooms start to grow in August.You can meet them in mixed forests.They prefer to hide under leaves and pine needles.Mushrooms are interesting because glades grow.Therefore you are fast enough you'll score a bucket.

Learn mushrooms in the store or in the woods is easy.They have a round hat with a recess, which is located at a small frin

ge.Often found her badly smelling juice droplets.

How to pickle mushrooms?

As the salt dry mushrooms

Shiitake interesting because throughout the world are considered inedible mushrooms.Do not be afraid of this fact.In the CIS countries are actively using them enough to eat.The thing is that an important part of cooking mushrooms is soaking in a few days.This makes it suitable for food mushrooms.

Salt mushrooms is not so difficult.As in many others. Kinds of pieces of products, there are 2 kinds of salting - hot and cold.It is believed that the second option makes the mushrooms more tender and tasty.The duration of pickling can be up to several weeks or even months!

Hostess, reflect on how to pickle mushrooms, should pay attention to the preparation of mushrooms.Unfortunately, this is the main difficulty.Whatever type you choose salting, is an advance supply of sponge for dishes and unnecessary toothbrush.

To start rinse mushrooms with the ground and foliage.Then change the water and go to a more thorough cleaning.To do this, go through all the dark places of a brush or sponge.In the process of cleaning water should be changed.You must remove all suspicious places - browning marks from bumps, rotting pieces.Then you need to go to the next stage of preparation - soaking.It is believed that the mushrooms must stand in the water for at least 3 days.The optimal duration is 5 hours.Remember that all this time the mushrooms must be completely submerged water.Therefore, it is advisable to prepare the small press.The easiest way to put mushrooms into a bowl, add water, cover and top cover.It should be put on the weight.There

folk method to determine that the soaking is done correctly.Take a piece of Gruzdev and notch.Then try to cut into the language.Right soaked fungus will not taste bitter.After you have soaked mushrooms, go to salting.Her appearance is to determine how quickly you want to get ready mushrooms.

Salting dry milk mushrooms: recipes

longest option - cold ambassador.

How many days to pickle mushrooms?


  1. Shiitake - 1 bucket
  2. salt - 1 tbsp.


  • From 1 bucket of mushrooms in this recipe salting (the weight is approximately 5 kg) you get about 4-5 700-liter jars.
  • For starters mushrooms must be cleaned of dirt.Rinse, changing the water several times.Cut off all the bad places.Once again, rinse.
  • Mushrooms cut into portions.It is best to form slices, cutting into small triangles agaric radially cap.
  • Pour chopped mushrooms clean water.Mushrooms begin to emerge, so prepare the goods.Cover the container flat plate or large-diameter lid, and place on top of a jar filled with water.Loads must not be very difficult.
  • Put the chopped mushrooms soaked for 5 days.During this time, you need to ensure that water is not deteriorated.So you should change it every day.
  • After 5 days, the water once again discarded and rinsed mushrooms.Then, carefully inspect the pieces and cut the spoiled places.
  • Then rinse the mushrooms and pour into the bowl again.Top cover them with salt It should be non-iodized rock.Otherwise mushrooms may turn black.
  • Stir mushrooms.Top with a heavy load.As such, the mushrooms should stand for 3 more days.Mushrooms should be periodically stir, t. To. They will allocate juice.
  • After 3 days the mushrooms again stirred.Then sterilize small banks 500-800 ml.Shiitake zatrambovyvayut tightly into jars, pouring brine.The easiest way to do it wearing rubber gloves.Banks close the plastic or screw caps.Then put the mushrooms in the refrigerator for pickling.

How many days to pickle mushrooms?

If you have selected a prescription cold salting, it is salted mushrooms for about 1.5 - 2 months.There is a faster version - hot ambassador.It allows you to cook the mushroom appetizer in just 30 days.

As the salt dry mushrooms


  1. Shiitake
  2. marinade for 1 liter.Water:
  3. Black Pepper - 20 peas
  4. Laurel and currant leaf - 1 pc.(Or to taste)
  5. salt - 2 tbsp.l.
  6. Garlic and horseradish - to taste


  • For this recipe, you can salt the mushrooms whole.To start you need to wash the mushrooms with a sponge or toothbrush.Then they are rinsed and allowed to stand for clean water for at least 3 hours.
  • then heat the water and salt it.Before it is placed in boiling mushrooms.Mushrooms cook for 25 minutes.Then remove the pan from the heat.
  • adds spice to the mushrooms.Then put the pan under oppression for 5 days.Mushrooms should be completely covered with liquid.At the same time under the weight mushrooms should not be deformed.
  • Then you need to expand the mushrooms on sterilized jars.Top blank pour a small amount of vegetable oil.It is necessary to ensure that the mushrooms are reacted with air.
  • Banks closed and placed in a dark cool place for 30 days.

few tips for those who decided to pickle mushrooms for the winter:

  1. mushrooms can be harvested in wood, glass and stainless steel cookware.Her before salting thoroughly washed with hot water.
  2. When salting should only use rock salt.It must be large.
  3. When salting pay attention to the kind of mushrooms.So black mushrooms soaked day.A white - 2 days.If you solite both species, they also keep in water for 48 hours.
  4. If you overshoot the mushrooms, it is possible to soak them in milk.This method is interesting because the mushrooms retain their delicate structure.If water is used, on the contrary, they become too tasteless.
  5. Do not worry if the mushrooms become purple or greenish.This is a normal chemical reaction that depends on many factors.
  6. Salt mushrooms better mushroom caps pointing downward.This will help keep their shape and prevent deformation.

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As salt dry mushrooms?Wash the mushrooms and put them macerate for a few days.During this time you will need to change the water several times.Then mushrooms salted cold or hot salt.In the first case the mushrooms with salt and allowed to form juice.In the 2 nd - the mushrooms are boiled 20 min., And then poured prepared brine.In cold salted mushrooms should be kept about 60 days, and during hot enough 30.

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