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Flowers for a wedding: how to choose?

wedding, like any celebration and a significant event is complete without flowers.Under wedding flowers are usually taken to mean the bride's bouquet, which presents timidly fascinated by her beauty groom before the ceremony.But this is a very narrow understanding because flowers decorate birthday celebration of the new family as a whole.Boutonnieres bridesmaids, flower arrangements decorating the party hall, bouquets, presented to guests ...

Without the gifts of nature - flowers - no celebration would be complete ... First let's talk about the bride's bouquet.

Bridal bouquet: Rely on professionals

experienced florist , which is necessary to address in preparing bouquet certainly make a composition that will harmonize with the style, shape and color of your wedding dress.Still, some features of it can not be considered.Namely, the length of the flower stems.But this is very important.

If you fragile beauty short, the best thing in your gentle hands will look a little light bouquet of tulips

, lilies of the valley and violet, while the high ladies, on the contrary, it is best to use when composing the flowers on high legs - Dutch roses, calla lilies, lily ... And then the bouquet will need to keep on the elbow.

Listen to the voice of flowers

Surely, there is no person who has not heard about the existence of the language of flowers.Again, an experienced florist certainly "tells" the flower and prevent falling into your bouquet of flowers, means something bad.But it's better to err once again and warn of unwanted "guests" in your bouquet.

better to eliminate yellow .First, this color is generally considered cheating and color separation, and secondly, psychologists say that yellow - the color of schizophrenic ... and it is possible that someone will remember the infamous yellow house, and then you will have the impression of spoiled.And even despite the fact that the sun is too yellow, it is better to abandon the color of the caramel.

Purple and blue, especially dark blue - is the color of sadness, mourning ... color shades adorn these sad events.

As for the colors, it is best to discard the daffodils, gladioli and possibly lilies ... These flowers are considered harbingers of grief.Also, chrysanthemums and carnations.A picture of lilies during the Inquisition branded sinners.But if you close the east, the lily can be very.There they all were decorated with bright and joyful event.

But if you're into all this and think you do not believe superstition, choose the colors that you like best.Just do not forget that this bouquet will throw into the crowd of unmarried female friends and relatives, so that it shall be easy and safe.That is better with rose thorns to cut in order to avoid trouble.

decorate the hall, which will be celebrated the marriage can be original floral compositions in the same style as your bouquet.But they should not merge with it, and the more obscure.

Wedding flowers as a gift

If you have to choose a bouquet in a gift to the newlyweds, the language of colors and the signs so do not forget.The main rule - a bouquet of flowers to be an odd number.And the rest of the subtleties are already listed above.

should be more taken into account national traditions and groom .After all, as has been said, in the east and in Europe the flowers as residents speak different languages.So do not be superfluous to find out more about it before ordering a bouquet.

creative approach to the selection of colors

If you want to be original, it add floral arrangement sprigs of flowering trees : honeysuckle, lilac, jasmine, ferns and more.Moreover, it is a good sign, because in ancient times there was a tradition to give the young branches of oak and birch.Oak - the children, and birch should fill their life with joy and success.Is not it a good way to diversify the floral arrangement on the day of the wedding?

More very fashionable to give a bouquet composed in the form of anything symbolic .For example, the heart of red roses, or composition which is a cradle with a child - as if the desire to quickly acquire them.A bouquet of orchids itself is very symbolic - orchid flowers because of its unusual shape is considered erotic.

If you turn on the imagination, you can come up with a lot of interesting things.So go for it!Please the loved ones!

Especially for LadySpecial . ru - Olga Efremova

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