Relationship // He and she

Should we blame the man?

Generally, of course, a man in many respects can be reproached.After all, we are with them quite different.We have different views on life and habits.But is it worth doing?In some cases, you can not blame him?And why?

reproaches career

This is a very important issue for men.Everyone wants to be successful and representative.But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity.Someone educated, and now experts are not claimed this profile.There may be other reasons.

only understand that by throwing in his direction reproaches about it - you will achieve nothing.He will not be the next day the president of the bank.He's just every day is more and more to feel like a failure, and more unsociable.Best of all, on the contrary, maintain his faith in himself !To say that he is a great professional.Advise him to courses in their specialty, or, conversely, by specialty, which is now most needed.

Men and intimate

It's probably not even on the same level with a career, and even higher.God forbid to h

urt his feelings in this area!And so they always doubt themselves and their sexual abilities. not blame him in this !Just show him that you like.And you will achieve sexual harmony!

Money Money does not happen much!With this everyone agrees.You always want something more.And, starting to live with her man, or marry him, you know what his financial situation.So why is now reproach him that he can not give you more?On the contrary, in the case of a career, to cheer him up!And show that you are happy with it, regardless of the thickness of his wallet.Then he will do everything, to earn more !And throw at your feet the whole world!

He does not talk to you

Men and women have different ways of development of speech centers of the brain.Men are more inclined to contemplation, drawing up strategies.But women need to express their feelings and emotions verbally.And it is not worth blame a man that he is a little talking to you !You can chat with a friend, and the man let MAKES .Empty words will not achieve anything, and the case - the first indicator of masculinity.

You have different interests

And that of course.Even in single-sex interests may be different.After all, if you like, let's do a picture of straw, and he does not like the process, and the finished version, that's right! not blame he you that you will not see him on the evening of boxing on cable TV channel?Let everyone will have their own hobbies.We need to respect that.

He will not understand

In fact, he can, and does not understand you , but only in the details.He does not understand why the red dress is red need new shoes.Why not approach black, bought last week?He did not need to understand it.Just buy them all.You, in some moments of life, too, did not understand .But most importantly, that you love one another, and in situations that really matter, you understand each other like no other!

All men are polygamous

course!And all Russian - alcoholics, and women behind the wheel - a monkey with a grenade!Yes?It is not necessary to compile all, so even blame her man in this !Especially, if there is no cause for reproach.

He throws the socks around the house

It generally classic.Do not believe all the throws!Sometimes, doing spring cleaning, you find socks (and sometimes a sock!) In the most unlikely places!Thus men on a subconscious level mark their territory.So rejoice, it feels like home!

He leaves the problems

Why do you make such a conclusion?If he does not discuss with you the possible ways to solve the problem, it does not mean that he left to solve it.Just at that moment, he thinks likely solutions. And he does it in silence (unlike women).

All men need only one

Firstly, not all!Again, do not generalize.Second, not only one!They also want to get some sleep and a tasty meal, and stretch out on the couch.Moreover, to blame the man that you it gathered this reproach ?If he is with you - he needs you!


And what reproach him?The fact that he considers you true woman ?That said, you do not need to pay more attention to work than family?In fact, he's just worried that you will achieve more than he did.But that's okay!Worse would be if he was not worried about this, and allowed to shoulder , in addition to your own, and even its duties.

In summary, I want to add that scientists have concluded that the most successful and wealthy men - in those families in which the wife never would never blames her husband!Draw conclusions for yourself!

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