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How to get rid of the guy?

Even the most beautiful and the stormy romances are not insured by the gradual extinction of the partners' senses.Cracks can give even the most seemingly strong and lasting relationship.The reasons for that can be myriad.Not the fact that Cinderella and the Prince divorced after a month of family life due to the fact that, say, the Prince fell in love with some princess.And we do not know how there was life of Belle and her millionaire after he took her with him.It is possible that he is fed up with her, and she fled to his own wedding.

Films and books almost never tell us how is the life of the main characters after the final kiss, or the phrase "and they lived happily ever after."Once upon a time, can, and happily, but not the fact that together.So, it is very sad when love passes, and the soul can only emptiness ... no feelings for the man once adored.Simply end the relationship begins to weigh when both partners are ripe for parting.And much more difficult to break the union, when the feelings g

one only you and he still loves it all happy. But there is no hopeless situations!Getting rid of the boring guy the most appropriate way.

Come on, "you»

First, try not to philosophize sly and just explain to the young person that you do not love him anymore and do not want to continue the relationship.It's only fair!If you like - forgive and let go.But to remain friends, most likely, you then do not get it ... If you are not too worried, then this option breakup almost perfect.

Looking for a talent psychologist

But it may happen that the guy in any did not want to let you go.It will be ringing day and night, to persuade not to leave him alone in this ruthless world ... will begin to fill with flowers, gifts, promise mountains of gold and more.Think again, whether the separation will be better for you.If you are steadfast - ignore.Change the SIM card and reject gifts, insisting on her.Sooner or later it will bother him, and he finally leave you alone.This is the most simple situation.But that only in this life does not happen ...

In view of an adequate guy can be unstable in the extreme amorous situation.Lover can threaten you with physical harm, or that laid hands on himself.Do not rush him promise the heart-rending eternal love and fidelity.Most likely, he is bluffing.But you never know!If it something happens on the basis of an unhappy love for you, you yourself will never forgive.Therefore wake a psychologist!Talk to him, explain, explain and explain again the futility of such a relationship.Connect mutual friends.Let them, too, to talk to him and explain to what you need to calm down and move on.Sooner or later he will understand everything and let you go in peace.

our girl "wronged»

If the option "otshivaniya" Man does not suit you, you do not want to pass a bitch, and want to remain white and fluffy, then apply a feminine trick!Make it so that he'll quit!For example, provoke a fight.But do it so that he was left with the feeling that he is to blame.How?

There is an anecdote about how men act when they need to go.They are "go" for our inability to quickly gather.The guy comes and says to the girl that took the movie tickets (or theater) and the start of 15 minutes.She starts to gather.After 10 minutes, a guy comes and, seeing that the young lady still painted, he said: "You do not care that this is my favorite movie!So you do not love me! "And then slams the door and leaves.

We take and use their weapons against them!For example, on the eve of an important event for the guy (business meeting, birthday of his grandmother, etc.) tell him that tomorrow you both go to the visitors to your friend with whom had not seen each week.Naturally, he will say that he can not go with you.And then you 'pereklinilo "this refusal and accused him of neglect and in addition to" dislike "in all possible and impossible sins universe.Nobody needs to explain how to make a salad out of nothing, a hat and a scandal.After a well-planned, and certainly a successful argument you can with a clear conscience blagovernomu declare that "more can not live like this," and the only way - to leave.What to do if he will try to return to you, look in the second paragraph.

Jealousy - not a vice but a means of liberation

As you know, jealousy destroys even long-term relationships.Jealous of him for everything that moves and does not move!And how can dramatically demonstrate this.Sooner or later he will stand your tantrums the throat, and he hurried retreat.But if your sweet crystal clear and true to you how Hachiko, will have to show a little more ingenuity.Instigated, cunning intriguer some girlfriend girlfriend, she tried to "glue" your guy.What is not a reason for jealousy?What to do then you already know.More

can try to get rid of the "fifth wheel", ignoring it.Just behave as if it is an empty space.Do everything to show you bored with him.Snarl, growl ... The more boring and unbearable, the better for you!Occasionally a male ego will make such an appeal.

Tell your boyfriend that you have changed it.Of course, it will stain your honor, but that does not make for the sake of freedom!Tell him that, after this action, you can not safely continue to meet with him, that you devour conscience.Say it then you are not worthy of it!Well, or simply explain that you love each other and go to it.But then you have to find someone that he has played this "other".

not want?Force!

Well, the most extreme case - not to throw the guy, and "throw"!Quickly and reliably.In a large company of your friends and acquaintances get up and loudly proclaim, "My dear!I do not love you anymore, so I'm quitting!Yes, I'll throw.Humble yourself!And do not you dare call me more! "Believe me, the result will be immediate.He will leave and never come back.1: 0 in your favor!

This abundance of ways to "release" you choose the most suitable one.Yet, do not be lazy once again to weigh the pros and cons of your relationship.It may suddenly find that at first glance can glue the broken bowl and live even happier than before!

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