Relationship // He and she

Happy couple - Anna and Anton

Tell us where and how did you meet and how many have in common?

We met when I finished eleventh grade.All examinations were delivered and a few days before graduation, my friends decided to go to barbecues.The weather was not very good, so we decided to stay in the country, rather than in the forest with tents.Misha - a master of giving, proposed to his elder brother brought us things.All agreed, as it solves many problems.There were ten people -one big company, all have been familiar.

And then he appeared - a tall, slightly clumsy, some sullen, only after the army.In general, nothing attractive about it for me was not ... And the look he had a strange, heavy, he saw me the whole evening.I asked Misha, what is this strange creature, and received a categorical response: "Do not go to my brother!He is 5 years old meets a girl !!!Well, I somehow still there.Night came, I first went to sleep on the second floor, but then ... a miracle!Anton (the same) himself came to meet friends!

how to understand what you want to be together?Why chose him (her)?

day passed, and I was not expecting the call, but the phone rang:

Hi, this is Anton, learned?My brother gave the number.You can see you again?

Yeah ...

Seeing it again, I realized that I wanted to see him again!And he always called, wrote sms, how are you doing with it requests, we walked every evening.I was with him was so easy ...

That is probably why I chose it or, on the contrary, it chose me!

How has your future relationship?

Alas, all good things sooner or later ends.The summer is coming to an end.My plans have changed a bit and instead I chose to MAD KSU.Anton was upset because he entered the Voronezh, Kursk and not as I do.We had to disperse.This is the beginning of the end!

He left, stopped writing, to change the number.It took a couple of months, and then he wrote a sms: "Hello!»

I do not even remember going through it ... Routine - Study House -Time experience was not.The session took all my time studying.But the beginning of our relationship resumed.And one night he just called and said that a lot of me thought that he can not forget me.And then there were three words that every girl wants to hear: "I love you!".

my surprise there was no limit, just the tears gushed from my eyes!I was waiting for, hurry to end the session.He came and asked to meet, came with flowers.And from the moment we do not leave!

quarreled ever, and you came to the parting?

's been a year of our relationship, a year without quarrels, full of warmth and love ...

Have you had a hard time in life and how you overcame them together?

About Hard Times ... When bad to me, he was always encouraging me, telling me preobodryayuschie word.And I say to him in return and always ready to help.

Do you have children, and how the birth of children affected your relationships?

children we have, but we very much want a family and children.In my opinion, just for the sake of the family and worth living!

Was there jealousy in a relationship, and if so, how do you cope with it?

JEALOUSY ... This is a problem, but it can be overcome.And I'm jealous, and Anton.To the extent, that next to me no one was!But you can cope with everything, the main thing is not to give reasons for this jealousy.

Was there a passion?

slukavlyu I do not, if I say that only by touching and kissing Anton I get real pleasure.When breathing becomes more frequent, from its subtle touches chills all over my body.How nice to feel wanted when you tightly pressed to her, kissing the face, neck, arms, chest ... I would like to respond in kind.

So that night, full of love, hot kisses very uplifting!

What is your love?

Love - it's a strange feeling.As a child, she was alone in the other youth.For me it is - to feel wanted, so we were good together, quietly, to know that you can rely on a loved one.Must be for someone the meaning of life, in the morning to wake up in his arms and know that you will not throw.That is what love is!It is a complete self-giving, that's life for the sake of another man!

Please, give advice to readers.

Ladies, that was not excruciatingly painful for the wasted years, will get pleasure out of life, she had one!Do not get depressed, that everything is bad, nobody loves me.We have to live and enjoy this life!

Especially for - Olga Efremova

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