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How and where to celebrate a wedding anniversary?

Soon will come the anniversary of your wedding.I would like to somehow in a special way to celebrate this day.That he was different from the usual routine.But how to do it?What is to come up with a program of this day?Where to go?

What is important in the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding?

To start, determine how much you are willing to allocate to hold the event.Will it lush banquet with lots of guests, or you gonna call his closest friends and relatives, or you do want to celebrate this day together.

If you and your husband - the adherents of various traditions, something for you the following information :

  • anniversary, the number of years which is divided into four - necessary to emphasize fun;
  • anniversary, the number of years which is divided into seven - note unusual;
  • anniversary, the number of years which is divided into five, eleven, twenty-two and twenty-three - note the romantic;
  • anniversary, the number of years which is divided into fifteen, thirty, forty-five
    - it should be noted in the family circle.

Options celebrating wedding anniversaries

The most common, traditional version - a version as close to your wedding .The wife wears a dress in which she married, or any other evening gown.Husband simple evening dress.Invited guests, it is desirable that those were the people who were present at your wedding .You can invite a toastmaster and arrange fun contests.Take a tour of the places that are visited on a wedding cortege.Review the pictures if there is - that your wedding video .Place banquet depends on your preferences and capabilities.This could be your apartment, a small cafe, or a chic restaurant.

Another option celebrating a wedding anniversary - in nature .Gather close friends and relatives, fry the kebabs.It is useful to be a guitar and songs.

If you and your husband - romantic people you can meet anniversary of your wedding, boating .Well, if the place of skating you choose not to lively beach and secluded romantic spot.The mouth of a small river, on whose banks grow dense willow.

If you or someone you know has a cottage in a picturesque location, you can use it as a place of celebration .The table can be covered on the street, of course, if the weather permits.

If you are not sure that your imagination will be enough to entertain invited guests all day, you may want to think about how to invite to your holiday toastmaster .Think, perhaps, there is something about what you and your husband have long dreamed of, but could not decide?Or afraid to let?

Celebrating wedding anniversaries - time for the fulfillment of dreams!

For example, you can make unforgettable balloon flight !Just imagine the feeling of flying, wind in your face, so close to the clouds.And your long, sensual kiss!A truly magnificent experience.Incidentally, the balloon is allowed to present a maximum of four people, so if you wish, you can bring your two friends, for example those who were your witnesses at the wedding.Maybe if you're not together, so there will be no romance, but will be stunning photos in the sky!In flight even allowed to drink champagne!So that your trip will be even more solemn!

Numerous travel agencies that exist now offer a lot of leisure options.Among these proposals, there Wedding tours .The price of the tour includes your flight to another country, accommodation, and of course, wedding on the local customs .You can browse the Internet, the customs of which countries are most interesting to you.This and all kinds of riding on a golden carriage, with carrying out wedding celebration in a castle .And the bride and groom get oneself up in royal costumes!The festival in the mosque.Or the triumph of European customs, on the beach, with a beautifully decorated archway.Depending on the wishes and possibilities, you can fly alone or bring a guest.But be careful, in some countries, when a wedding party in the wedding hall allowed a maximum of five people!Find out all in advance!

travel agencies can order not only Wedding tour (just a few days), and a full tour including wedding celebrations .That is, after you pass wedding ceremony , according to the customs of the country that have chosen, you will follow the honeymoon.Even «first" wedding night in beautifully decorated rooms or bungalows, with the obligatory gift to the young - a bottle of champagne!

Well, if you are not tempted by the wedding ceremony, you can just go honeymoon !Arrange honeymoon.And finally, if you feel the urge, and think that they are ready - can be on the anniversary of your wedding to make wedding ceremony!To then, every year, to celebrate on the same date at once two events - the date of your wedding and wedding date!

Successful anniversary celebration!

Especially for - Vitalina

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