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How and where to hold a joint vacation?

you and your husband worked regularly for a year, and here it is on the way - your well-deserved vacation!He is not far off, but you still have not decided where to go the rest.Options - the mass.But what to choose?How to rest so to bring the holiday only positive emotions and impressions?

How to hold a joint vacation?

There are basic rules for those who sent in joint vacation .If you observe them, then everything will be fine, and the holiday you do not return rassorennye.

  • First of all, you have to leave the house all the quarrels, unsolved problems and troubles. Rest - not the place to clarify the relationship. If possible, solve all the problems before the trip, then on holiday you can just relax hundred percent.
  • In the two weeks that you and your husband at leisure, forget about saving .Because you relax.Maybe you can not afford to bail out, but the little things not worth saving.It is very spoils the mood.
  • give each other .If the spouse really wants to go diving - let him try.And y
    ou at this time peacefully lie on the beach, getting a tan stunning!After all, he is not obliged to want the same things that you want!
  • Allow yourself to sleep .Of course, you can select one day of vacation for you to get up before the sun and head to the beach to arrange a photo session for sunrise background .But the rest of the time, let the body relax.Get up at least an hour or two later how to get up normally.

  • On one or two days sharing your holiday you can split .Optionally, go to each other as tied, and the yawning boredom uninteresting to you at events.If the wife wanted to visit any tour , and you do not burn with the desire - let alone sent!And you take the time to visit the SPA-salon or buy souvenirs for friends.
  • To begin with, even before contact the travel company , decide the budget.Decide together how much you are willing to spend during holiday .But do not forget that in addition to the cost of the permit, you have to stay cash - about 25% of the tour price.
  • Think, Will you savages or contact your travel agent .Savages should go only if you are going to rest on the Russian or Ukrainian resorts.Just be prepared for the fact that at the station you will not meet.And you have to yourself, pass on the coastline, looking for a suitable private house.In most cases, the housing is cheaper than staying in a hotel.But if you have a spouse lovers of comfort - should contact the travel agency .All the concerns of the town, in this case, will fall on her shoulders.
  • Decide on the type of holiday .Will it be a beach option or leisure.Would you like lying on a deck chair, listening to the sound of the sea, or prefer to see the sights of another country ?Or maybe skiing?

If you have a spouse can not agree among themselves - where did go relax , can compromise, and spend half the holiday in one place and the other half - the other.

Do not try to plan an entire vacation to the minute.Suppose that you have time for impromptu.You do not care before arrival at your vacation destination, you do not know - where you want to go.

And be patient.You're no longer remain together for such a long time.And it is quite possible that there will be difficult at first.But remember - you're on vacation, and you should always be a great mood!

Where to hold a joint vacation?

First and foremost, of course, it depends on, how much you decide to allocate your budget on this trip.

Decide on the type of holiday.

  • If you are tired of the frantic pace of modern city, and want privacy, want to kilometers there was nobody around, you want to enjoy pristine nature - then welcome to Australia, New Guinea, Brazil, Bali or the Maldives .Snow-white sand like flour, clear blue sea, the cries of birds and ... anyone!The staff work like invisible!
  • If you are more attracted to the spouse beach vacation - then feel free to go to Italy, Spain, the Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates .See photos of these places on the Internet and decide that you look more attractive.Where do you see yourself already ?!
  • most inexpensive, low country for a holiday , according to experts, now - Poland, Bulgaria and Croatia.
  • If you want to relax, not only lain a vacation at the beach, but also to expand their knowledge, then you can go on excursions, admire the sights !For this purpose, as well as possible, suitable places such as Ukraine (Crimea), Abkhazia, Egypt, Czech Republic, Istanbul, and more!A bunch of impressions and photos sea you provided!

best to abandon these "tempting" offers travel agencies as "Weekend."Or tours that offer you a week to visit a dozen countries.Firstly, it is incredibly tedious, since most of the way you follow the bus.Second, too many memories, and their quick change - do not give a feeling of relaxation and comfort, but rather tiring.Imagine you're a holiday, as it were, to participate in the race.Here today, gone tomorrow - there. best to opt for any one country .

If you decide to turn to the tour operator , then carefully read the blacklists of travel agencies on the Internet.See all the reviews about them, especially those who went on the trip by a particular firm. Since now on the market there are many unscrupulous travel companies, the best way to protect yourself, and several times to double-check everything. After a poor holiday you quite possibly get a refund for unsuccessful ticket, but rest and time spent will not return one.And next vacation only a year later.Therefore, the question of choosing a tour operator , must be approached with the utmost seriousness!

Good luck the rest!

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