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What to give young wedding day?

Wedding - happy event for lovers couple - heroes of the occasion.About beautiful wedding every girl dreams of childhood.Luxuriant white dress, a sea of ​​flowers, next to a loved one ... and when it finally happens, the happy bride and groom on the day there is no one in the world.But before the celebration will take place, they have to spend more than one month to prepare for it.But whether future newlyweds are preparing for a wedding?Oh no!Hassle before the upcoming event is added at all.Even if you are just a guest star, it does not mean you have to only come on the appointed day at the appointed place.

The first and most important thing you need to do a wedding invitation - this, of course, choose a gift for the newlyweds.It would seem that could be easier?But no ... Wedding - a celebration is not quite a simple bouquet and cake will not get here ... But if when choosing a gift follow simple rules, believe me, you will never lose face.

business with pleasure in the present

One of the main rules - gift should be not only pleasant but also useful !For a young family just starting to establish a way of life, and this means you need a lot.You can, of course, give money - they are known, the best gift.Puts N-th sum in an envelope and hands it to a new unit of society!And only then they will decide for themselves what to spend donated funds.But not all young couples are able to plan the family budget.And not the fact that finance is provided by relatives and friends and thoroughly converted on their wedding night, go to the necessary things.This, of course, the case of Young, but still better to help them.Namely - to give something that sooner or later they would have to fork out.Here are a few gift ideas for the wedding.

«technical» rush

That certainly, necessary in everyday life - it's appliances .For example, TV. He presently not a luxury but a necessary thing, and allow it to itself may, in general, all.Even if the couple already available, a second, more "fancy" will be very useful!It takes place in the living room, master's, one that is simpler, will move, for example, in the bedroom or the kitchen.The second "box" will not only enjoy TV programs at breakfast and dinner, but also will protect newlyweds from the scandals that arise from divergent tastes in the choice of what to watch.And if the young are going to live with my parents, then at least there your gift will save a couple of scandals, even with the owners of the apartment.

Microwave, powerful, high-quality vacuum cleaner, washing machine or even just a coffee maker, blender - very useful ideas of gifts for .And if the price of the proposed items outside the scope of the planned amount, then team up with the guests, like you, and gave Brac joint gift.And yet, it is advisable to inquire about his choice as possible of all guests, lest matches.Consumer electronics - not the case when two similar things are helpful.

Gift for "special case»

Another good gift idea - dishes .But this is not pots and pans ... They, of course, necessary, but the wedding is better to present something more refined.For example, an expensive dinner service for 12 people.When the couple on holiday will put it on the table guests, not just you remember a kind word.Or the original utensils such as silverware, expensive crystal ... For every household utensils should be on a "special case."More

very helpful and pleasant gift will say, silk bedding .It will never be superfluous.Buy something in bright colors, nothing aggressive and specific, which may not fit into the interior of the bedroom.

journey into a dream

If you want to spend on a gift to the newlyweds a considerable sum of money, then pay them a honeymoon!A trip to the sea, or in some romantic city - Venice, Paris ... Wherever they want.If you have decided to arrange a surprise, it is not necessary to choose the tours, so as soon as people want to get married as soon as possible to spend more time together, rather than every two days to move to a new country or city.

More than a photo

less expensive, but also very impressive gift may offer to pay, for example, a wedding photographer.Arrange this with the Young in advance.Or, again, if you want to impress, give certificate for wedding photo shoot by renowned photographer .At Valentine's memory will not only photographs reflecting the course of the wedding, and portrait photos of themselves in the original interiors.They will appreciate!

In general, choose!Consider the tastes of the future spouses, their possible wishes, and possibly implemented.I wish you success and all the best!

Especially for - Olga Efremova