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Antibiotics in pregnancy - the truth

During pregnancy, any woman feels she should by all means to protect the unborn baby.And one of the evils which the expectant mother should be avoided in any way - this disease.A sick woman in the position can much more easily than one that is not expecting a baby.Because during pregnancy the body is very vulnerable .

At this point, even chronic diseases aggravated.And pohvatit virus in public transport - it's a breeze.Because that then have to be treated, possibly serious medicines that may badly affect the development of the fetus.One of these drugs is antibiotics.

antibiotics during pregnancy: benefit and harm

Antibiotics (anti - against, bios- life) - substances that kill the growth of bacteria and germs.Nonpregnant ill person, these funds are needed, for example, viral diseases.Another thing pregnant women - they really must not allow the emergence of SARS or OCR.And if you get sick, and then self-treatment during pregnancy and lactation should not be - all drugs are taken only after consulting

a doctor.

Doctors also in no hurry at every opportunity to prescribe antibiotics to pregnant women.The reason can serve as pyelonephritis - an inflammation of the kidney tissue, genital infections, pneumonia, cough, tuberculosis, sepsis, urinary tract infections and other serious diseases.

fact of pregnancy may be precedents when antibiotics are really needed.In such cases, young mothers do not have to hope and trust in the first case, caught the eye of the drug.

antibiotic acts differently on different types of microbes.It shares all drugs of this type for antibiotics with broad and narrow spectrum of action. first group rids the body of all the harmful organisms indiscriminately, and the second just choose.But both of these groups of drugs are not effective in certain diseases: flu, fever, inflammation, intestinal disorders.

as antibiotics affect the unborn child?

Medicines of this kind are unlikely to cause genetic or physical abnormalities, but they can easily provide what is called embryotoxic effect.This impairment of renal function, bookmark teeth, the effects of antibiotics can lead to the defeat of the auditory nerve.

Most antibiotics have an adverse effect on the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy, when there is a formation of a small body.Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics very low toxicity, but what is "low toxic"?The embryo is almost attacked by toxins, even if they are very "weak".So advice to young mothers who think that the whole world Gives Way to the pregnant woman: it is not.Any virus can get to you so quickly that you will not notice.And to avoid the most common infectious diseases with the desired minimum: no contact with patients, even if it is your family and watch what you eat and how to dress for the colder months.

What antibiotics can be taken during pregnancy?

as antibiotics affect the conception of the child?

There are situations where girls take medication, not knowing she was pregnant.Antibiotics from the left column, probably will not hurt, but the second group can make mischief, namely to provoke a miscarriage.In such cases, you should immediately stop using the tablet, after learning about the pregnancy, and wait.If abortion does not happen, the more fruit will likely develop normally.To confirm the health of the child should make analyzes.

not need to explain the basics of the behavior of pregnant girls in this period, they are fragile and vulnerable.Proper nutrition, regular walks and physical activities, further reading and forums - all this shoeing future mother, inform in those or other issues.We hope this article has helped and girls followers of antibiotics and strict medical treatment abandon hasty decisions.Remember: antibiotics - extreme measures.And even then you have to enter their doctor, not a mother or a friend.

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good health to all the girls, waiting for the kids.May you be born healthy and beautiful baby!

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