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Endometrial hyperplasia: Symptoms and Treatment

Female body is exposed to a variety of diseases that pose a threat to the future health, and not all of them can identify in a timely manner.Endometrial hyperplasia is one of these women's diseases do not manifest themselves at an early stage.

According to the medical definition of endometrial hyperplasia is a disease of the body of the uterus, in which the functional changes in the stroma and glands of the mucous membrane of the uterus. other words, there is excessive growth of the endometrium, leading to its significant thickening. Endometrial hyperplasia can cause severe illness and infertility.

Endometrial hyperplasia: Symptoms

The causes of endometrial hyperplasia may be high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes, obesity, genetic predisposition, inflammation of genitals or frequent abortions. All these diseases directly contribute to an excess of estrogen and progesterone lack (see article etrog food and Progesterone: the norm for women).

part of the development of endometrial hyp

erplasia comorbidities uterine fibroids, endometriosis, inflammatory processes in the genital organs of women that have fallen into the chronic form.

hyperplasia symptoms are lack of ovulation, the occurrence of uterine bleeding usually occurs after a delay of menstruation, menstrual disorders .Often there is a weakness, loss of appetite, dizziness.If you have more and more often there is a delay menstruation, bleeding or having regular sexual intercourse for a year in case of failure of contraceptive use there is no pregnancy, should immediately contact your gynecologist.

First aid for endometrial hyperplasia

First of all, you need to stop the bleeding arose.With moderate bleeding is usually used contraceptives, which contain little hormones.Just take these pills to another scheme.It can help use nettle broth, water pepper, attachment to the lower abdomen cold.Then you should immediately contact your doctor, because only a doctor can help in the treatment of this disease.

Endometrial hyperplasia: treatment

Treatment of endometrial hyperplasia is divided into several types :

  1. medication (pills, hormone injections, patches, intrauterine system Mirena),
  2. medication using traditional medicine,
  3. surgical (endometrial ablation) in more advanced cases.

Treatment in each case selected individually, taking into consideration the hormonal status, age, plan to become pregnant.

best approach to treatment is considered to be the union of surgical and medical treatments, do not superfluous to and use of herbal concoctions.After surgical cleansing appointed hormonal treatment, preventing recurrence and eliminate the causes.

Quite often, the process is carried out curettage or endometrial ablation.It endometrial ablation prevents its re-widening .Such treatments are usually offered to women who have menopause.As hormone replacement therapy for six months apply oral contraceptives.

Endometrial hyperplasia: types and prevention

Endometrial hyperplasia usually is of several types: glandular, glandulocystica, atypical, endometrial polyps.

as prevention of this disease process is applied to restore normal menstrual cycle, with the exception of psychological stress of everyday life, receiving hormonal drugs prescribed by a doctor.It can help traditional medicine.

After treatment, prevention of endometrial hyperplasia becomes necessary.Every six months, carried out a routine inspection at the gynecologist and do a pelvic ultrasound.If the patient can be administered as young receiving hormonal drugs that reduce the risk of endometrial cancer and hyperplasia.But the most important is timely access to a doctor if there spotting between menstrual periods.

Endometrial hyperplasia: treatment of folk remedies

Several recipes of traditional medicine that can help in the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia and significantly improve the patient's condition.

  • To prepare to help in the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia, take 200 grams of dry grass upland uterus and 1 liter of vodka.Fill in the grass and clean in a dark place.Stir infusion once a day.Take her 4 p.per day for 1 hour. L.3 months.
  • may also help the infusion of one of the grass shepherd's purse, the root of the coil and 2-piece root cinquefoil, sweet, nettle leaves and grass knotweed.2 tbsp.l.mixture to pour 2 cups of boiling water.Then boil for 5 minutes and let stand in a thermos for 1.5 hours. Take 3 p.a day for 30 minutes.before eating 0.5 cups.The first part of the course of a month, and then make a 10-day break, and months of treatment continues.

  • autumn or spring, you can collect the young burdock root, wash it, cut and dry.Then grind and take 1 tbsp.l.pour 300 ml of water.Simmer for 20 minutes under the lid closed.Then you need to decant the decoction and squeeze.Take 1/3 a half hour before meals 3 a day.The course of treatment lasts for 5 months.Usually treatment enough 2kg burdock root.

Endometrial hyperplasia - a condition that affects the uterus.Symptoms of the disease may occur late enough or not appear at all.If time to pay attention to the menstrual cycle, spotting between periods appearing and promptly see a doctor with endometrial hyperplasia can be managed to avoid such severe consequences, such as infertility.

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