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Urethritis in women: Symptoms and Treatment

Urethritis - inflammation that occurs in the walls of the urethra. This disease may show up in both women and men.

directly urethritis (as an independent disease) is more common in males.The women with inflammation of the urethra itself become more and inflammation of the bladder.As soon as you suspect at urethritis, do not hesitate to address to the doctor.This disease can be caused by bacteria and viruses, the activity of which could later lead to complications.

causes of urethritis

Depending on the origin of the disease classification is based.Urethritis can be specific and nonspecific.

  • specific urethritis , usually caused by infections, sexually transmitted diseases.These infections include herpes virus, gonococcus, Trichomonas and ureaplasma.Sometimes it can cause urethritis: gardnerella, chlamydia and mycoplasma.
  • By nonspecific urethritis include diseases resulting from the activities of pathogenic microflora, which is made up of streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli and various mushroo

The causes of urethritis in women

The causes of noninfectious urethritis may be injured urethra.Such injuries can be prepared for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.Furthermore, as urethritis may occur allergic reaction to certain substances.It is also a disease that can be a consequence of changes in metabolism in the body.

urethritis can be divided further into two groups: primary and secondary .In primary urethritis inflammatory process starts directly in the urethra, and the secondary urethritis is characterized by the fact that the focus of inflammation located in other organs.

The most common cause of urethritis can be called sexual contact with an infected person.Urethritis may occur in people who do not observe the rules of hygiene.This disease can be the result of kidney stones, as a stone, moving through the urethra, can leave scratches and other damage that can cause urethritis.In addition to these causes may be called as high physical activity, unstable or too sexually active, eating large amounts of salty, spicy, sour and pickled.

reason for the appearance of urethritis are many and they are often found.

symptoms of urethritis in women

Acute urethritis accompanied by pain, burning and itching in the beginning of a web of urination.From the opening of the urethra, tends to appear pus.A little later allocation terminated, reduced swelling and pain.In this state, the urine remains transparent, and may be visible only a few traces of pus in the form of filaments.It is often a symptom of acute urethritis are frequent posture to urinate , which are accompanied by pain.

The symptoms of urethritis

main manifestations of urethritis are painful urination, purulent discharge from the urethra, inflammation of the outer edges of the opening of the urethra and sticking.During the transfer of urethritis patients can feel stinging, burning, itching and general discomfort during urination.This purulent discharge from the urethra urethritis accompanied by no means always.Often this disease brings a discomfort when urinating.

Treatment of urethritis in women

In most cases, the treatment of this disease is antibiotics, which target it for destruction of the pathogen, which was identified in the analysis.Besides antimicrobials prescribed various medications to maintain immunity.If the patient is accompanied by cystitis urethritis, the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment.Among the procedures in this complex physiotherapy is required.

If the inspection diagnosed with chronic gonorrheal urethritis, appointed by local treatment.It consists in entering into the urethra antiseptics. During treatment of urethritis you frequently drink and strictly follow a diet.Timing of treatment of the disease varies from a few days to a few weeks.The duration of treatment depends on the extent of the disease and its stage.

Treatment of urethritis

Treatment of urethritis in general reduced to the solution of two problems .Firstly, it is necessary to eliminate the infection of the urethra.Secondly, the need to restore the channel wall after injury.The problem is solved by the elimination of microbes by using antibiotics.Which medication to use doctor will advise on the basis of the survey.In addition to antibiotics are usually prescribed vitamins and immunostimulants, which help prevent the occurrence of side effects of antibiotic treatment.

Folk remedies for the treatment of urethritis

Some folk remedies can also help to cope with urethritis.However, it is worth remembering that they make good use of in addition to medical treatment.

In order to complement the comprehensive treatment, can drink cranberry juice.It is also very useful when urethritis drink the infusion of black currant leaves, for the preparation that you need to fill 2 tbsp.boiling water 2-3 currant leaves.Take this decoction you need 2-3 times a day.In addition to leaves, suitable for the treatment of urethritis and black currant.Of them can make herbal teas, infusions and easy to eat fresh.

Folk remedies for the treatment of urethritis

You can also pour milk crushed parsley.Pour needed so that the parsley in the milk completely disappeared.The resulting mixture was put in a cool oven that heated with milk.Take this drug must be on 1-2 tbspevery hour.The day you should drink all means.

If you have noticed at least minor signs of urethritis, urgently contact the hospital .Remember that the people's money, of course, are good, but only as an assistant medical treatment.Necessary medications you may appoint a doctor.

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