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Treatment of mastitis in the home

Mastopatia - a disease that can occur in women of any age. Call mastopathy may abortion, mastitis, ovarian disease and menstrual disorders. Traditional medicine can offer many tools to help in mastopathy. However, it should be remembered that before cure any disease, you should consult your doctor.

Symptoms and Causes of mastitis

The causes of this disease Scientists have not yet been fully explored.However, among the studied sources, some still can be identified.The main cause of mastitis is the change in hormone levels.It may be their reduction or enhancement.Moreover, this applies not only to sex hormones, but also thyroid hormones.Such changes include hormones and thyroid hormones may be caused by diseases of the ovaries, thyroid, liver, and the endocrine system.

The possibility of mastitis exists for the disease diabetes.Furthermore, the risk of mastitis increases with increasing amounts of stress.In the past, this disease is even called the "hysterical tumor."The risk increases as stress

and other nervous disorders adversely affect the endocrine and reproductive system.These processes may be cause breast disease.

order not to receive breast, women need to protect their breasts from injury, because they, too, can be the cause of the disease.Many scientists, by the way, consider the trauma and breast surgery.

Mastopatia is not immediately .Sometimes the symptoms of this disease are hidden and do not find themselves quite a while.The main symptoms of mastitis may be breast pain (due to menstruation), and the seal may appear in the mammary glands.Seals caused mastopathy can be single, clearly palpable and diffuse multiple and small in size.

This disease is not dangerous for our lives, but has a significant influence on its quality.You should not be considered a precancerous condition mastopathy.Despite the fact that these diseases are similar symptoms, they are nothing to each other are not connected.Another similarity between mastopathy and breast cancer - a common risk factors.

mastitis Treatment folk remedies

  • Tincture of walnut walls. For its preparation you need partition of twenty to twenty-five walnuts.Partitions must be filled with seventy percent alcohol, which would require one hundred milliliters.Insist means necessary in a sealed bottle for ten days, with a bottle placed in a dark place.While the facility will insist it must be periodically shaken.Infusion must take 15-20 drops, dissolved in 50 ml of water.This should be done three times a day, half an hour before a meal.The course of treatment is two months tinctures.The treatment consists of three or four cycles.Storing means are needed in a dark place at room temperature.In the application of this tincture pain may worsen or appear (if you did not have them).There is nothing wrong, it is likely to occur tumor resolution. Tincture of walnut walls - one of the most effective means to combat mastopathy at home.

  • Herbal for the treatment of mastitis in the home. To prepare herbal, you will need half of the stigmas of corn and one part horsetail, yarrow, and Juniper.All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.One cup of boiling water is necessary to pour a tablespoon of prepared collection.Insist means necessary in half an hour.Take the popular medicine to be three times a day, one-third of the glass.Course duration - three months.
  • cinquefoil tincture for the treatment of mastitis in the home. to create this infusion, you will need the roots and stems of cinquefoil.75 g of roots and stems of this plant must be filled with vodka in the amount of seven hundred and fifty grams.Insist means necessary in a dark place, while carefully shaking periodically.The duration of infusion - twenty-one days.The resulting infusion is necessary to use one tablespoon, previously diluted in 50 g of water.Receiving means necessary before a meal three times a day.Two courses of treatment recommended in winter.
  • compress clover tincture for the treatment of mastitis. To prepare the infusion, you will need two tablespoons clover flowers.Fill them with a glass of vodka and leave for ten days.After the infusion is ready, you can use it to compress.Wet the cloth in the infusion, attach it to the patient chest and hold for a while.
  • compress oak during mastitis. This tool is made from oak bark, will help you get rid of the tumor.First you need to prepare a decoction.Take one tablespoon of oak bark, and fill it with water in an amount of five hundred milliliters.Means need to boil about half an hour.Then add the broth a tablespoon of salt.Soak a towel in a warm broth and apply on the chest.Keep a need to compress for two hours.To enhance the effect, the zone where is necessary to compress wrap.Repeat the procedure must be morning and evening.

Traditional methods can be quite effective, including the treatment of mastitis.However, before using this or other means, it is necessary to consult a doctor-mammalogy. Only a doctor can prescribe you an adequate degree of treatment for your condition.

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