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Djufaston during pregnancy: reviews

Sometimes, become pregnant, the woman faces the challenge of keeping the fetus and often doctors prescribe the drug Duphaston that you should take up to 20 weeks of pregnancy every day to reduce the risk of miscarriage .He is responsible for the increase of the hormone progesterone in a woman's body and helps to correct the pregnancy, but many women are experiencing, will not affect whether the drug on the baby's health.As you know, the reception of any drugs during pregnancy is extremely undesirable.

To get more information about Duphaston study the responses of women who took it, only if you can figure out how best to proceed.

Djufaston during pregnancy

drink Do Djufaston: reviews

  • Cristina: "Social Djufaston 1 tablet morning and evening for 11 weeks.I suffer from headaches, drowsiness and nausea.I do not know, maybe it's the side effects of the drug, but the doctor does not say anything. "
  • Elena "Duphaston is usually prescribed with the threat of miscarriage is also a progesterone suppositories, less side effects.B
    ut if you decide to quit, you should not do it drastically. "
  • Anna: "I took Djufaston, addressed to the doctor and decided to consult more with others.All 5 doctors told to drink up to 17 weeks.So I did not dare to engage in self and continued to drink. "

Djufaston during pregnancy: negative feedback

  • Olga: "I am categorically against duphaston, because for some reason the instruction in Russian is no mention of its side properties.It is not prescribed in the US and Europe, and we have appointed all, even without analysis. "
  • Elina "Djufaston general shall issue at the antenatal clinic for free, since it is part of the free drugs.I refused to drink during pregnancy because of the fact that this hormone.As doctors say, to become pregnant while taking hormonal contraceptives is not desirable, and accept, so the hormone can be?My mother in law and sister working gynecologists and both strongly opposed his appointment.Harm duphaston inconclusive, but it was banned in Europe, probably not so easy. "

Djufaston during pregnancy: negative reviews

  • Oksana: "I believe that once Djufaston increases the amount of hormones in your body, you should take it with caution.My uncle and aunt - the doctors, and they are strongly against its admission. "
  • Svetlana: "The instructions duphaston, which is sold in Australia, it was not possible harm to the fetus.So think of it, accept it or not worth it. "
  • Xenia: "I think it's better to drink Utrozhestan it more gently affect the health of mother and child.Ask your doctor, maybe he will approve this choice. "

Djufaston during pregnancy: positive feedback

  • Elena: "I took Djufaston every day up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, and no side effects were noticed."
  • Marina: "I saw these pills before 17 weeks and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.Now he is 9 years old.He is fully developed and the Excellent School.So do not get too close to take to heart the negative reviews.Are doctors willing to evil, assigning this drug? ".
  • Alice: "I saw Djufaston starting from second week and finished at 13. All right, gave birth to a healthy baby."
  • Irina "I Djufaston not caused any complaints.Now, a small miracle delights us with her husband every day. "
  • Pauline: "I believe that we should not pay attention to the opinion of the readers who are against duphaston.More than the body needs hormones do not accumulate, and their lack of it can cause miscarriage, so you should think about before making a decision on their own - to drink or not to drink Djufaston.If you do not trust your doctor, it is better to change than to risk giving up the drug on the basis of someone else's advice. "
  • Alexander: "I would like to say to all opponents duphaston.In my case, I would not have had any children, if not Djufaston first pregnancy.I have never had health problems and what caused the lack of progesterone in early pregnancy is unknown, but thanks to Duphaston, I have great kids, which is what all desire. "

Djufaston during pregnancy: positive reviews

  • Tatiana: "I live in the United States.I Djufaston designate did not, so I began to take it myself.I saw to 20 weeks, and the next ultrasound the threat of miscarriage is gone.Now my kid running around me and laughs, and, according to doctors, could be a miscarriage.Therefore, without duphaston some women and children had not been ».
  • Valeria: "I believe that if there is a chance to help save a child, you can drink and Djufaston, the more the drug for more than 30 years, and now it is more secure than before."
  • Alla: "I believe that any drugs are harmful, but their benefits are outweighed by the damage and it is written in any manual.If Djufaston helps to keep the child, it is worth taking it.Vitamins, however, also administered during pregnancy and they are also made artificially, so do not think that Djufaston harmful if taken in the right doses and by prescription.Moreover, this same hormone produced by the body, just in some moments it is so small that you can not bear a child, and therefore appointed him to save the baby. "
  • Natalya: "I saw the first half of pregnancy Duphaston, because there was a risk of miscarriage.In the second half appointed more sparing Utrozhestan. Djufaston right for the first half of pregnancy .You can not drink it and throw yourself, so I took out a full-term healthy baby. "

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during pregnancy should be treated with special attention to health, and if there is a threat of losing the baby, make sure you follow your doctor's recommendations.In an extreme case, if you are still afraid to take Duphaston, consult another specialist to make an informed decision. But remember Djufaston not be taken alone and unchecked, and especially throwing technique, only that you have read something on the forums.You are responsible for yourself and the future baby, so without the help of a physician do not take any important decisions.

We advise you to pay attention to useful information about drugs and their effects on pregnant women in the category Treatment during pregnancy.Be healthy!

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