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Endometriosis Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment folk remedies

women in the world today are subject to many ills.Nobody knows, of what exactly they come from, so to write off all the nerves and the wrong way of life.Of particular headache women deliver women's diseases.These include endometriosis, uterine .About him, about his symptoms and treatment will be discussed in this article.

What is endometriosis, uterus?

Endometriosis uterine - this disease lies in the intensive nonspecific growth of endometrial cells.This layer lines the inner surface of the uterus.Cells as endometrial disease grow beyond it.

incidence of the disease among other ailments of women is a small percentage (about 10%).The causes of many diseases.And doctors often difficult to identify the root cause of endometriosis uterus in certain women.

Endometriosis Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment folk remedies

The causes of endometriosis uterus

  1. Heredity;
  2. inflammatory diseases of female genital mutilation;
  3. abortion;
  4. hormonal disruptions;
  5. surgeries related to female genital mutilation;
  6. iron deficiency;
  7. weakened immune system;
  8. environmental factor;
  9. overweight;
  10. liver disease;
  11. wearing an intrauterine device.

These reasons are the most common reasons that cause endometriosis cancer.

Symptoms of endometriosis uterus

The symptoms of this disease are many.However, they can not have a woman to appear, and the other - occur together, and so pronounced that need urgent help.

Endometriosis Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment folk remedies

Here are the most common symptoms of endometriosis in women uterus:

  • pain in the abdomen and in the lumbar region. They may be aching, pulling, of varying intensity.During menstruation pain intensified, and strong.Pain may also occur after a bowel movement in the rectal area.Sexual intercourse also delivers pain.
  • menstruations.Patients women often appear before menstruation spotting.The duration of menstruation is increased.
  • Infertility. The worst symptom.Often a woman can not get pregnant because she had endometriosis, uterus occurs hidden and asymptomatic for a long time.The woman begins to infertility treatment and it turns out that she has endometriosis, uterus.On why you can not conceive a child, read the article Why can not I get pregnant ?.
  • illness, intoxication. There may occur nausea, vomiting, weakness, chills, increased body temperature.Women are better pass tests.However, increased white blood cell count and increased ESR may not only be due to endometriosis uterus.

If you encounter one of the symptoms women should consult a competent gynecologist.It is particularly important to monitor the woman at the profusion and duration of menstruation.In endometriosis uterus are longer and more abundant.Additional blood loss is very bad for overall health.

treatment of endometriosis uterus folk remedies

In folk medicine, there are many recipes for the treatment of gynecological disorders, including endometriosis and uterine.Consider some of the most common ones.

  • Treatment of cucumber lashes. Collect and posushite cucumber lashes.100 g of dry stalks pour 1 liter of water.Soak in water bath brew.Boil on the fire and hold a further 5 minutes.Leave to infuse.This broth to drink half a cup 2-3 times a day.
  • Treatment Borovoy of the uterus. Borovoy of the uterus - a medicinal plant, used for many female diseases.For the treatment of endometriosis uterus is the infusion of this plant.1 tbspdry grass on a half-liter of water.Put in a water bath for 15 minutes.Let it brew.Apply a third infusion at a time.Drink it takes three times a day.The course of treatment is three weeks.
  • Herbal treatment of hops and wormwood. 2 tbsp.l.a mixture of horsetail and 2 tbsp.l.Artemisia half a liter of water.Boil for 3 min., Boil 3 minutes.Pour into a thermos.After three hours you can drink.The course of a month and a half.Drink the broth should be for half an hour before meals three times a day.
  • Treatment decoction of herbs. 1 tspmother and stepmother, 2 tsp buckthorn bark, 1 tsphorsetail, 1 tspnettle, 1 tspthyme, 1 tsprhizome, 1 tspSt. John's wort.Fill in all 3 cups of boiling water.Let sit for half an hour in the heat.You can wrap the container in a warm towel.Take 3 times a day for polstakanchika.

Endometriosis Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment folk remedies

  • Treatment decoction viburnum. 1 tbsp.l.Viburnum flowers per cup of boiling water.Boil for 10 minutes.Cool.Eat three times a day for 3 tablespoons.l.
  • Treatment decoction of hypericum. 1 tbsp.l.St. John's wort, pour a glass of boiling water.Bring to boil.Infuse.Cool and take three times a day for half a glass half.
  • Treatment of root extract of barberry. 2 tbsp.l.barberry root pour half a liter of boiling water.During the day, drink a full glass (with a few tricks!).

During the treatment of endometriosis uterus abstain from alcohol and smoking.Smoking stimulates growth of the endometrium, and alcohol also contributes to this.From food choose foods of plant origin .Meat food aggravates the condition hinders the effectiveness of treatment.Sugar and sweets must also be limited.

See also: treatment of uterine fibroids folk remedies.

Endometriosis uterine - female unpleasant disease, which necessarily should be treated as soon as you tap.The diagnosis can put a qualified specialist.But the treatment - it's on your conscience.You can try the methods of traditional medicine.But if there is no improvement for a long time, it is best to seek medical advice.

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