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Late morning sickness during pregnancy

All couples planning a pregnancy, it is known that a woman waiting for a child can be a toxicosis.Often toxicosis occurs early in pregnancy, and it is an indicator of pregnancy.First toxicosis is not dangerous for the mother and her child.

There toxemia occurring in the second half of pregnancy. toxicosis second half of pregnancy can be attributed to the risk factors .Therefore, it requires special attention from the doctors.The risk of late toxicosis is largely hidden, as obvious manifestations of toxicity (nausea, vomiting) may be absent in some women.But it does not mean that all the order contrary, is a pathological process.

Diagnostics late toxicosis

How to late toxicosis during pregnancy?The diagnosis of late toxicosis is made by examination of a pregnant.Doctors routinely prescribe laboratory tests of blood and urine tests.If necessary, the appointed even more tests to clarify the diagnosis.Pregnant women should not skip checkups gynecologist, do not also abandon the delivery of analyzes

and various studies are prescribed by a doctor.

danger of late toxicosis is violations of water-salt metabolism in the body of a pregnant woman. Late toxicosis may lead to fetal hypoxia (read about it in the article of fetal hypoxia: diagnosis and treatment).It may worsen the nervous system of the child.If

late toxicosis occurs in severe form, there is a risk of artificial premature birth.In extreme cases, doctors do not save lives, and the baby and his mother.Again, it is important to listen carefully and follow all recommendations of an experienced specialist.

signs of late toxicosis

How to recognize in his late toxicosis? toxicosis in late pregnancy is accompanied by excruciating thirst and a small volume of urine. There is fluid retention in the body.If a pregnant woman realizes that she goes to the toilet a little compared to the amount of liquid that drinks per day - this is the first sign of late toxicosis.

Against this background, there swelling . In the analysis of urine - increased content of the protein, suggesting violation of the kidneys .

More serious signs of late toxicosis:

  • high blood pressure;
  • headache;
  • violation of the kidneys, liver, heart and lung;
  • disorders of the brain;
  • heart failure;
  • brain hemorrhage.

When these symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.Often a pregnant woman to write off all on his naughty kid, but acute pain is not tolerated.They can lead to the fact that neither your child, or you will not see each other.Of course, thinking about the poor do not have to, because pregnant women can not be nervous.It must be time to see a doctor for a consultation, examination and treatment assignment.

Reasons late toxicosis

many pregnant interested in the question: ¬ęBecause of what my late toxicosis, what caused it?". Doctors isolated following causes of late toxicosis:

  • disruptions of the endocrine system;
  • previous abortions;
  • heredity;
  • rejection of fetal maternal organism (abnormal immune response);
  • women age 18 and after 35;
  • presence of serious chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes);
  • stress, tension, emotions;
  • lack of sleep;
  • pregnancy within 2 years after the birth of a previous child;
  • large fruit or multiple pregnancy;
  • transfer of SARS during pregnancy.

These are the main causes of morning sickness in the late stages.Physicians in the survey may call you and the other, the cause of morning sickness from you.However, no mother does not want to expose the health of the unborn baby at risk.Therefore important to prevent the development of late toxicosis.

Prevention of late toxicosis

Of course, if the mother wants a healthy child, she still takes care of himself in his youth, protects their health.It depends on the health of mothers initial development of the child.For a kid my mother - "the first house" and all the "problem house" effect on its residents.

  • Expectant mother need to lead a healthy lifestyle .
  • important together with the Pope planned pregnancy .
  • before conception mum should treat all their ills .All chronic diseases are discussed with a gynecologist or general practitioner.The doctor makes recommendations.If you want to examine a woman in the hospital.
  • Mom and Dad would be good to pass all the tests before conceiving a baby.This will help to avoid unnecessary treatment mothers during pregnancy.
  • pregnant should dress well in cold weather to avoid freezing.It should also protect themselves from viral infections (ARI, etc.).
  • To maintain immunity expectant mother need to be happy, not nervous , do not worry about trifles.My husband and close people should protect pregnant and nerves surrounding it with love.

  • pregnancy to maintain their health and future of the baby, it is important to eat properly and balanced. necessary to use more milk and dairy products, as well as vegetables, fruit and other natural products.
  • Women, remember that the best age for pregnancy planning - from 20 to 35 years.Anything outside of that is fraught with problems.Suppose they did not appear at all, but whether or not to risk?

learn how to help yourself during toxicosis, read the article How to cope with toxemia during pregnancy ?.

Given all the recommendations in this article, you will avoid the occurrence of late toxicity.If this is unavoidable - at least alleviate its symptoms, alleviate or eliminate the consequences of following the recommendations of an experienced gynecologist.

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