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Curantil during pregnancy: reviews

is well known that during pregnancy a woman should carefully monitor their health and the health of her fetus.The basis of this concern are: proper nutrition, walking outdoors, protect your body from injury or damage.A large negative impact on the mother and fetus have a different kind of intoxication.They can be caused by smoking, drugs, alcohol and medicines.That's why pregnant women should carefully choose drugs at any ailments.

However, sometimes supplementation is a must.Normally, if the expectant mother receives any complications of pregnancy, doctors prescribe it Glockenspiel.

What Curantil?

This preparation often produced in the form of pills or tablets, weighing 25 and 75 mg.The main active ingredient of this medicine is dipyridamole.Besides treating substance Courant each tablet contains magnesium carbonate and stearate, corn starch, lactose, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate and other substances.The action of this drug is aimed at the improvement of blood microcirculation .In addition, this drug is an indicator of interferon synthesis.Thus, it can affect the production of the substance, in connection with which Curantil often prescribed for colds.

Application chimes during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy, this drug is prescribed to prevent intrauterine hypoxia.
  • In addition, the drug is prescribed for those who have observed various complications of pregnancy.This is necessary in order to remove or reduce the risk of placental insufficiency.
  • Curantil also used the threat of the emergence of arterial or venous thrombosis, which may occur after surgeries.
  • drug will be appointed and the people who have problems with blood circulation.
  • medicine affects fetal growth and development, preventing possible delays these processes.These problems may occur because of the presence of placental insufficiency.
  • Many doctors say Curantil prevent the possibility of injury the baby during childbirth. Doctors often prescribe this medication because they believe that it contributes to the proper development of the child.

dosage of the drug during pregnancy, usually one tablet three times a day.It is recommended to receive funds before meals with a little water.Can not crack the tablet.It is very important during treatment not afford to drink coffee and tea.Substances contained in these drinks, considerably reduce the action of the drug.Increases Activity Courant ordinary aspirin.

Reviews reception chimes during pregnancy

No matter how good show at first sight given the drug, reviews about it too controversial. Many mothers already wary of the fact that the drug is assigned "from all the problems."Moreover, it is recommended one to deal with serious illnesses, such as placental insufficiency, while others - like vitamin to improve circulation.

Many, especially expectant mothers skeptical, believe that such a massive use of the drug due to its advertising and hospitals with the manufacturers of the drug.However, the drug and gets good reviews.Accepted Curantil women say that their generations gone well, and the child was born strong and healthy.

Council, which give women take Courant is that need to take the drug with a break .That is, you are taking medication for twenty-one days, and then doing the same for the duration of the break and then, if necessary, can continue to use the drug.If the break is not done, the number of platelets in the blood decreases dramatically.These effects are then very difficult to restore to normal.We'll have to take a special course of treatment.

Curantil: n rotivopokazaniya

  • This drug is not recommended for use in atherosclerosis, acute myocardial infarction, renal failure, hypotension, a tendency to frequent bleeding.
  • contraindication is allergic to any component of the drug.
  • is not recommended during pregnancy to make their own Glockenspiel.The drug should be administered a physician if necessary.

Curantil must be purchased only by prescription. during pregnancy should be treated like any other drugs.In no case do not self-medicate.Be reasonable.Save your health and your baby's health.

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