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The basal temperature during ovulation

Currently gynecologists use a method such as the measurement of basal body temperature, that is the definition of temperature in direct kishke.Eta procedure allows women to learn about the state of the reproductive system, the opportunities and challenges associated with the conception of the child.

Why measure the basal temperature?

measurement of basal body temperature is recommended in cases where there is suspicion of infertility.More temperature measurement is recommended before pregnancy and during it.

Basal body temperature is measured in the rectum, mouth or vagina. measurement of basal body temperature is necessary for the woman to calculate those days that you can get pregnant, and vice versa .

woman's menstrual cycle is the number of phases: follicular, ovulatory and luteal.From the onset of menstruation every phase depends on hormone levels of women.Along with the change in hormonal changes and basal body temperature.

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ction of basal body temperature.

rules of measurement of basal body temperature during ovulation

To accurately calculate the day of ovulation, it is necessary in the same time in the morning immediately after waking measure the basal temperature.Best of all basal temperature during ovulation measured in the anus, these measurements give a more accurate reading.

deviations from the correct temperature measurement can only occur because of illness, when the temperature of the entire body as a whole increased if prior to measurement you take alcohol, drugs.

based on the temperature, you got up calendar.Each day the temperature you measured is entered in the calendar.At the beginning of cycle temperature is generally kept near 36.0-36.5 and after ovulation - 37. Basal temperature decreases in average 12-24 hours prior to ovulation and ovulation after it rises within 1-2 days on average 0.2-0.5 degrees.This is the result of the hormone progesterone, which generates heat.

Learn exactly ovulation can analyze your calendar temperatures.Somewhere in the 12-16 day exits from the ovary mature egg.

Causes of error in the measurement of basal body temperature

In some cases, the measurement of basal body temperature will not be able to help determine the day of ovulation.Usually measuring this temperature may affect the disease or overwork, which raise the temperature of the entire body, as well as shortly before use large amounts of alcohol.A bad night's sleep, which lasted less than 6 hours, the reception of some medicines may also affect the accuracy of measurement of basal body temperature.

To avoid mistakes, make a calendar and make it every day the value of basal body temperature.The first half of the cycle is characterized by a temperature range from 36.6 to 36,90S after the last ovulation the temperature rises to 370C or higher.

to learn in advance about ovulation, carefully observe and analyze the chart.Even a slight decrease in temperature of about 13-16 hours to announce in the coming hours the ovary of mature egg.

Thus, with regular measurement of basal body temperature during ovulation in women increases the chances of getting pregnant. Calendar shows the presence of gynecological problems and whether there is in general at the woman's ovulation.These measurements will help to make an accurate prediction of the impending ovulation and the day, the most successful for conception.

This is the most basic rules of the basal body temperature during ovulation, you should know any woman.

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