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Preparations in menopause

Climax - is genetically laid down a transitional period, the final phase of reproduction in both women and men. causes of menopause are mainly organism physiological changes.Each person climax comes purely individual.His attack is influenced by many factors, both external (bad environment, unhealthy lifestyle, etc.) and internal (genetic predisposition, stress, etc.)

symptoms of menopause in men manifested especially individually.The symptoms of menopause in women are very similar in all women.

And how to treat menopause?How to ease the transition from the reproductive period of life in old age?

drugs for women during menopause

The most common treatment for menopause in women is hormone replacement therapy. essence therapy to replace missing hormones women .For this natural hormones synthesized replenished.This special preparations which can be used in the form of gels, capsules, tablets and even adhesives.

proceed to use these drugs a few years after the last menstrual period.That is j

ust in time to menopause in women, these drugs are ineffective.

duration of treatment drugs and hormones dosage appoint a doctor.The physician should approach the issue of treatment with hormone replacement therapy especially individually.

replenished with synthetic hormones, and the woman feels better. However, these drugs have contraindications. never experienced physician prescribe drugs in this group women with cancer of the uterus, breast or ovarian cancer. for kidney, liver, diabetes and other treatment chosen.To do this, fit phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens - plant hormones.These are natural substances that are similar in composition to human estrogen.It is not synthetic drugs in the former case.Therefore, these drugs have no contraindications.However, the effectiveness of such drugs is much lower than with hormone-replacement therapy.Will help enhance the effect of the use of plant food in large quantities and on a regular basis.

Doctors women during menopause are also prescribed complex vitamins .From them, should not be abandoned, because they are necessary for the overall strengthening of the female body.

common drugs during menopause in women are : Remens, Estrovel, Klimadinon, Femivell, vitamin complex Menopause and others.But they are prescribed by a doctor, so contact them for advice.He will pick up the drug for you.

drugs in menopause for men

drugs in menopause for men aimed at improving and replenishing vitality, psychological and emotional and reproductive functions (of the signs and manifestations of menopause in men, see the article Symptoms of menopause in men).Doctors believe that male youth may extend.So now there are many products in menopause for men.

drugs prescribed by the doctor.Most often it is complex therapy . These include individual and group psychotherapy, sedative, tranquilizing drugs sometimes and nootropics, phosphorus preparations, preparations to improve the central nervous system, etc.

For men, it is important to cure the possible accompanying illnesses .Therefore, in the complex therapy and drugs are hypertension, diabetes, and so on. D.

It is important to minimize the weight .That is, men need to lose weight to the value of the individual standards.The doctor will advise to get rid of bad habits, to introduce the regime of the day and become a follower of a healthy diet and lifestyle.To normalize the autonomic changes appointed Wegetotropona funds .

Hormone is one of the most important in the treatment of male menopause.Products containing synthetic hormones appoint a doctor.Independently take them.Without consulting a doctor, is not recommended.Because before the treatment the doctor prescribes a patient to be examined and pass the necessary tests.Only after that is assigned to combined therapy and hormonal treatments.In addition, it is important to know that hormones have a number of contraindications and are not suitable for all men.

to stimulate sexual activity and to improve the emotional background used multivitamin complexes .Distributed in menopause biostimulants and drugs that improve tissue metabolism.

sometimes easier to delay the menopause than cure .Therefore, prevention is important menopause for men.Healthy lifestyle, absence of bad habits, regular sexual life with a constant partner, quality food - a pledge of long sexual activity a good general state of health. important harmony in the marital relationship, it is a favorable effect on the emotional factor and nervous system in general.

At the age of 40-45 years, men should protect themselves from excessive exercise, plenty of rest, but not passive, but active.It is desirable to have a hobby with his wife, for example, skiing, hiking, biking.

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man and a woman invariably susceptible to climate change his life.Facilitate and get rid of their unwanted effects will help to pick up a preparation. For this assistance should apply to the competent expert.He will pick up treatment and prescribe drugs that are suitable for you.

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