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Cream of stretch marks for pregnant women

pregnant woman very happy when she starts growing tummy.So for all it becomes a long-awaited child, she begins to feel and represent himself mom.However, pregnant women often hear about unwanted stretch marks, which are formed precisely in a period of growth happy tummy.

Stretching during pregnancy

Stretch marks are caused, of course, the growth of the baby in the abdomen, as well as the fact that a future mother come all sorts of changes. Streamers fraught body changes .After birth, they remain in the abdomen unsightly scars do not tan in the sun, staying white, and very spoiled mood and self-esteem of women during summer trips to the beach.

Streamers are often inherited from generation to generation .After all, women have probably heard of already given birth that they have little or no stretch marks, or they are not very noticeable, although by any means against stretch marks are not used.However, this does not mean that if your mother was not stretch, then they will not be yours. better to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks using tools against them now, when the stomach has just started to grow.

Cream of stretch marks during pregnancy

most effective means of stretch marks are, in the opinion of many women, the cream .Gynecologists, therapists and other professionals developed special cream for stretch marks. Their current produces a multitude of companies.They vary according to various indicators, the effectiveness, cost, but their essence is one - they prevent the formation of stretch marks.

during pregnancy increases not only the stomach, but also the chest.Therefore extensions are not only on the abdomen, but also on the chest. However, problems such as stretch marks on the abdomen, they do not cause women.Most stretch marks on breasts are hidden from others, they see only the woman and her husband.But this is not like a woman, because she wants to remain attractive to her husband.

Creams of stretching depending on the destination

of stretch marks on the abdomen and chest do not deliver the same cream.Because stretch marks cream specialized.

  • The cream of stretch marks on the stomach contains special vegetable oils, vegetable proteins and other natural ingredients that help the skin more effectively stretching .They make the skin supple, preventing hey roughly torn and ugly form "scars".

  • the cream of stretch marks on his chest, in addition to tensile substances are hypoallergenic substances .After breast skin is more sensitive compared to the skin of the abdomen.

Recommendations for the use of stretch marks cream

Pregnant women, who for the first time faced with problems of stretch marks, there is a lot of questions.

  • When to use a cream for stretch marks? need for a cream for stretch marks arise from the moment of growth of the abdomen, usually it's the end of the third month.
  • How to use a cream for stretch marks? With cream for stretch marks you will be offered instruction.It is written and how to use the cream.Typically, stretch marks cream is applied to the stomach (chest, etc.) twice daily in sufficient quantities.It is advisable to apply the cream to clean skin, immediately after taking a shower.Rub the cream should be gently and carefully, massaging problem areas.
  • How to choose the right cream for stretch marks? do not compromise on the health of the unborn baby, choosing a cheap cream for stretch marks on the abdomen. Carefully read the cream before buying .It should contain natural ingredients such as vitamins (required vitamin E), natural vegetable oils (shea butter and jojoba oil), unsaturated fatty acids, collagen, amino acids . on cream should be obligatory note that this cream is designed for use during pregnancy .It should be spelled out in the manual.In addition, during pregnancy the woman is very sensitive to smells.Even on pleasant she could get a headache and a feeling of nausea.Therefore choose unscented cream . cream should be well absorbed into the skin and not leave after using the greasy stains on clothes.

Even if the pregnancy is you have no overt signs of toxicity, better to choose hypoallergenic cream. Buy cream brands tested only in specialized stores. Do not make it through a friend, buy a cream with it.It is highly probable that you will get fake. If possible, ask the seller probe cream.So you can test the reaction of the organism to the cream and do not buy what you do not fit.

In modern medicine and pharmacy, there are many tools that allow a pregnant woman to stay after childbirth as attractive as before.Creams of different types of stretching (in the stomach, chest, etc.), there are many.It remains only to approach the issue of choice of the cream.

not always foreign brands of creams for stretch marks surpass domestic .However, their quality is high.The most important thing when choosing a cream - give preference to natural and hypoallergenic agents.

Take care of your form after giving birth right now, since the prevention of and the fight against stretch marks with a special cream.

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