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How to make a thin person?

If you can call a woman in the body, but you really want to make your face thinner, the only true solution to the problem, of course, lose weight or to perform special exercises!But visually make your face thin help a few important things - this hairstyle, and makeup, and jewelry.

How to make thin face: facial massage and aerobics

doing aerobics need to face the mirror.For this pre-Spread problem areas on the face cream - it is well moisturize the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles during charging, which is important.

Face aerobics beautifully enhances muscle tone , so deal with it should be lean and personages, but only once a day, but the owners of the total people - twice a day.

There exercises that constrict and raise broad face , a thin one - a good help to keep on our toes sides.

How to make a thin face: facial massage and aerobics

Quick exercises for weight loss can be the person to do both at home and in the office:

  • Move jaw.Zaprokinte head back and chin pull forward and try to grab the lower lip upper.
  • lowered his head down, hook at the back hand and lift his head with force.
  • Turn your head to the right place on the palm of the left cheek, turn your head to the left, with the palm Prove resistance.Vocabulary make 5 times in each direction.
  • somknite teeth.Lower lip a little pull down corners of the mouth drooping, very tense neck muscles relax.
  • Support the chin with his fist.Lower the head with force and stir themselves his hand.Movement can be anything: down, sideways, upwards.

Want to quickly "lose face", do these exercises 2 times a day.

Good promotes weight loss and facial massage chin .However, it must be done regularly.Extend a face towel, making Clap movement chin.Take it for about 2 minutes.Massage is useful to do when washing and towel is desirable to pre-moisten herbal teas.

How to make a thin face, using make-up?

  • visually make the face look thin can be using the right makeup .Your mates will be in the rouge and powder skulpturiruyuschaya.Using blush nothing complicated: they just need to put on the cheekbones.With regard skulpturiruyuschey powder, it should be put under the cheekbones (note: not "apples"!).

How to make a thin face, using make-up?

  • choice is important and tone cosmetics .Powder choose cool brown tones, and most importantly - it should be dull.In no case do not flicker!But the use of warm blush tones, neutral fit very well.Your face should look fresh and natural.
  • Another point - blush and lipstick (or shine - depending on what you use most often) should be self-colored , a "temperature".
  • emphasis in the make-up to do in front of .If you are small, you can "get lost" in full face, and therefore, they should be allocated or shadows or liquid eyeliner.
  • As for making up the lips, there is a council - small or thin lips emphasize the full face, so they need to do more volume .To do this, give preference to gloss and lipstick bright shades.

How to make thin face: hairstyle and jewelry

Hairstyle visually very much changing the face.Forget flat bangs - horizontal lines severely obese , asymmetry - that's what you need.

Bob-bob haircut and the same length as not to face full of ladies. Owners broad face shows steps and hairstyles updo for long hair , from simple "horse's tail" and ending with the most that neither is intricate.Highlights

full women is as oblique partings.

How to make a thin face: hairstyle and ornaments

Jewellery also visually change appearance - remember this. Long earrings adorn owners round, broad, square and full of people. massive and heavy jewelry, especially a circular shape, will only focus on round your face.

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Whichever of the methods to make thin face would you choose, remember that you need to use them, along with a healthy diet, exercise and, of course, the use of smoothing and moisturizing cosmetics.Then you exactly guaranteed success!

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