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Pickling cucumbers Cold

Cucumbers are very useful in fresh form.What about canned cucumbers?It would be desirable, and in the winter to eat their vitamins and minerals?How to keep it all in cucumber?

To do this, try to use Cold pickling cucumbers!

recipe for pickling cucumbers Cold


  1. Cucumbers - 2 kg
  2. Garlic - 3 cloves
  3. blackcurrant leaves - 3 pieces
  4. cherry leaves - 3 pieces
  5. horseradish leaf - 1 pc
  6. Dill - a few sprigs of
  7. Black pepper (dried) - 8 peas
  8. mustard - 1 tsp
  9. Sol - 3 tbsp.l.(With slide).


  • Choose a medium-sized cucumber, better small or medium-sized.
  • in three-liter sterilized jars at the bottom put a sprig of dill, chopped horseradish leaf, clove of garlic, a bit of black pepper, black currant and cherry leaves.
  • well washed cucumbers need to put in cans as tightly as possible.In the middle of cucumbers put one clove of garlic.Put a clove of garlic on top of the third.
  • 3 tbsp.l.salt divorce in lukewarm water (1 L)..This brine fill of cucumbers in a jar.Top
  • add dry mustard.
  • course, one jar of cucumbers few prefer to cook, so the same is done for the other cans.Number of ingredients multiplied by the banks.
  • Banks with cucumbers ready light cover with lids.
  • Now cucumbers need to let it stand for about five days.To do this, we put them on the window sill (no need to refrigerate!) And watch to not poured cans of brine.During such a fermentation must.Therefore substitute for cans or put cloth.
  • cloudy brine 4-5 days should be more transparent.Cucumbers should appear as a small pellet.Now we proceed to the next:
  • Cooking lid for closing cans.On jars with cucumbers wear special caps with holes.Perevorachivaema jars upside down and pour out her whole murky water, previously well stirred up in banks cucumbers.
  • compensate for the lack of water with water from the tap.Put on the lid with holes and well by shaking the contents, pour the water.So do several times until the cucumbers thoroughly wash out from the muddy sediment.

  • The last time we pour water and it follows that there are no air bubbles between the cucumbers.If they were formed - tap the banks and they will rise up and burst.
  • Now close the jar, roll up for the winter.
  • In this recipe, it is important that the bank did not have air!Therefore cover should tightly fit to the water in the pot!
  • Place the jars with cucumbers in a prominent place and look to cover not swollen.If this happens - then left the air.You will need to remove the cover and fix the flaw.
  • jars with cucumbers, cooked cold way, can be stored in the refrigerator is not necessary, but in any relatively cool place.
  • Cucumbers can open in 2-3 months.They can be stored in the closed banks up to three years.

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taste of cucumbers, cooked cold-salting, obtained as in pickled or salted.They crunchy, which is very pleasant to your children and you!Be sure to try this recipe!Do not be afraid that it will have to tinker!The results you will be happy!

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