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Apple cider at home

Apple cider was known in ancient Egypt.But the name "Cider" gave him a Frenchman.He simply naprorsto sat on a bag of apples, and they choked.Apple cider has long been considered a drink for the poor people.Currently, he is very popular in Italy, France, England and some other countries.

Cider - a low-alcohol drink, get it fermented apples. This apple wine, but it is prepared without yeast.Apple cider is sold in stores.But you do not buy it, you can prepare yourself.

Cooking apple cider at home

To make apple cider, you need only two ingredients: apples and sugar.Depending on how much you want to get a cider, change the number of these products, and the proportions remain the same: 1 kg of apple pulp - 100-150 grams of sugar .

  • Apples well my, cut into 4 pieces, cut the stalk and a rotten place.Put in a blender and grind.
  • to 2 kg of apple pulp will need a 3-liter capacity.
  • Add the right amount of sugar.
  • Cover container with gauze and tightly close it.Then put in a warm place for 3 days.
  • After 3 days, we obtain our capacity and filter its content.It is necessary to separate the juice from apple pulp.
  • Then add more sugar in the following proportions: to 1 liter of juice - 100-150 grams of sugar .Mix, put in a bottle or other suitable container and leave for 3 weeks for fermentation.
  • 21 days later, pour the cider into another container (you can pour into a small bottle) using a siphon.

Apple cider, home-cooked, can safely serve.The drink turns a golden color with a pleasant aroma.Since low-alcohol drink, it does not cause severe intoxication.

Apple cider has a pleasant taste of the original.It is great to drink in cold weather thirst quencher.Store cider in a cool place no more than 3 months.

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