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Shurpa at home.

Shurpa - a national Uzbek dish , the soup, the recipe of which came from the East.Shurpa refers to filling soups and has a lot of different names.Cooked very quickly and easily.Soup cook usually lamb, but you can cook beef and for those who do not like lamb.

Recipe shurpa home


  1. Lamb - 1 kg can with bone or with fat
  2. Bulgarian pepper - 3 pieces
  3. onions - 1 large head
  4. Potatoes - 3medium potatoes
  5. Tomato - 3 pieces
  6. Garlic - 2 cloves
  7. Zira (cumin), salt and pepper - to taste
  8. Dill, coriander - the beam


  • meat cut and fry in a cauldron.Simmer the meat somewhere in 10 minutes.
  • finely chopped onion and add fried meat, increase the fire.
  • Once the onions will get a golden color, add the carrots, cut into strips, and season with cumin.
  • shinkuem pepper and add to the meat.
  • tomatoes peeled, diced, and also put in a cauldron.Season with salt, add the remaining spices.Content proved simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Clear the potatoes, cut into cubes and add to the Shurpa, f
    ill with water up to that thickness which you prefer.Bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes.Chopped fresh herbs, dressed with her soup, and 2 min.until tender, you must add the garlic.
  • Boil and let it brew.
  • Remove the herbs and pour Shurpa cooked at home, on the plates.

Shurpa How to cook beef?

Shurpa should get the richness and thick that it was precisely this, it is necessary to simmer as the other soups that came to us from Central Asia.

How to cook beef Shurpa?


  1. beef - 0.5 kg
  2. potatoes - 0.5 kg
  3. Onions - 5 pcs.
  4. sour apples - 1 pc.
  5. Salo - 100 g
  6. Tomatoes - 5 pcs.
  7. Garlic - 3 pieces.
  8. Leat bay - 4 pcs.
  9. Cilantro - 2 tbsp.l.
  10. Red pepper - 1 pod
  11. Dill - 2 tbsp.l.


  • Salo cut into small pieces and fry in a pan until heated with oil.Wash and chop the meat into medium sized pieces, place in pan.
  • Wash the tomatoes, clean the onions and cut them.Add to the pan and fry all together for 10 minutes.
  • Then wash, clean the potatoes and cut into cubes, place it on a 5 min.the pan fried.
  • Then pour into a saucepan 2 liters of water, boil it and reload to meat with potatoes and vegetables.When the water boils again, add the salt and continue to cook over medium heat Shurpa hour.
  • For 20 minutes until cooked chop apples and garlic, add them to the soup.
  • At the end of cooking to put Shurpa chili powder and black pepper, bay leaf, coriander, dill and ajwain.If you want, you can add turmeric, which belongs to the very helpful and seasonings can help even with serious illnesses.

Shurpa How to cook over a campfire?

If you will be meeting on the nature, on fire can cook excellent Shurpa to be just what we needed after a walk in the woods.

Shurpa on fire


  1. beef or lamb - 600 g
  2. Fat - 60 g
  3. Onion - 600g
  4. Eggplant - 1 pc.
  5. Potatoes - 600 g
  6. tomatoes - 300 g
  7. Bulgarian pepper - 3 pieces.
  8. Carrots - 3 pieces.
  9. water - 3 liters
  10. pepper black pepper, salt, bay leaf, parsley, coriander, basil marinade
  11. Sugar, salt to taste
  12. Vinegar - 300 g
  13. Water - 300 ml


  • Spread the fire, cook cauldron, wash the fat and put into the cauldron that it melted.
  • meat Wash and cut into medium size pieces.Add spices and fry the meat until brown.It takes about 25 minutes then remove the pieces of meat and place in a separate bowl.
  • Carrot clean and wash.Then cut it into cubes.Peel onions and cut half into small cubes, then add it along with carrot and saute in a large kettle, until the vegetables soften.Again, place the meat in a kettle.
  • Wash peppers, tomatoes, eggplants.Slice them and also put in a cauldron.
  • Now cook onion dressing.To do this, cut the remaining onions in a long and thin strips, add salt and mix everything.Bow wring your hands and pour the marinade by mixing the vinegar, water and sugar.
  • pour into the cauldron of water and close the lid.Tomita Shurpa for 2 hours.When the water boils, remove the foam.The fire should not be large.
  • Peel and slice the potatoes.Add the bay leaf, pepper and potatoes Shurpa.Simmer the soup for 20 minutes more, to cook potatoes.Season with salt to taste.At the end, add the spices rubbed them in their hands.
  • on the table ready Shurpa serve as meat with vegetables arrange on plates and pour the broth for a bowl.To post a plate of soup with pickled onions.Luke added directly to the broth, which sprinkle finely chopped greens.Home Shurpa soup is ready!

Shurpa refers to eastern dish , which are prepared with lamb, vegetables and spices.When preparing shurpa it turns fragrant and rich broth, in which meat and vegetables are cooked.Very tasty shurpa obtained if it cook over a campfire during a rest in the country or at the stake.Then she gets incomparable flavor and home-cooked beef shurpa also become very hearty and tasty dish , which will delight all.

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Enjoy and enjoy your meal!

Especially for - Alenka, Julia

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