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How to cook beshbarmak?

Modern man is already difficult to surprise any dish.Now the popular cuisine of different countries - from Asia to Georgia.One of the best dishes is beshbarmak.It is prepared in Kyrgyzstan, Bashkortostan.In many eastern countries has its own particular preparation beshbarmak from different kinds of meat, and others. Ingredients.

beshbarmak How to cook: recipes for different nations

direct translation of this dish is directly related to the method of use in ancient times.Beshbarmak means "bunch of fives."It belongs to the category of main courses and is based on three key components: meat, noodles and onions.Thanks to the method of preparation and some nuances acquired mouthwatering taste inherent in eastern cuisine.

In Kyrgyzstan beshbarmak done mainly on mutton.Meat by men, while women give birth dough into noodles and boil it.In addition, the dish goes offal.Additionally, the prepared casserole sauce based broth with onions.From spices it includes only black pepper.Before beshbarmak necessarily f

ed lamb on the bone broth.

How to cook beshbarmak?

In the northern part of the country distributed without modification noodle recipe.Instead, it adds a great amount of onion, as well as ayran - one of the varieties of yogurt, cow's milk with salt and water.It can be both liquid and have almost sour cream consistency.In the case of beshbarmak taken to prepare a thick ayran.

Bashkiria-based dishes is either horse meat or lamb.And earlier selected the parts that were on the bone.According to most of the Turkic-speaking peoples, it is this meat has a strong power.All that is prepared from it, gives warmth.In addition, some time ago you can use veal meat or goose, and, at the same time with the same horse meat.It lays it in cold water.After boiling shot foam, and meat languished for 2.5 hrs. On low heat.

Upper broth necessarily merged into a separate container.They subsequently drenched noodles.For its preparation was coupled cool egg dough, which is rolled out very thin and cut into small squares.After finishing to readiness by cooking noodles flavored with butter or broth.She then filled with meat, which is pre-cut pieces and always cool.In addition, the plate could be used equine ulcer or sausage.

Kazakhstan technology beshbarmak not much different, except for the choice of the main ingredient.The meat could be used only on four animals.The move was a camel, beef, lamb and horse meat.Noodles and meat can be complemented by herbs and onions, as well as any offal boiled horse meat and potatoes.Moreover, in some regions of Kazakhstan noodles, unlike Bashkiria, not chopped, boiled and thinly rolled seams.

to the preparation of this recipe beshbarmak necessarily make the sauce.It included beef broth, which is brought to a boil chopped onions with salt and pepper.There was also a practice replace or supplement noodle rice, potatoes, garlic.Sometimes the fish instead of meat was taken, but certainly from the sturgeon.

beshbarmak How to cook lamb?

As has become clear, the most frequently used for beshbarmak meat is lamb and horse meat.In grocery stores is much easier to get the first option.Therefore it is necessary to consider how to cook lamb beshbarmak.

How to cook lamb beshbarmak?


  1. lamb on the bone - 1, 5 kg.
  2. water - 5 liters.
  3. Onion - 200g.
  4. spices (coriander, pepper, bay leaf) - to taste
  5. for cakes:
  6. Egg - 1 pc.
  7. Cold water - 200 ml.
  8. Flour - 3 tbsp.
  9. Salt - 1 tsp


  • in a pot with thick walls filled with 5 liters.Cold water is put to the same 1.5 kg.lamb.Moreover, the whole piece is taken and it is obligatory on the bone.After boiling, pour spices: coriander, bay leaf and pepper to peas - black, white and fragrant.Additionally thrown 200 grams.chopped onion in the form.
  • Cook must be 2.5-3 hours. Over medium heat while constantly shoot emerging foam.Cover the pan with a lid is not necessary.
  • While preparing broth, noodles need to do.For this purpose one egg whipped using a mixer with 200 ml.cold boiled water and 1 tspsalt.Gradually, there is poured 3 tbsp.sifted flour.Then knead should not lipnuschee hands on the dough.
  • The resulting loaf is divided into several parts, of which the tortillas are rolled thickness of 2-3 mm.Their diameter must be equal to the diameter of the pan, which is planned to be used for baking.On each side of tortillas spent 1-2 minutes.The readiness is defined by the appearance of brown spots or light beige shade on the entire surface of the product.Frying oil Do not lubricate!
  • to cook scones do not dry out or break while the others are heat treated, they add up to the top are covered with a towel and another.Or you can just cut their diamonds and place on a baking sheet to cool.With regard to the size of plates, their side should be no more than 7 cm.
  • surviving readiness broth is removed the meat is cut and cooled.In a free pot with the boiled cold water poured a couple tablespoons of oil, add salt, and lay the noodles.Its amount is determined by how many people calculated dish.To cook 2-3 minutes is sufficient.
  • Ready noodles laid out in a large deep container on top of the meat, greased with butter and pour the broth from the mutton.

beshbarmak How to cook beef?

beshbarmak recipe using beef not much different from cooking with lamb.And yet, it is considered in detail.Although this version is different from the traditional one.But it is well settled down in the Lithuanian cuisine.

How to cook beef beshbarmak?


  1. Beef - 1, 3 kg.
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Carrots - 1 pc.
  4. Spices - to taste
  5. Noodles:
  6. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  7. flour - 600 gr.
  8. broth - 1 tbsp.
  9. Salt - to taste


  • broth taken to 1.3 kg.beef.According to the classic recipe, it is best to choose on the part of the bone.The meat is placed in a large saucepan.There also is put finely chopped 1 carrot, chopped onion, bay leaf and allspice of 8 peas.Cooking technology, as is the case with lamb.
  • kneaded dough for noodles of 2 eggs and 1 tbsp.the finished broth, then pour it into 600 g.flour and a pinch of salt.Roll out into a pancake someone cut squares wakes flour and is tracked until complete cooking meat.After that, the broth, from which we obtain the meat (it should be removed from the bones and cut), boiled noodles.
  • In a pan, greased, saut√© onion chopped onion, then mixed with boiled noodles.In the final she laid out on a large platter.We put the meat on top, blanched onions.The dish is sprinkled with pepper and herbs.

beshbarmak How to cook chicken?

Those who follow the figure and can not eat fatty meat, but really wants to try a dish that can be prepared on the basis of beshbarmak chicken.Of course, taste it will be far from the original.On the other hand, the fact that this dish in its own interesting and satisfying, it is impossible to argue.

beshbarmak Chicken


  1. Chicken - 1 pc.
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Carrots - 1 pc.
  4. Noodles:
  5. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  6. flour - 600 gr.
  7. water - 1 tbsp.
  8. Salt - to taste


  • bird is taken to a whole food, but if it does not fit in the pan, it is cut into chunks.To prepare the broth will be within 3 hours., But in contrast to the version with lamb, there is still a pot lid is covered.Spices, salt and pepper to pour at will.
  • Noodles all the ingredients are mixed.It turns stiff dough bun.It rolled into small cakes.
  • While the broth is cooked in a deep frying pan fried onions, stewed with him finely grated carrots.Vegetables cook until soft state.
  • gets the chicken from the broth.The meat separated from the bones and laid out on a plate.In al. Are cooked plate of cake dough noodles.In the third - the onion and carrot.The bowl is filled with broth.Driving use looks like this: on the cake moves a portion of meat, added on top of the onions and carrots and noodles wrapped in the shape of the envelope.Beshbarmak washed down with broth.

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Of course, many modifications beshbarmak already have little in common with the original recipe.But this does not mean that they have no right to exist.New ingredients give a taste of the dish and allow to look at it from the other. Hand.Therefore beshbarmak can be prepared from any meat.In order to get a satisfying meal, is add the noodles.

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