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How to fry fish?

Fried fish - not only delicious but also healthy dish.Unfortunately, many housewives are afraid to cook it.They think that no special skills difficult to get a good crust and juicy middle.In fact, with the hot fish handle even the novice cook.Home observe the basic principles of cooking.

taste of the finished dish depends.It greatly affects the quality of the raw product.So, before you begin to learn the secrets of cooking, is to understand how to choose fillets or carcass.In stores you can find fresh, frozen and chilled fish.Live animals can catch from the tank right before your eyes.The advantage of such fish is understandable.It is fresh and has a delicate taste.When you select should carefully examine the scales.It should be smooth, without any bald spots.Some fish in aquariums behave strangely.Freeze in place, they have a kind of sick.Their purchase should be abandoned.If you do not like to clean and gut the fresh fish, you can ask to treat it right in the store.This service is not very expensive a

nd must be paid additionally.

frozen carcasses have to be silver.Look for damage to the sides and fins.No room for them should not be.If you choose frozen fish, Treat seriously not to hot, and to unfreeze.It is best to leave it to thaw at room temperature.The use of warm water is not allowed.Fish just fall to pieces.You can also take advantage of defrosting in the microwave.It should be remembered on exhibiting the desired time on the timer program.

How to fry fish?

As well as fresh fish, frozen in a good eye without murky veil and heavy bruising.Elasticity - a great indicator of quality salmon and trout sold on ice.If they touch the surface, it rapidly returns to its original position.

Fish grilling is easy.It is cut into portions with bones or use only fillets.Principles for cooking all kinds of food the same - burning hot frying pan and a lot of oil.

How to fry fish?Secrets of cooking

frying pan and fry the pieces must be dry.On this depends the quality of the cooking and the amount of spatter.Many housewives do not like fish fry because they are afraid to get dirty grease the kitchen.If you wash and wipe dry frying pan and put it on fire with oil poured, the spray will be less.Samu fish and dried with a paper towel for this reason.Another trick - salt.To spray was less small pinch poured on a hot griddle.If you love fish fry without lid and the oil begins to "shoot", then cover the pan, or special mesh colander.

order to have meals appeared golden crust and soft middle, worth using additional ingredients.Slices soaked for 30 milk.As a result, the fish become more juicy.Also, for an even golden color of vegetable oil mixed with cream.The ratio should be 1: 1.To flavor the fish sprinkle various spices.In supermarkets you can find ready-made dressings.It is believed that the lemon juice gives the dish special spicy taste.They can be sprinkled all kinds of fish.

How many fish to fry?

How many fish to fry?

Fish like any fresh product requires heat treatment.Even in the high-quality carcass can live microbes, etc.. Dangerous organisms that can cause harm to human health.On the other hand, not everyone likes fish overdone.It is therefore important to strike a balance.To prepare it so that it is roasted, but it remains juicy.On average, each party must be fried slices at least 5-6 minutes.Whole bird is preparing for much longer - about 20 minutes.Frying time depends on the size.Small capelin cooked very quickly.Also, if you fry fillets, roasted it much earlier than the pieces of bones.

For proper cooking is recommended to combine medium and small fire.To begin with, each piece of fried on both sides at a high temperature until golden brown (5-7 min.).After that the fire is reduced, and fish languishing until until completely finished.The result did not impress any man!On your plate will be beautiful with delicate pieces of crispy not overdried midway.

deserves special attention frying fish on the grill.Cooking over an open fire has a number of features:

  1. To start frying only after the coal burned.It allocates a lot of heat.With an open flame is too uneven.As a result, the dish turns out overdried.
  2. fire should be continuously monitored.This secret technology of cooking derived from the previous features.Flames should extinguish, splashing water.
  3. Grid of fish need to constantly turn it .tak fry evenly and does not burn.
  4. worth monitor cooking time.Open fire makes a fish fry for a few minutes.Indicators of readiness - middle and reddish yellow juice.Do not be afraid that the pieces do not dozharyatsya.As long as you carry them on the table, they "reach" without fire.

How to fry the fish in batter?

Another delicious and easy way of cooking fish - frying in batter.To cope with it even the novice cook.No special ingredients are not required.Just use the breading and Leeson.Under the second mysterious word hides the usual beaten egg.The batter qualify as pieces of fish with bones and sliced. How to fry the fish in batter?

How to fry the fish in batter?

  1. Prepare 2 bowls.One roll in flour or breadcrumbs.The other lay a fresh egg.Whisk with a fork until smooth.Add salt and pepper.
  2. put on medium heat dry frying pan with oil.
  3. While the oil is warmed, roll a piece of fish in batter and then dip into the egg.Repeat step 2 until the piece is not covered by a uniform layer of batter.The more repetitions - the thicker the crust.
  4. breaded fish in batter Put on a hot frying pan.Fry on both sides until golden brown (5-7 min.).Reduce heat and cook the fish for another 10 minutes.

finished dish can be served with sour cream, sauces and different side dishes.It goes well with mashed potatoes, rice, pasta and baked vegetables.

What better fish to fry?

One or another kind of fish the most good at a certain preparation process.Perfectly suited for frying river carp and perch.Of course, they are unlikely to meet in the supermarket.Most such fish can be purchased at the markets or in the hands of fishermen.

in any store on the shelves there are fatty fish.They are also very well-fry in a pan.In addition, this fish is suitable for roasting on the grill.To this species are trout and salmon.There are also more affordable generic types.They can be boiled, fried, baked.This terrific salmon, pollock, hake, cod.What kind of fish would you choose for frying, remember that it must collapse the flour.Otherwise it will be very difficult to tear pieces from the pan.This rule also applies to species with thick skin.

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Few give up fragrant fried fish with golden crispy and tender midway.Prepared this dish is very simple.In order to make it happen, it is important to observe the rules of cooking.Among them: the right cooking time, the use of appropriate species of fish and dry pan.

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