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How to cook khinkali?

is believed that khinkali - one of the varieties of dumplings.Despite the common elements in the preparation of this Georgian dish completely they are not similar.Filling khinkali is minced beef with aromatic herbs.Pprigotovit can be as little as 30 min.!

khinkali How to cook?

Something khinkali shape reminiscent mantle.The classic version looks like a bag.His tip - tail that zaschipyvaem spiral.The number of folds directly points to the skill of the cook.It is believed that the real master is able to make the tail with 20-25 spirals.

Cooking khinkali, do not experiment.The dish is very traditional.Can vary the size and composition of the filling.1 bag may have a diameter of 8 to 12 cm. As for the filling, the traditional Georgian dish is prepared from a mixture of minced meat.Ideally, use beef, pork and lamb.You can do two kinds of meat.It should be remembered that one of them must be sufficiently bold.Otherwise, be prepared khinkali dry and fragrant juice is highlighted.The easiest way to combine

beef with pork and lamb.The first type of meat should be 3-4 times larger than the second.

How to cook khinkali?

Unlike dumplings, stuffing for khinkali not passed through a meat grinder.He chopped it turns out, because every piece of finely cut with a knife.Due to this, in fact, inside khinkali and juice stands.Onions and finely chop with a knife.Georgian chefs say khinkali prepared only from fresh meat.From this depends taste of a dish.

Many believe that in the mince need to add a lot of spices.This is not entirely true.To achieve the traditional flavor, you can use parsley.But cilantro, unlike its seeds, coriander, use is not recommended.It gives the stuffing a bad taste.Dill in khinkali never added.It is also important to pepper stuffing.To do this, use black pepper.

dough khinkali

khinkali dough prepared by the type of dumpling.It should be long enough to knead to make it elastic.If you have a bread maker, it is possible to achieve the desired consistency with it.Simply fill in the thicket of water and pour the flour with the salt.Mode is best to choose "Fresh dough" or "dough for ravioli."On average, breadmaker knead the dough for 10 minutes.

main secret of making khinkali - rolling right.It is usually spread on a floured table and begin to roll out into the formation.Then the dough is cut roundels with a diameter of 1 cm. Khinkali less ready.This is done due to the fact that in the process of cooking they will increase and become more.Each blank is further rolled.Skalka is moving in a circle from the center.As a result, the average thickness of the middle of the turns and the edges become thin.Such an option of rolling the dough - a key point in the preparation khinkali.Due to the thin edge can simply zaschepit tail, and a thick middle, helps to keep the juice.

khinkali How to sculpt?As already mentioned above, their zaschipyvayut so that the top of the sides are formed smaller spiral folds.The dough is formed into a pouch around.Then, gather the edges together in a small ponytail.As a result, we've got a bag of dough filled with meat.If you cook khinkali the first time, just try to pull the workpiece edge to the center.The folds of the test and the tail will turn themselves.

There is a ritual of eating khinkali.Each bag should be held by the tail.So when biting the juice squirts in all directions.Georgia has long tails of khinkali not eaten.Now we can not adhere to this rule.

khinkali How to cook?

Usually portion khinkali cook about 15 minutes.Fashioned bags of meat thrown into boiling salted water slightly, and cook with the lid open during this time.In order that they do not stick together, they can interfere with little spoon.The pan should be sufficient bulk to the dough do not stick.Also liquid therein should be sufficient.

not rush to pull khinkali ready.After 15 min.Pour into the pan 1 tbsp.cold water, and only then remove the bags from the pan.Thus they will adhere less to each other.The finished dish is served sprinkled with lots of pepper.If you have wine vinegar, it is best to sprinkle them khinkali.It perfectly complements the taste.The dish is not recommended to combine with the bread.

worth to elaborate on how Georgia khinkali eat.They are usually served at the table, putting a bowl of water nearby.This is done in order to be able to wash your fingers, because the dish is eaten with the fingers.From the juice sacs follows, so it's best to put next to a large towel to avoid staining clothes.Stains from khinkali very difficult to withdraw.Traditional khinkali absorption process is a bit like eating lobster or lobster.

properly cooked dish does not lose its taste, and the next day.Typically, the remaining bags fry until golden brown.Also it can add a little onion.

Recipe khinkali Georgian

How to cook khinkali?


  1. For the stuffing:
  2. Pork - 300 gr.
  3. Beef - 600 g.
  4. Onions - 3 pcs.
  5. parsley - 100 gr.
  6. Sol - 1ch.l.
  7. ground coriander - 1 teaspoon
  8. Water - 60 g.
  9. For the dough:
  10. flour - 900 gr.
  11. water - 330 ml.
  12. Salt - 1 tsp


  • In a bowl, pour the water.Add the salt and flour it.Hands knead dough, similar to ravioli.If you have a bread maker, the ingredients for the dip in her bucket and select program "dough for ravioli."The finished dough put in a separate bowl.
  • meat cut into small pieces.It should resemble minced beef.
  • Onion Peel and finely chop well.
  • Mix in a bowl of onions and meat.Season with salt, add spices and finely chopped parsley.
  • in minced beef, add water.The consistency he should be juicy.
  • Roll out the dough with a rolling pin on the table, sprinkle with flour.Glass or shape with a diameter of 15 cm. Cut about 40 circles.Edges slightly rasplyuschte to become thinner.
  • In the center of each circle put so many toppings to the edge of the left about 3 cm. Test.
  • Start building khinkali: zaschipyvaem dough in a circle, pulling in a ponytail.Do this carefully so as not to tear anything.
  • put on the fire a pot with plenty of water.Bring it to a boil, season with salt.Reduce heat and place in a pan portions khinkali.They must be able to lie down, without touching each other.
  • khinkali Cook over moderate heat for about 15 minutes.Add to the pan 1 tbsp.Cold water.Pull khinkali and let the water drain from them.
  • finished dish pepper and serve with wine vinegar.The remaining khinkali cook on the principle described above.

understand whether you can be prepared khinkali appearance dishes.The dough should be smooth and elastic.Filling in - in the form of a round flat cakes.Bags should not be torn!

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Khinkali turn any meal into something unforgettable.Traditionally, they have to be prepared from finely chopped meat 2-3 species and elastic dough.To khinkali not torn when cooked and the juice left inside the preform to make dishes of different thicknesses.The dough in the center of turns thicker than the edges.Another important point - the dish is always served hot and generously sprinkled with pepper.

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