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What can replace the mascarpone?

Modern housewives like to pamper yourself and your family a variety of dishes, the names of which are not typical for Russia.Of course, a part of these dishes often include components that are very hard to find in the shops of our country.For example, this applies creamy mascarpone - an integral part of the popular dessert tiramisu and other dishes.Unable to find such a product in the supermarket, mistresses are wondering about how to prepare mascarpone at home or something to replace it.

substitute mascarpone How to cook at home?

What can replace the mascarpone at home?


  1. whipping cream - 950 ml
  2. White wine vinegar - 1 tbsp
  3. Lemon juice


  • To make mascarpone at home you will need a bowl in stainless steel.A bowl is necessary to choose such a size that it can be put into a large pot so that the bowl does not touch the bottom.
  • In a saucepan pour the water, and place the bowl on top.Bowl does not fall, place it so that it is held on bumpers pan.The bowl should be in contact with the surface of the wa
    ter, but do not touch the bottom.
  • Now remove the bowl from the pan.Pan, place on a medium-strength fire, bring water to a boil.In a bowl, pour the cream and place the container on top of boiling water.Fire must be reduced in order to heat the cream.The cream should be brought to a temperature of 87 degrees (measured with a thermometer), while stirring them periodically.
  • Continuing stirring cream, add a vinegar.Heat the cream until it is necessary, until they begin to curl.Once this process has started, remove the cream from the heat, cover the bowl and let stand for about 10 minutes that the cream had become somewhat harder.
  • resulting curd put on the sieve, previously laid by gauze or cloth.
  • curd cool to room temperature and cover with cling film sieve.Cool cheese for another day, so he was a little dried out and hardened.
  • Store mascarpone should be ready in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container.The product must be consumed within 3-4 days.

mascarpone at home sour cream

Mascarpone cream from home


  1. Milk - 150-200 ml
  2. Sour cream (fat) - 800 g
  3. lemon juice - 2 hours.l.


  • Take a pan and place it in a fatty cream.Then pour the milk there too.The ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and put on the fire of medium strength.
  • After a time, pour into a saucepan lemon juice.It must be done after staying there the mixture heated to 70-75 degrees.
  • milky juice of sour cream mixture and mix well and hold on low heat until until cream starts to clot.Boil this mixture is impossible.
  • When the cream curdle, turn off the heat and leave the pan on the stove for approximately 5 minutes.
  • resulting cheese need to put in a colander, which must first send gauze, folded in 2-3 layers.In this state, the cheese must be left for 40-50 minutes.
  • Then the curd needs a little squeeze.On the strength of the spin dependent density of the cheese.Strongly pressed cheese is dense.
  • finished product is put in the refrigerator for storage or just use it.

Mascarpone on yogurt: recipe

Mascarpone on yogurt


  1. Kefir 3% - 400g
  2. Sour 4.5% - 400 g
  3. Smetana 9-15% - 200 g
  4. Salt - 1 tsp
  5. Apple cider vinegar - 1 ch. L.


  • Take a bowl and mix it all the ingredients listed in the recipe.The resulting mixture should be put on a white cloth, such as cheesecloth.Marley, in turn, have to put in a colander.Himself a colander over a saucepan place.Pour into a colander with cheesecloth mixture obtained from the recipe ingredients.
  • Leave the mixture in a colander, cover it with cling film and place in refrigerator or tie cheesecloth and hang over the sink.
  • cheese is weighed need 2-4 days.The duration of this process depends on how hard cheese either has to be in the end.
  • resulting cheese can be stored for about a week in the refrigerator in plastic wrap.

addition, replace Italian mascarpone cheese can be found among the mild creamy cheese from different manufacturers.For example, try using a cheese "Viola", "Omichka," "Bonjour", "Almette", "Hochland".If for some reason you can not buy a finished product, you can replace creamy mascarpone cheese grated cheese high fat, mixed with cream.

The mascarpone replace: Recipes

According to reviews, the preparation mascarpone cream can be used.The taste of the resulting product is very similar to the original.When used in the recipe of cream, you get a fairly cheap analog mascarpone .This will allow you to cook economical options tiramisu and other dishes.

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If in the supermarket you can find the original mascarpone cheese, be prepared for the fact that this product will have a high enough price.If you can not afford such an ingredient, do not despair.Analogs, home-cooked, very close in taste to the original.Therefore it is necessary to think about the preparation of the product with his own hands at home.

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