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What are the glasses used for Madeira?

Madeira - fortified wine, which was first produced on a small island of Madeira.This beverage is classified oxidized wines and has complex flavor with a pleasant spicy-resinous flavor.

often the fault is present with the shade of almond notes of sherry, brandy and a hint of hazelnut with a black crust of bread. this drink managed to combine fairly high alcohol content and low sugar content, which makes it even more refined.

Madeira wine: grapes

for wine using the four main grape varieties of noble descent: Sersial, Boualem, Verdelho and Malvasia.

What are the glasses used for Madeira?

  1. Verdelho - grape variety from which the semi-sweet drink with a taste of caramel.Wine from Verdelho soft, but at the same time, a little sour.
  2. Sersial - this grape is grown in cooler areas of the island of Madeira, which are located at higher elevations.Sersial matures quite slowly, it is made into a dry wine.Madera made from this variety, quite sharp and slightly spicy, sour.The new wine is almost impossible to drink - it is so specific.But i
    f his stand about 8 years old, unpleasant sharpness subsides, forming a soft and elegant taste.
  3. Boualem - a rare grape variety, which is grown on the southern shores of the island.Wine from it turns sweet, blunting bitterish acidity.This comes after a little sour exposure, shading and notes of walnut oil.
  4. Malvasia - this variety is grown in the hottest parts of Madeira.Malvasia gives full red fortified wines.Acidity present in the wine does not spoil the drink and makes it lively and intense.
  5. Tinta Negra Mole - this variety is prepared with a touch of red Madeira rich taste.
  6. Terrantez - rare for our time grape, but it is very appreciated.From terrantezy prepared fastening Madeira, which combines the tartness and sweetness.Currently under restoration of the class, because he is the most suitable for the creation of this Madeira.

Madera - the wine preferred by connoisseurs from different countries.It was appreciated by many famous personalities.Thus, the articles mentioned in the historical information that William Shakespeare was a great lover of Madeira.There is another legend associated with this drink.It is believed that the last will of George Duke of Clarence, who was sentenced to death (he himself may choose the option of execution) was requested to drown it in the bathtub with a sweet Madeira from Malvasia.Will Duke was performed in 1478 in London.

Madeira wine: history of occurrence

Madeira wine: history of occurrence

not surprising that the emergence of such a wonderful drink as Madeira is connected with the legend.Merchants wine from the island of Madeira wine barrels were transported to India.The fact that they could not sell it, they brought back.Once, by happy coincidence, vintners noticed that after traveling the wine takes on a whole different taste and smell, characterized nutty notes.So there was Madeira!

Price for a drink was quite high, and it could afford to buy only the members of the upper strata of society.

When Madeira was brought to Russia, it has become very popular.According to historical records, Grigory Rasputin could drink over dinner about 6 liters of Madeira.This drink had saved his life.The poison, which he wanted to poison, weakened its action under the influence of Madeira.

Madeira Wine: How to drink

  • Madera worthy to abide by the culture of its use.This drink is recommended to drink chilled to 16 degrees.It combines perfectly with the traditional first and second courses.Wine Otten snacks of ham, liver and tongue, as well as meats and poultry dishes.In conjunction with these products reveals a drink in a completely different perspective.
  • If you like unchilled Madeira, it can be combined with desserts and coffee.

Madeira Wine: How to drink

  • Many wonder - some glasses used to Madeira? answer is simple - drink to drink from a tulip-shaped glasses.It allows you to unlock the full flavor of the wine.The height of the legs should be 5cm to glass is not heated by heat palms.Fills it is recommended not to drink completely, and 2/3.This will open a delicate bouquet of noble wines.
  • also important to know not only how to drink Madeira, but also when to do it.No need to rush to try the drink immediately after opening the bottle - admire its amber color and a pleasant aroma that absorbed solar heat Madeira, where the sea air and the gifts given to the world of grapes delicious wine.

Madeira Wine: price

price of the drink can vary from 900 to 14 000 rubles per bottle in 0.75 ml.The cost depends on the aging of wine grape varieties and features.

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Madera - a fragrant and delicate wine, despite its fortress.Although the drink has a peculiar taste, he found fans all over the world.It is important to drink Madeira by all the rules, using a special form of tulip glasses.Then its pungent bouquet opens to you in all its splendor!

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