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How to pickle dock for the winter?

Sorrel - the plant is not only useful but also delicious.Because of this it is often used in cooking.Filling for pies, green soup, salads ... Many housewives canned and frozen dock for the winter.

How to prepare sorrel in the winter?

How to pickle dock for the winter?

one summer you can collect up to 5 harvests sorrel.Vegetation grows in 2-3 weeks.In this situation it is better to think about how to prepare it for the winter.There are several ways.Sorrel frozen, dried, salted, canned.Whichever option you choose workpiece, sorrel training will be reduced to one and the same action.Gather the young shoots of length of about 8-10 cm. Cut the greens thoroughly washed, cleaned of yellow, decaying leaves and chop.

Recipes sorrel harvesting the winter

  • One of the fastest ways sorrel harvesting the winter is considered to be salting . For him, better to choose a small container - banks capacity of about 300 ml.This is the amount of product you have enough, on average, per preparation. For salting need sorrel, chives, parsley, and sa
    lt.Number of greenery varies according to your taste preferences.All the ingredients are finely cut, laid out in a bowl, sprinkle with salt.In 300 gr.sorrel leaves 2 tbspsalt.Greens should stand for 30 minutes.During this time, the juice.Then spread the mixture in a thick layer of clean sterilized jars, cover with a lid and rolls.
  • can pickle sorrel and without sterilization. For this method falls out of chopped green salt (5-6 teaspoons of salt at 0, 5 l. Jar), ​​is mixed.After the mixture is tightly fit into the small banks (0, 5 l.) And filled with a small amount of refined vegetable oil.Banks close the plastic lid and send in the refrigerator.Kept such harvesting almost all winter. When adding salty sorrel soup pickle dish is no longer needed!

Recipes for winter harvesting sorrel

  • More easier to dry dock .This method makes it possible to prepare not only the young leaves, and the average maturity of the greens.Sorrel cut, expanded on a baking sheet, laid by the paper, dried for 1 to 1, 5 weeks.All this time you need to turn green, in order to make it to dry evenly.Then sorrel smalyvayut to powder, put in a glass jar, tightly capped and sent to the kitchen cupboard.The resulting spice is usually added in a green winter soups.
  • Most vitamins remains at frost green .If you want to prepare not only delicious, but also a particularly useful sorrel, parsley is best harvested in May and June.At this time sorrel leaves contain the most vitamins.As with Dried plant shoots finely cut, folded into a bag or container and sent to the freezer.It is best to freeze sorrel portions, one cooking.

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Canning Sorrel in the winter

Sometimes housewives question arises: how to preserve dock for the winter?Any difficulties in this.Sorrel is well kept in the winter.When preserving it allocates special acid, which protects the product from damage.Even if you have complied with the formulation blank inaccurate fear deterioration of the product, most likely, is not necessary.Natural preservatives, oxalic acid, will not allow swelling caps.

How to preserve dock for the winter: Recipe

How to preserve the dock for the winter: Recipe

offer you the following simple recipe harvesting sorrel .

  • Cooking banks.It is better to choose a half-liter.Carefully rinse them with soda, sterilize for 10-15 minutes, or calcined in the oven for the same time.
  • Greens finely cut and pour into jars.Layer sorrel should not be too dense.Fill with boiling water so that the water reaches the neck of the jar.Do not be alarmed if the color change of sorrel.This is a normal reaction.Cover with hot sterilized jars and lids roll up.Turned upside down, cover with a towel to cool.
  • There and cold preserving sorrel .You do not need any ingredients, except for the greens and boiled cold water.We cut stalks of sorrel leaves finely chopped, filled into clean sterilized jars, pour water and a screw cap.Keep these jars in the refrigerator is not the best, but just in a cool place such as a cellar or pantry.
  • Canning Sorrel in the winter allows you to use herbs in soups, pies.Some put it in salads.

sorrel recipes

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Recipes for winter harvesting sorrel simple.Most often it is just finely cut, shred and frozen.No less popular pickling and canning sorrel.In all these processes the workpiece in the final product as possible kept vitamins.

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