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Salting bracken fern

Many know and love this plant, like ferns that there are about 10,000 species.This amazing flower grows in Russia.But not everyone knows that in addition to the purely decorative function of its specific varieties, such as bracken, used in cooking. to your liking bracken fern is comparable to the taste of mushrooms .

for its salting necessary to collect the young shoots, which leaves not yet opened, but did not stem longer than 25 cm. In order not to make mistakes and to purchase exactly the kind of plants, just look at the bracken fern photo.

How to pickle bracken fern?

As salt fern bracken

pickling plant, you need the young leaves of bracken, salt, water, container, enamel or glass jars.Before harvest for future use, you need to prepare a fern.First of all, it is necessary to remove the brown scales, remaining in folded spiral.For this it is possible simply to boil a large volume of salt water for 15 minutes.Then the water should be drained and rinsed under running water shoots several times.Then boiled fern tightly plac

ed into sterile jars steam.

After that you need to prepare the saline solution in the ratio of 1 liter of 15 g of salt, pour over their banks and roll covers.Banks need to turn wrapped in a warm blanket and leave until they have cooled.Bracken fern, which is salted in this way can be stored at any temperature for several seasons.

There is another way of salting - dry. To use it, you will need fresh shoots.Before you put them in a container harvesting, raw materials should be thoroughly rinsed.Lay plants, alternating with coarse salt.When salting is better to adhere to the following relationship: 2 kg of salt per 5 kg of fern.

After that, put a plate on top of bracken and put to weight the jar with water.The key to this method is a cool temperature in the place where it will be stored container with herbs.After 3 weeks, the resulting juice should be emptied and semi-finished runners put in jars.Shoots must be sealed and add salt in the ratio of 5 kg fern 1 kg of salt.After this dish enough to close the ordinary caps and clean the refrigerator or cellar.After 3 weeks of bracken dosolit and become ready for use.How to pickle bracken fern?

How to cook bracken fern

  1. To properly and, most importantly, delicious cook fern, start the cooking process must be within 3 hours after collection, because the lower part of the stem rapidly coarsens.In the food suitable only shoots length of 20 to 35 cm. They must not have unfolded leg which is bent into a hook.If you bend it, it is easy to break.
  2. fern may be dried or salted, having prepared for the winter.Salt it best in an enamel container, pour 1 kg each 250 grams of salt.After that, the raw material is best to cover the plate and press the heavy yoke.After 7 days, the cover will cover the brine that must necessarily merge.Himself fern is ready for use. before cooking it enough to soak or, if necessary, soak overnight.
  3. saline can be and in a way which is used taiga men.Collected leaves should be cut from the bottom bracken on 3cm.Then put in a pot or glass jar with a wide neck, and everyone got to pour a layer of salt.After 3 days, it is necessary to shift to another container, sprinkle each layer with salt and put the top yoke.This cool pickled fern can be stored for many years.

What bracken fern dishes you can cook?

What kind of dishes you can cook bracken fern?

bracken fern can not only salt but also used for cooking unusual dishes.Before you take advantage of its fresh leaves, boil them 2 times in salt water each time for 8 minutes.On 1 liter of water, add 3 tbsp.l.salt.Such processing is needed to remove it from the bitterness and tannins.After the fern can be put out with vegetables or meat or fry in butter.

of tender shoots can be cooked and the salad in Korean. For this clean and wash the carrots and onions, finely chop them and fry in butter.Then add the chopped fern or stalks and simmer for 25 minutes.Necessary put spices if desired, can also use ready-made seasonings for Korean carrot.

Preparation fern meat


  1. meat - 0.5 kg
  2. medium size onion - 3 pieces.
  3. Fern - 0.5 kg
  4. Garlic - 1 clove
  5. red pepper - 1 ch. L.
  6. Soy sauce Salt and pepper freshly ground black - to taste

What kind of dishes you can cook bracken fern?


  • Soak fern during the day, changing the water several times.Then cut into pieces the length of 7 cm. Pour 100 ml of boiling water for 1 hour. pepper and squeeze using spadefoot to the peeled and washed garlic.Above all pour soy sauce and mix well.Set aside to the present sauce.
  • Cut the meat into strips and fry in oil.When they acquire a golden color, add the onion, sliced ​​into half rings.Fry until golden brown all.Put the meat in a fern and pour prepared sauce.As soon as it boils, it simmer for 5 minutes.on low heat.
  • This dish becomes quite sharp, but it is very well suited to the spaghetti or as a cold appetizer.

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bracken fern become an indispensable product in the fall and winter, helping to cope with deficiency diseases and strengthening the immune system.In its structure it revealed a large amount of protein and carbohydrates useful.He is one of the few wild plants that are able to withdraw from the human body radionuclides.The first ferns appeared as an ingredient for dishes in restaurants even 25 years ago. Today, during its preparations for the winter in the form of pickling, it is not only to diversify your desk, but also give the opportunity to deal with excess weight and body will provide a lot of useful biologically active substances .

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