Action from 21-31 May EVITA PERONI - «Preparing for graduation!": 30% discount


Evita Peroni The company announced its willingness to help you shine on prom - from 21 to 31 May elite jewelry and hair accessories will be sold to a third cheaper!

Young shoppers, their charming ladies, teachers and parents will be welcomed in the branded concept magazinahEvita Peroni, located in TDK "Smolensky Passage" and TH "Fashion season."Promotional prices will act in the company's online store at

What decorations are available on the stock?

The fashion collection Evita Peroni there:

  • necklace,
  • bracelets,
  • rings,
  • chains with pendants,
  • clips,
  • crests,
  • invisible,
  • rims,
  • gum andmany other accessories.

Jewelry by Evita Peroni able to adequately support the multi-colored palette of fashion trends in the images of the graduates and teachers to celebrate the graduation.Presented in catalog Evita Peroni hair accessories and decorations delight and attract a variety of styles:

  • elegant classic;
  • elegant romanticism;
  • spectacular modernist;
  • refined Shabby-chic;
  • engaging simplicity of lines and forms of country;
  • cheeky steam-punk.

What can expect the buyer of promotional products?

competent consultants boutiques and online store companies are willing to tell oposlednihfeshn-ideas and to help in the selection of accessories that will create a festive ensembles in the desired nuances.Talk with online consultants can:

  • by phone 8 (495) 508-34-69 or 8 (800) 700-57-23;
  • via the feedback form.

Acquisition spectacular additions to the outfit for prom rather puzzled advance, especially women living in remote areas, as delivery times vary - from 1-3 days in Moscow to 3-16 days to other cities of the country.

consider in detail the decoration can be offered on the company website.Here you will see how profitable offer Evita Peroni, - boldly minus 30% of the listed prices and buy your favorite jewelry for prom or just because you wanted to have a wonderful decoration.But Evita Peroniiskrenne wishes you a fabulous prom and happiness!