How to choose the right scarf for the winter

How to choose a scarf

How to choose a woman's scarf for the winter: on style, a coloring, the material tsvetotipu appearance, taking into account the features of the figure.Photos women scarves.

Scarves, scarves, shawls, stoles.Knitting, silk, chiffon and lace.Bright, soft pastel, plain and colorful.Scarf - an irreplaceable thing in a woman's wardrobe, but with the onset of cold weather without it simply can not do.Icy winter warm scarf to protect against the piercing wind, cheer up their bright colors, and its owner will look fresher and younger.On the rules of the fashion accessory of choice today and we'll talk.

How to choose a scarf for winter
Valuable tips and little secrets

to choose the right winter scarf, so it was not just warming article of clothing, but also a fashionable attribute of clothes, you need to consider a few important things: the color and style of outerwear,under which you are going to wear your tsvetotip appearance, especially the figures and, of course, the fashion trends.Let's s

tart with the compatibility with outerwear.Going to the store for a scarf, think about what you will wear it, especially if your wardrobe has only one jacket or coat for the winter.

1. Style scarf

women scarf

To top dress with a collar suitable surround large knitted scarf made of natural wool, solid color, a pattern or fringe: it reliably protects the open area of ​​the neck from the elements.This may be the product of unusual shape (like "Jellyfish") or a scarf-shawl with inserts of fur, knitting and fabric - warm and quite an interesting novelty.

to the upper clothes with collar (or other shaped collar, covering the neck) fit model that can be easily hidden under a jacket or coat.For example, a smooth warm scarf or stole - a product that is securely insulated and neck, and chest area under the outerwear.The trend stoles that are asymmetrically fastened, leaving one shoulder open.

still relevant scarf-collar (scarf-tube) - a knitted without end in the form of rings.The merits of this model have several: First, it is combined with almost any clothing, and secondly, it can be used as a headdress (just pick up on his head like a hood), and third, the right kind of accessory colors give the imagepiquancy and completeness.Well, the last important advantage scarf-collar - wearing it you will not freeze in cold weather.

Knitted scarves fur perfectly complement the leather jacket and cashmere coat.And to warm down jacket, coat or park perfect long scarf large knitted from natural wool.It is interesting to look model with leather items, scarves, soft leather, pleated and pleated fabrics, scarves with national patterns (ethnically Peru, India, Bali, Norwegian motifs in the figure).In a fashion - fur trim, contrasting colors, bright cell colored gemstones.Brushes and pompons are permissible, as long as they are not too massive.

2. Colour scarf

women scarf

color scarf should be chosen according to the rule of contrast to the dark and discreet outerwear suit bright contrasting colors (they dilute the dark and gray tones, and a scarf will make the central part of the image).If, on the contrary, I want to highlight a coat or jacket and a scarf to make an optional accessory, then it makes sense to stay on the monochrome model or a scarf with a barely noticeable pattern.If you wear a hat, scarf must be in harmony with her color.

to beige and brown coat is better to choose scarves for winter mustard or sand shades, or color of henna.For a dark gray suit and a black jacket lightweight light-colored scarves, and coats for light model will become the ideal choice of bright colors - red, crimson, yellow, green, blue.Taboo - use dark scarves to light outerwear, such a combination will make your outfit dull and tasteless.

However, with the color is not so simple.When choosing colors, remember winter scarf, fashion accessory that this should be in harmony not only with your clothes, but also the color of the skin, eyes and hair, that is, when buying a scarf, it is imperative to take into account your tsvetotip appearance.

first type - Spring

women scarf

Girls with tsvetotip "Spring" (light skin, sometimes with freckles, blond hair, green eyes, hazel or blue) suitable saturated bright and warm colors: coral, golden, golden brown, warm yellow, juicy green, pistachio, light green, deep orange-brown tones, red with a yellowish tinge, intense beige, full of bright colors of turquoise and blue.

contraindicated "spring" for women cold lemon and deep rich colors - black, gray, purple, dark blue, intense color of cocoa, cherry and dark green.

Celebrities with the "spring" tsvetotip: Lindsay Lohan, Anna Kournikova, Kim Basinger, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, Princess Diana.

second type - Summer

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Girls with tsvetotip "summer" (light skin with cool midtone, hair from blond to brown, eyes gray-green, blue-gray or blue) are perfect cool shades: gray all colorsbrown, bright light shade of gray, pink and blue (the blue should not be too bright, as if a little faded in the sun).Good looks grayish-yellow, blue (rather rich), gray-green, gray-blue, magenta, coral, salmon and pearl.

contraindicated "summer" women following colors: black, pure white and all shades of acid - green, lemon yellow, bright red and bright orange.

Celebrities with "summer" tsvetotip: Milla Jovovich, Maria Sharapova, Cameron Diaz, Natalia Vodianova, Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson.

third type - Autumn

women scarf

tsvetotipa owner of autumn (warm shades of skin, usually with freckles, red hair or brown, green eyes, brown, blue, or blue) are decorated with warm winter scarves in bright colors: earthy-brown,copper-red, golden beige, khaki, deep green, deep mustard yellow.Autumn Description suitable warm blue and pinkish-red color, rich yellow, ocher, purple, red pomegranate, olive, all shades of brown - terracotta, mustard, brick.Turquoise owner can choose bright eyes.

contraindicated "Autumn" women bright vibrant shades of red and deep purple, deep blue, gray, black, gray and brown, cold bright colors - lemon, blue-gray.

Celebrities with "Autumn" tsvetotip: Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Marcia Cross, Julia Savicheva, Amalia Gol'danskii.

fourth type - Winter

women scarf

Girls tsvetotipa "Winter" (olive skin, dark or very bright, but always with a cool midtone, brown or black hair, blue eyes, gray, green, brown or black) to face Scarvessaturated bright colors.It kipelno white, inky-purple, bright crimson red with a blue tint, bright ruby, various shades of turquoise, silver, steel, emerald, bright vibrant blue tones, intense shade of burgundy, rich brown.

contraindicated "winter" women warm bright colors like orange, salmon, dark yellow, green, brick, chocolate milk and warm shades of green - olive, marsh.

Celebrities with "winter" tsvetotip: Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Cindy Crawford, Megan Fox, Monica Bellucci, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk.

3. The material from which made the scarf

When selecting a scarf for the winter always pay attention to the quality, do not need to chase the fashionable style or trend colors.Cheap products are usually quickly lose their attractive appearance.In qualitative things straight edge and carefully processed without protruding threads.

great importance is the material from which made winter scarf, because this element of the dress, which is in direct contact with the body, and in the neck and upper chest skin is very delicate, synthetic fabric can cause not only discomfort, and allergic reactions.

The material from which made the scarf

Always buy products from natural materials.The cheapest among them - is wool.The disadvantage of this fabric is that it is somewhat difficult.Easier - wool sheep "Merino".Twice lighter wool camel fluff.Even higher quality and therefore more expensive wool llama (alpaca), it is shiny, silky, waterproof, very warm and durable, has a rich range of natural hues.Wool Angora rabbit light and airy, extremely soft to the touch, though, she is afraid of water and is not for everyone, as it can cause allergies.But cashmere completely hypoallergenic.In addition, it retains heat well, it is very light, extremely delicate, sophisticated, trendy, and therefore the most expensive material.

4. How to choose a winter scarf, given the characteristics of the figures?

style, color and texture of the scarf can adjust the shape of the face and hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the figure.For example, a long scarf nonmassive with dangling ends visually slim, but if you tie it into a lush bow, the effect will be the opposite.

little trick: light vertical accent on the basis of dark always visually stretches the silhouette.

If you want to look slimmer, you should choose a more feminine model of light flowing fabrics, plain better.Massive knitted scarf will always look ridiculous in a small and fragile girl.Large patterns, especially cell large knitted scarves with lurex always visually add volume silhouette, generally make it more formless.Too colorful scarves, large knitted products are suitable only girls who brightly painted or have a contrasting appearance.

If you do not want to focus on the small increase, the presence of excess weight, too large breasts, give up too bright scarves in the winter, choose a neutral model that will blend in with the image.

Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women Winter women

Winter scarf - it is an occasion to experiment: to play with color, try on different images, it is an opportunity every day to be different today - simple, elegant,Tomorrow - playfully flirtatious, afford a little childish, wearing a scarf with pom-poms, or add to its appearance of extravagance, dressed in "scarf-jellyfish."And this article of clothing can be different tie: the usual loop (the French unit), "double loop", "false knot", "half of a bow," etc.Go ahead create new images, but these tips will hopefully help you to make them unique.

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