Presentation of the "What's New Ericson Laboratoire X50 Body Matrix.

Image Martinez

Correction of figures - one of the most popular wellness programs at women.However, before you start the fight cellulite and excess weight, you should consider several important factors:

  • age criterion;
  • particular metabolism of the patient;
  • level of cellulite;
  • others.

modern aesthetic cosmetology and related physiotherapy allow create a customized program taking into account all the nuances.Effective methods allow to achieve adequate aesthetic effect.Wellness pursue the following objectives:

  • Elimination of cellulite and elimination of its further development.
  • reduction in weight and volume figures.
  • Simulation silhouette.
  • Improve overall skin tone.
  • puffiness elimination.
  • Troubleshooting capillary net.

Each program of correction should include:

  • Consulting services of a qualified professional.
  • active treatment under the guidance of professionals in the field of aesthetic cosmetology.
  • Recent recommendations for maintaining the shape and beauty of the body.

Company "Image Martinez", a leading provider of innovative products in the beauty industry, invites experts trained in Ericson Laboratoire, familiarize yourself with the new presentation.It will disclose such secrets as:

  • effectiveness of anti-fibrotic (stale), cellulite and excess fat for women of mature age;
  • «X50 Silhouette" - a unique system targeted delivery of the active ingredients into the fat cells to stimulate lipolysis and lipogenesis relief;
  • result of research (clinical and laboratory), confirming the relevance of X50 BODY MATRIX;
  • art of the procedure.

Education at professionals in the field of cosmetology with a solid practical experience can be passed by a suitable program on the company's website starters, cosmetologists and those who wish to improve the classification, it is possible to choose from seminars:

  • contouring;
  • mesotherapy;
  • peelings;
  • atraumatic cleaning;
  • care for face and body;
  • homeopathy and gomeotoksikologii;
  • bioepilyatsii and Shugaring;
  • hairdressing.

also trained in the company assumes author seminars, webinars, presentations and many other forms of interaction.