How to choose a summer bag

How to choose a summer bag

How to choose a bag of old: for a style, size, material, coloring, and the length of the strap type of figure.Popular models of summer handbags.

Summer Bag

hard to imagine a woman that can do without a handbag.Someone like elegant clutches and bags envelopes, some prefer elegant handbags and other girls prefer roomy tote bag.But no one would argue with the fact that in the locker room in a lady should have several bags - suitable for a variety of outfits to meet different purposes.This is especially true in the summer when we dress up in colorful sundresses, the athletic shorts and tops.

Choice Summer Bags - not an easy task.Her search can turn into a real adventure, because so many nuances must be considered - the size, shape, style, color, material, length of the handle.I wish that old bag was a beautiful, practical, fashionable.But which model to choose: small or large?Round or square?With a long handle or short?White and color?

Simple rules, which we'll show you little tricks and secrets that I

share will help you to choose the "right" bag, suitable for fit and meets all requirements.We will start with an introduction to the most popular models of summer handbags.

main types of summer handbags

1. Bag-clutch

Summer Bag

handbags that are in his hand - a win-win for the summer.It can be as a strap or handle in the form of a loop, and without them, or folding clasp, soft as a purse or a solid frame (so-called bag minoder).By the light summer together better to pick up a clutch of playful colors of the textiles, and for a party is more appropriate monochrome leather handbag cream, blue or pink.The main thing that it contrasted with the tone and harmony with the dress shoes.

2. Bag Hobo (hobo bag)

This is one of the most popular types of shoulder bags.There are one or two handles short or medium length.Is shaped like a crescent moon, but can be almost square, and trapezoidal, and hexagonal, but it is always a handbag with rounded corners.They are spacious, very comfortable and practical.The best choice for the summer - hobo bag made of natural fabrics.

3. Tote Bag (tote bag)

This model is similar to the shape of the package.Roomy, comfortable and practical, and it is useful for shopping, and for longer trips.It may be rectangular, and trapezoidal, and square.For nature bold, bright and energetic, not accustomed to sitting still, loving adventure and travel, as well as possible better suited cloth tote bag of bright colors with interesting and unusual prints: kinds of big cities, photos of famous resorts and popular attractions.

4. retro-bag-style 60s

Summer Bag

-kind tender and romantic, I love light airy sundresses and cute summer dresses, certainly will like handbags - elegant handbag in the style of the 60s, like wallets and bagsusually on a chain or silk cord.You can highlight their hat or sandals to match.Complement the romantic image of retro handbag decorated with lace.

Other options

Very interesting summer handbag look in ethno-style: with Indian motifs, embroidered in the Ukrainian tradition, in the technique of hand weaving.A lover of all bright and shiny like a model, decorated with appliques, beads, stones, beads.Girls extravagant pay attention to unusual materials - burlap, papyrus, denim and jacquard fabric.Very interesting model - a fun belt bag (fanny pack), cowboy, saddle bag, round trendy handbag.Girls sport suit model in the style of bowling, sewn from canvas, sling bag (like a backpack with one strap), and field bag, duffle bag and flat bag.

How to choose a summer bag: tips and secrets

To be clear, should look like a bag that you are going to buy, you must first decide for what purpose you need it.Going in search of new things, think about what you will wear it.

1. Color

Summer Bag

Shades of shoes and handbags do not have to be the same, it is important that they are in harmony with each other.For example, with bright clutches always looks good light shoes.

If we talk about clothes, the color of the bag should be combined with its selectable items.In a situation where it is difficult to determine what is suitable to the selected accessory along, stop for a model of a neutral color, such as beige handbag.Dark clothes, calm hues and black ideally emphasize bright model - cranberry, pink, light brown, gray-blue, blue.

As for colors and patterns, the continued relevance of the summer sea theme and variegated colors - bright green, orange, pink, yellow, red, purple.Caution should be a poisonous yellow, bright orange, light green and other "naughty" shades.Very interesting look finish with artificial flowers and peas, and both contrasting patterns and classic combinations - white with red, white and blue.A handbag in a more soothing colors - white, cream, milk, blue, pale green, can be safely worn classics lovers.

2. Material

Summer Bag

When winter decided to wear a black waterproof bags made of thick skin, the hot season they are completely irrelevant.In summer you can afford playful colors and light materials.

original cloth and straw handbags - perhaps the best option for the warm season.They complement air summer outfits, it is convenient to keep on your lap, they are roomy.

Very original look summer bags made with his own hands:-related or crocheted, made of old jeans and natural materials - cotton, flax, as well as colorful handbags patchwork, "designed" from the remnants of fabric.The continued relevance of the model of natural and artificial leather, but not dark colors and bright colors and subtle tones - beige, light blue, light green.For the summer are very good white handbags - leather, knit, straw.

3. Purpose

for everyday wear

Summer Bag

For every day, choose a handbag that it places all the necessary things, but it should not look like a string bag.Soft bag more practical and more capacious hard: it can be put bulky items, it is convenient to walk with your child.But if this piece wardrobe designed exclusively for the storage of keys and mobile, you can stay on the model and fixed shape.The best option for everyday wear - sling bag, hobo bag, fanny pack, tote bag.

main criteria when choosing a bag designed for daily trips to work - quality and practicality.It should be spacious, but not shapeless, beautiful color, but not too bright.From soft models with unstable bottomed should be abandoned.

For business meetings

Business lady is better to stay on the model of high-quality leather, rectangular or trapezoidal shape, steady and moderately hard, because in a handbag should be placed not only purely female subjects - from lace handkerchief to a bottle of good spirits,and heavy diary, important documents and a laptop.Business woman perfect bag tablet that has the form of a vertical rectangle, frame bag (frame bag) - a model with a solid skeleton inside that come in various shapes, bag-portfolio: it is usually fitted with patch pockets and two handles - long,short.Simple yet very elegant looks flap bag: it is worn on the shoulder, and in the form of a horizontal rectangle, usually with a long handle.

For evening

Summer Bag

evening handbag should be graceful.For social events, going to the theater or a restaurant is right for an elegant clutch bag made out of leather or "royal" fabrics - satin, silk.It can be as soft pastel and brighter, with crystals, sequins and paillettes.Business lady can afford clutch with road finish, made of natural materials that imitate snake skin or crocodile.Style "safari" in the height of fashion this season.Effectively complement an evening dress elegant handbag.

On less formal event, you can come up with a small bag with short handles.But if you are going to the wedding of a friend, then the outfit, and accessories should be kept and without sparkles as glowing parts can ruin the wedding photos.

on a romantic date or a meeting with friends, feel free to go with a bright handbag textile naturally matched in color and style of a dress.

How to choose a bag of old growth and type of figure

When the purpose of buying is clear - it is half the battle.But when choosing new clothes need to remember that it must be in harmony with your body shape, so you should always take into account your height and build.

1. The size of the bag

Summer Bag

girls tall and slender ideal small stylish handbags in the style of "hobo" or concise clutches.The main rule - the width of the bag must be greater than its height, otherwise you will seem even higher.Takeout need from models with short handle: they add height.
But ladies high, but not skinny, you should choose a bigger bag.

If you're a girl petite, avoid large bags: their size will make you even less.Should refuse to models with a long handle, they are also visually shorten the figure.If you do not thin, avoid miniature models and backpacks.You fit a medium-sized bags with interesting patterns.As an option - small floral print.Add a little growth and will make the figure more slender rectangular bags with a length greater than the height.

2. The length of the strap

Summer Bag

How to find the ideal length of the strap for your figure type?There is one little secret: Bag always allocates that part of the body to which is adjacent if located on the same line with a belt, it emphasizes your waist, if it is at the level of the hips, then focuses on this part of the body.Very well, if the length of the strap is adjustable.Another important point: the strap should not be too thin, especially if you constantly wear a bag of gravity, or it can crash into the shoulder and pinching nerves.

If you want to chain the views of others to the upper chest, visually enlarge small breasts, choose a handbag over her shoulder straps with medium length.You can do it another way: wearing a model with short handles on the shoulder.Girls with the figure of "inverted triangle" to create an image of rounded hips will help model that is worn on the arm bent, the length of the handle must be such that the bag was placed at the level of the hips.Would you like to draw the attention of the feet?You ideal folding clutch, which are at arm's length.

3. Other highlights

Summer Bag

ladies handbag is bottomless.In addition to cosmetics, hairpins, mirrors, and other trinkets can be found in her spare shoes, a bottle of water, a bottle of perfume, bought yesterday blouse, one of the volumes, "Angelica", photo pet cat in a frame, and a sea of ​​other things.But we must not forget that the big and heavy bags, if they are worn at all times, harm neck, shoulders and back.Studies of British surgeons have shown that the weight of the bag must not exceed 10% of the body weight of her mistress, and the optimum value is approximately one kilogram.

choosing the main female accessory, always pay attention to the quality of fittings, lining and the material from which it is made.In qualitative bag seams are smooth, without protruding threads, lining good and expensive, easy to close the locks, lightning does not "seize" accessories - rings, buckles and other jewelry, has a smooth, flat surface.

handbags - not just a supplement to the wardrobe.It's a way to make their way in flavor, to express their individuality, femininity.It is a world that harbors hundreds of puzzles.This women's mini planet yet to be fully studied.

Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag Summer Bag

Let the choice of summer handbags will be your adventure, but not onerous, and fun, and happy new dress for a long time by its beauty and quality.Enjoy your shopping!

Ales Musiyuk for the site «f-Journal.Ru»