From what to wear shoes with heels

From what to wear shoes with heels

From what to wear shoes with heels, to such fashionable shoes perfectly complement the stylish clothes ensemble

Women's shoes phenomenon in fashion is not new, and many of the fairer sex liked thiskind of shoes for practicality and convenience.Designers indulge in every possible way this fashion, and offer a variety of models of female gym shoes, and recently favorites streets and catwalks Steel Ladies shoes with heels.These shoes are comfortable athletic, but differs in style and femininity.Although it should be said that many women are hesitant to buy these shoes, because I just do not know what to wear shoes with heels.

Sneakers Heels , of course, bring the image of creativity and glamor, but still feminine image will look elegant and stylish.The most simple and classic combination is, if you wear shoes with heels with skinny jeans and a bright knitted T-shirt or top can harmoniously complete the ensemble.It is said that if the data kedam wear ripped skinny jeans, stylish knitted

or chiffon top, the image will look extravagant and feminine.For ensembles with jeans, jackets as necessary to choose the model of the narrow silhouette of denim, leather, suede or raincoat fabrics.Please be aware that accessories should closely match the selected style, and their oversupply is not appropriate.The best choice would be additions to the sporty style, or sport-chic.

From what to wear shoes with heels

women who want to look sexy and bright, you should pay attention to the mix of gym shoes with heels with shorts.This combination will draw attention to the legs and give the image of eccentricity and hipness.The best choice for the top can be considered stylish sweater is not long, multi-layered chiffon top and narrow jacket in sporty style.It is worth paying attention to the fact that the bag with this combination should not be volume, and thus would be the best one for medium model geometry.Women with full legs and small stature shorts should be replaced by bridges and stylish knitted tunic with raglan sleeves harmoniously complete sports - glamorous image.

From what to wear shoes with heels

Sneakers Heels can also be combined with the dress creating a romantic and innovative image.Knitted dress in sporty style will be the perfect accompaniment to sneakers with heels, but extravagance but if you want you can combine this shoe with short layered chiffon dress.It is said that in the ensemble with chiffon dress should match shoes with heels in the style of a sport-chic.By creating a romantic image with sports elements, do not oversaturate its accessories, handbag neat style sport-chic, scarf, sunglasses and elegant hoop for hair - this maxim is permitted for a harmonious way in this aspect.

From what to wear shoes with heels a lot of options , but still looked to the image of stylish and fashionable cost stick sporty style or sport chic.

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