Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil

oldest female peppermint essential oil pleasantly refreshing chill oveet you will help to fulfill your potential and become irresistibly beautiful!

Each of us probably know the excellent flavor of mint in the air with notes of chill, which is perfectly soothing and gives a pleasant feeling of peace.In ancient times it stems rubbed tables to feast, sprayed with a solution of mint royal bedchamber, its beams hung on almost all living rooms.Such procedures are very good refreshing air, attached cheerfulness and created a cheerful mood.

Today, lush green mint appreciate in cooking.The cooling drink, sauce, fragrant meat - one may not please the great taste that creates a mint?In addition, it is a real doctor and a beautician, and all this rich mine of useful features you can find in one flakonchike, which stores a unique mint oil.

composition of mint oil

The composition of mint oil

as raw material for the production of mint oil used meadows, curly, lemon, peppermint and field.The most effective is considered pepperm

int.The oil obtained therefrom by the steam distillation, which implies a steam distillation plant.Interestingly, for the production of 1 kg of finished product, it is necessary to process about 50 kilograms of green mint, while when there is a budding plant.Such a complex, laborious and rather expensive way to produce oil makes it even more valuable and becomes a reason for not cheap cost of funds.

Peppermint oil is a liquid substance with a slight bit of emerald hue and pleasant, even slightly spicy, aroma freshness.Incredible smell of oil can not be confused with any other, and in many ways that it is obliged to menthol.

Ingredients endowed with special useful components:

  • cineol - expectorant and antiseptic effects;
  • limonene - gives a means of light citrus notes;
  • thymol - helps in the treatment of colds;
  • caryophyllene - oil gives shade woody;
  • carvacrol - slows the growth of bacteria;
  • citral - helps to reduce the pressure, anti-inflammatory effect;
  • phellandrene - a substance with the familiar smell of mint;
  • carvone - very refreshing air is often used in cooking;
  • geraniol - has excellent properties of perfume, they are often flavored soap, it is included in the composition of household chemicals.

All these components combine and able to create a priceless useful effect, which can be successfully used not only for the whole body, but throughout the economy as a whole.

Peppermint oil is very favorable to the flavors of rosemary, juniper, lemon, geranium, jasmine, sweet orange, lavender, basil and verbena.Together they are able to create a unique aromatic composition capable of great benefit to humans.

Use and application of peppermint oil

The use and application of peppermint oil

Peppermint scent belongs to the flavors of Mercury, it symbolizes the attractive female charm, daring, unusual thirst for adventure.Mint carries a power upgrade and the full restoration of vitality.That is why it is reducing impact on the psycho-emotional sphere.The use of peppermint oil will remove nervous tension, irritability and remove anxiety, give confidence and help establish contacts with the public.If you have to public speaking, then a bottle of peppermint oil will be a magic tool that will help them to prepare and easy to customize.

Note that mint belongs to the category of exclusively female oils, young men take it is not recommended.

Useful properties of mint oil are not limited calming effect.They are fraught with numerous healing capabilities.This oil can be successfully used in such therapeutic purposes:

  • to facilitate conditions accompanied by dizziness, nausea and motion sickness;
  • to eliminate tooth pain;
  • facilitate attacks of heartburn and stomach cramps;
  • mitigate the effects of overeating;
  • treatment of rosacea;
  • cleaning mucous membranes;
  • eliminating muscle spasms and pain in the heart, alleviate conditions after exercise;
  • improve circulation and blood vessels of the brain;
  • relieve painful menstrual periods.

Peppermint oil has found its place in cosmetology.Using it, you will be able to achieve such objectives:

  • retain moisture within the skin;
  • narrow pores;
  • normalize the sebaceous glands;
  • remove signs of fatigue on the skin after sleeping;
  • eliminate acne and minor inflammation;
  • healthier skin with eczema;
  • eliminate the capillary pattern and align the skin color;
  • improve the protective function of the skin, which is especially important at extreme temperatures;
  • get a refreshing effect with a slight chill;
  • eliminate dandruff, brittle and dull hair;
  • intensify their growth;
  • relieve itching and inflammation on the skin of the head.

Peppermint oil can come in handy in your kitchen.With it you can cook divine cooling beverages that will be a real escape in the summer heat.

Peppermint oil for hair

Peppermint oil for hair

With peppermint oil for hair, you give them a unique chance to feel the pleasant coolness in the exhausting heat of the summer and warm in the warming winter frosts.In addition to this substantial bonus from your hair will have a real chance to get rid of the problems and to get good health.In addition, peppermint mask will give curls a wonderful fragrance that will promote a favorable emotional state.

Recipe 1. Enriching your shampoo
If you add a few drops of peppermint to your shampoo - it will be one of the surest ways to regain your hair a perfect look and irresistible beauty.Add a few drops of oil in your shampoo directly during cleaning, and it will give hair incredible lightness, freshness and purity.

Recipe 2. Fragrant conditioner for hair
for strengthening and rehabilitation of your curls prepare special mint conditioner.You will need a mint broth (two tablespoons herbs, brewed cup of boiling water) and a few drops of peppermint oil.The hair should be rinsed with this solution, and then a small amount of his good rub into the roots.

Peppermint oil for the face: the skin will be very grateful to you

Peppermint oil for face

Peppermint oil to the skin and the face - an effective cure under a variety of needs.It is suitable and the girls who have oily skin, and that - one is dry.All of its beneficial properties can be retrieved using specially prepared masks.

Recipe 1. mask with a refreshing effect
Take three tablespoons of cooked oatmeal usual and add to it a couple of drops of peppermint ether.Apply the mixture on the face and neck and leave for better exposure for fifteen minutes.This recipe will give your skin the necessary nutrition, smooth out wrinkles and even out the color.

Recipe 2. Purifying Mask
Heat one teaspoon of cosmetic clay yellow and add to it a couple of drops of peppermint, almond and lemon oil, and then apply the solution on the skin.For the desired effect rather than ten minutes.The mask acts as an antiseptic, cleanses the skin, saturating it with vital oxygen.

essential oil in the world of fragrances

Peppermint essential oil in the world of flavors

Aromatherapy contains a lot of recipes for beauty, an important role which carries the essential oil of mint.Suitable for a method of use of mint ether is selected depending on its purpose.

  1. for air purification, refreshment facilities and improve performance, use the oil burner (in terms of the five drops of 15 squares).
  2. to saturate the skin with vitamins and get rid of her sagging make special massages (spoon massage cream + three drops of ether).
  3. For relaxation, pain relief and recuperation, take a bath with five drops of oil, pre-mixed with a spoonful of milk and honey.
  4. food poisoning can take a drop of oil dissolved in juice or tea - it is 100% proven tool.


Peppermint oil has a number of contraindications, as we should not forget:

  • not put oil on the skin of small children, as it may cause irritation;
  • not take it during pregnancy, breast-feeding - it reduces the production of milk;
  • Protect the eyes from them ether - it will cause burns;
  • not use oil in the evening - it really invigorates, from which then difficult to sleep;
  • not use tool in allergies and do not use it in excessive amounts - it always leads to unpleasant consequences.
Peppermint oil

true feminine mint oil will help you to fully dive into all the secrets of beauty and health.With ether ancient medicinal plant you always have bright ideas and great mood - all you need to fully enjoy life.

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