Dress-shirt Spring-Summer 2012

Dress-shirt Spring-Summer 2012

Dress-shirt - a fashion trend spring-summer 2012

Direct and spacious without a clear line of waist dress-shirt for several seasons in a row did not go out of fashion and remains on the current trend of the summer and the springbecause of their convenience and practicality.Silhouette spaciousness and functionality of such a model makes it indispensable in a hot day, and in the cooler weather, so dress-shirt was a favorite of cruise collections Spring-Summer 2012.

most relevant and fashionable in the new season will be the model of denim adorned with numerous metalbuttons and pockets.Such models are the perfect choice for city riding and travel, as the practicality and versatility of denim clothing is undeniable.Stylishly combining denim dress - shirt with bright woven bags, as well as a dress combined with skinny jeans or leggings.It is said that in a fashion dress-shirt of light blue denim and black and gray-blue as an ultra short length and knee-length.Denim dress - shirts represented in t

he collections Spring-Summer 2012 brands «Mulberry», «Asos», «Diesel», «Vero Moda», «One Teaspoon».

Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012 Dress shirt Spring-Summer 2012

The spring-summer 2012 was a place and a leather dress - shirt such models presented two well-known brand "Vurberry» and «Tommy Hilfiger».Options from «Tommy Hilfiger» have direct and wide silhouette, fitted with waist buckle up and become a great alternative to light raincoat in cool weather.Model of the "Vurberry" - a kind of derivative of the classic dress-shirt, namely the model of soft leather has a narrow silhouette and clings maximum figure, large contrasting buttons and a belt as a decor give the femininity and style.Dress-shirt from the "Vurberry" independent item of clothing does not require additions and do not accept combination with trousers.

The collection Spring-Summer 2012 by Tommy Hilfiger is a wide range of dress shirts.Designers proposed a model for a hot day and the evening, and a new and unusual idea is to combine different fabrics and feminine Drawstring at the waist.Tommy Hilfiger offers in the new season dress - shirt above the knee length with exaggerated waist and slits on the sides as of silk and of cotton.

Brand «Sportmax» presented the dress-shirt Spring-Summer 2012 minimalist style and pastel colors of cotton.This model is the perfect choice for a hot summer day, giving the image of a romantic and feminine without depriving the owner of comfort.

for creative, daring and stylish women brand «Dsquared2» proposed model of short dresses-shirts with prints of animals.Wide asymmetrical silhouette and slim buckle leather belt on the hips - a stylish make up dress - shirt from «Dsquared2».It should be noted that data will be fashionable dresses with floral prints.

Trendy color of spring-summer 2012 collection for dresses, shirts - it's dark - red, light blue, white, black, turquoise, yellow, mustard, and black and pale pink color.

Dress-shirt Spring-Summer 2012 - it's not just a fashion trend of the new season, and the thing is suitable to any type of figure, with its high versatility and practicality, as well as belonging to the class of «Must-have».

designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»

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