How to do makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue eyes

Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara - what colors and shades are suitable for blue eyes

Depending on the amount and type of pigment the iris of the eye is blue, green, brown, black.It is proved that this physical characteristic is determined by a set of chromosomal genes.Blue is considered to be the natural color of the eyes, as opposed to blue, which, according to scientists, has undergone a genetic mutation.Especially a lot of blue-eyed in North America.

competently applying cosmetic achievement, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara, blue-eyed beauty go unnoticed to the rank pretty temptresses.After all, often enough only a glance to conquer the world.

Eyeliner blue eyes

Eyeliner is an important part of make-up, so it must choose wisely and carefully.

blue eyes have a range of colors that range from gray to deep sapphire blue.Trying a variety of colors for blue eyes can choose exactly the shade that perfectly accentuate attractiveness is your blue eyes.Thus, the color palette for blue eyes i

nclude brown, dark gray, purple and light purple shades, silver, gray, dark blue.This colors perfectly emphasizes warmth blue eyes.The depth of view give darker shades: dark brown, the color of charcoal.Dark green shades, dark-golden shine make blue eyes especially mysterious.A light green colors blue eyes at risk of losing, as well as in blue.Eliminate and pitch black eyeliner.And remember, eyeliner and eye color should complement, rather than oppose each other.

types podvodok

Variety podvodok today you can select a texture and the most comfortable for your eyes.By experiments, eventually you can choose the one that will meet all your expectations.

Pencil. One of the simplest options for eyeliner.Unlike liquid eyeliner pencil will not melt, smeared makeup and keeps fresh for a long time, provided a good quality pen.Just sharpen the pencil and use as directed.

liquid eyeliner. This is one of the most commonly used type of eyeliner.Eyes are brought in using a fine brush, so that the line becomes clear and fine.Do not be discouraged if you get the perfect line on the first try did not succeed.But, get the hand, you will become the owner of a chic and careful eye makeup.

gel. Reminds liquid liner, but the brush is applied, and does not scratch the skin.Also, when the gel is applied not to stretch the skin as when applying, for example, liquid eyeliner.

liner. Eyeliner applied with a brush.To ideal blue eyes smoky effect or dark shades liners.

How to apply eyeliner

After choosing the color and type of liner, it is important to apply it.A few simple steps tell you how to apply eyeliner.

  • Keep liner as ordinary pencil
  • Bending the elbow in his hand, secure it in this position on the table or any solid surface
  • Pull eyelid skin, using your fingers, and draw a line liner

Makeup artists recommend to use eye shadow on the rightcentury, starting from the inner corner of the eye, and at the bottom - from the outside to the inside, as well as draw a line close to the lashes.

Shadow blue eyes

makeup blue eyes looks complete, if applied correctly shadow that make the look more attractive.When it comes to choosing colors, use the following color palette to emphasize the natural look: dark gray, dark brown, charcoal color, lilac, purple, pink, gray, silver, gold.

blue-eyed avoid using blue eye shadow, except for the dark blue shadows - they give the brightness of the eyes.Black and light green shades also ignore, they make my eyes faded.

Mascara blue eyes

Perfectly accentuates the blue eyes brown mascara, thanks to the natural color.Black color, which is considered a classic, good, too - give luxury and chic look.However, rich black take on a momentum opposite effect - makeup will look untidy and cheap.It is interesting and sophisticated, festive looks blue mascara.But this option is not mascara for every day.Better to paint it in special cases and under the appropriate attire.

success depends on the type of make-up and mascara.Depending on the desired effect, you can use mascara lengthens, curls and volume.But the main criterion when choosing - this quality.Quality ink easily be painted, she showered and without lumps, easily removed milk makeup.

To emphasize the natural beauty of the magical appeal and blue eyes can be competent in using makeup.

After a successful eye makeup can do look stunning, enhance the charm and feminine charm, inspire confidence in his own irresistibility.

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